Binary options demo account without registration 2020

Binary options demo account without registration 2020: you want to trade for free? € 1,000 starting credit at IQ Option. Open a demo account now.

In the meantime, some binary options brokers offer a free demo account. But in most cases there are conditions attached to it, such as deposits etc. Is there also a Binary Options Demo Account without registration? The answer depends on what is meant by "registration". If it's just a matter of not having to open a real money account first, the answer is: Yes. IQ Option offers a free demo account. And as our test shows: which one can also be used indefinitely. And regardless of whether a real money deposit is opened or money is deposited.

You should therefore open a demo account with IQ Option

  • No real money account registration required
  • Available free of charge
  • Can be used indefinitely
  • No deposits required
  • Real-time course supply
  • Also app for Android and iPhone

Now for exclusive demo account from IQ Option

Now to the exclusive demo account from IQ Option

Where can I find a binary options demo account without registration?

IQ Option is the provider when it comes to it going to use a demo account without registration. But what does registration actually mean? Most traders mean using a test access to the broker without first opening an account or having to deposit money.

And that's exactly what the binary options broker IqOption, like ours, does Test shows. To open a demo account with IqOption, only the following data are required:

  • Name and first name
  • E-mail address
  • Password

If you have any concerns, you can also enter your fancy name under your first and last name. However, it is not possible to switch to a real account later, since at the latest when the first payment is made, a copy of your ID must be available. And specifying an email address should not raise any concerns. If you want, you can create a new email with a provider only for IqOption. As can be seen here, really only the most necessary data have to be given. The customer will then receive a confirmation by email. After clicking on the link in the mail, the demo account is already activated.

The user is never obliged to open a real money account or to deposit money. He can also use the demo account indefinitely. There is also no difference between a demo account and a real money account. The prices are exactly the same so that the trader finds a realistic trading environment. Other reasons why IQ Option offers the best demo account were mentioned at the beginning. In the demo variant, only 13 base values ​​can be traded, but that shouldn't be a problem.

Binary options demo account without registration 2020

Demo account without registration or specification of data?

But is there also a provider, in which a test access is possible without entering any data? That means without entering your email address? No, and that doesn't make any sense. Neither from the broker's perspective nor from the trader's perspective. From the provider's point of view, it is understandable that he at least asks for the email address and name. Finally, he provides a cost-intensive program free of charge. Of course, he doesn't want to leave it at this level, but establish a lasting customer relationship. However, this requires at least one email address. This is also completely legitimate and should not be criticized in any way.

Even from the perspective of the trader, a binary options demo account without registering or providing login data is not recommended. How so? Because the trader doesn't just want to run a test once, but wants to trade permanently on the demo account. And this simply requires registration. How should the broker save the data without registration? What happens if the user forgets the password and the provider does not have an email to send him a new one?

Now to the exclusive demo account of IQ Option

There are binary options brokers that offer one Art demo account without registration, as our test showed. However, that is then more of a trading simulation. The courses are not real, but correspond to chance. But this is not an alternative to a real demo account.

  • Broker wants to establish a lasting customer relationship
  • Traders cannot use a permanent demo account without data
  • Problems would arise, if the password was forgotten
  • No conversion into a real money account possible
  • No demo account is required to get to know the platform

Another problem occurs when the customer the IQ Option demo account registration only specifies fake data. The email address plays a subordinate role. It should of course be real and the customer should have access to the mail account. But if he does not provide any real personal data, it is not possible to switch to a real money deposit later. Because for a payment the provider needs a copy of the identity card. This is required by law and also serves the security of the customer.

If you only want to get to know the platform of the online broker, you don't need a demo account. In most cases, at least visual access to the platform is possible. The user cannot act, but he can familiarize himself with the structure.

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Binary options demo account recommended for beginners and professionals

No matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, Every online trader should use a binary options demo account. For beginners, it should be a matter of course that they first practice trading on the test account. Trading with digital options is not difficult in itself. After all, it's all about determining the duration and the direction. But if you want to make money with it permanently, you must have had some experience with it. Otherwise, it remains gambling. For example, it is important to be aware of the risk. Because if the trader is wrong with his opinion, in most cases there is a risk of total loss. Therefore, beginners should initially trade on the demo account for a while to determine how many trades are necessary to make permanent profits.

Also the development or implementation binary options strategies can be tried out on a test account. And the user also gets to know the trading platform.

Now for the exclusive demo account of IQ Option

Advanced traders or professionals also use a binary options demo account. Of course, less to learn to trade, but to refine their strategies or try out new systems. It is therefore imperative that the demo account is available for an unlimited period. After all, you can't test a strategy in just 5 days. This takes a lot more time. In addition, a strategy has to prove itself in different market situations.

  • Beginners can practice trading with options
  • In addition, users gain deeper insight into the platform
  • Professionals use demo accounts for testing strategies

Binary options demo account without registration 2020

IQ Option is our demo account recommendation

As mentioned several times we recommend IQ Option for a binary options demo Account without registration. Not only because a real free demo account is possible without a time limit, but also because general trading in binary options via this provider is recommended. In addition to the digital options test account, the broker offers much more. The minimum deposit is just € 10. If you don't have them, you shouldn't even start trading options. Trades can be started from just 1 euro. With the minimum deposit, that would be 10 trades.

The trading platform is also very professional and intuitive to use. Here the broker has not let rags. In contrast to most other providers, IqOption did not buy or rent a pre-built platform, but developed its own. This enables the company to better meet the needs of retailers.

Now for the exclusive demo account from IQ Option

The bonus offer is also attractive. The maximum bonus is "only" 50 percent. But for that there is already a premium from a deposit of 10 euros. And not only on the first deposit, but on every further one also. In order to withdraw the bonus, the bonus amount must be wagered 35 times. In comparison, this corresponds to mediocrity.

But there are also interesting trading competitions. Traders can compete against each other in tournaments. They pay a entry fee, which is usually between 4 and 10 euros. With a virtual account, you have to get the most out of it within a certain time. Those who can do this will receive attractive cash prizes.

In terms of payments, the company also has favorable conditions: deposits and withdrawals are completely free of charge. The provider is rightly a top position in our binary options broker comparison.

That is why IQ Option is our recommendation

  • Only 10 euros minimum deposit
  • Trade from 1 euro per trade
  • No fees for deposits and withdrawals
  • No account management fees etc.
  • Excellent customer service
  • App for Android and iPhone
  • More than 70 basic values ​​are available
  • Maturities from 30 seconds
  • CySEC regulated brokers

Even on smartphones and tablets the free demo account can be used. With the binary options demo account app from IqOption, trading is also possible on the go. If you do not have an Android device or iPhone, you can also use the web version of the broker. Since this is optimized for mobile devices, trading is also possible on the go.

Customer Service is available 24/7 for traders and in a variety of languages. Only via email and live chat, but that should be enough in most cases. A German-speaking support, who can help with technical questions, is available on weekdays. As the company is based in Cyprus, it is controlled by the local financial regulator. The CySEC is therefore responsible. Client funds are up to 90 percent secured up to an amount of EUR 20,000.

The broker has a lot to offer when it comes to terms. Options trading is available from just 30 seconds. Maximum maturities are possible up to a few weeks. More than 70 underlyings are available for trading, from the areas of forex, stocks, indices and commodities.

Now to the exclusive demo account of IQ Option

FAQs about the binary options demo account without registration

1. What is required for the IQ Option demo account? IQ Option offers a binary options demo account without registering a real money account. That means, all you have to do is enter a valid email address, name and password. More is not necessary. The login works as soon as the link has been clicked in a confirmation email.

2. But I don't want to give my name and email address, is there anything else? No, minimal registration is simply necessary for various reasons. You will receive an email address free of charge from many providers. Simply create a new email address that you can only use for IQ Option. Only with your name and email address can the broker not do any "mischief". The security standard of the website is at the highest level and is constantly being improved. In the data protection regulations, the broker also undertakes not to pass on customer data to third parties. Unless the user expressly agrees to it. Personal data is only used for internal purposes. Storage takes place on physical media, in accordance with applicable law.

3. Can I switch from demo mode to real money trading? Of course! However, a "real" registration is then required. This means that in addition to your name, you must also provide your address. This is simply required by law because of money laundering. If you deposit with a credit card, a copy of the credit card must also be presented - of course you can then black out the numbers.

I would like to have the demo account deleted - how does that work? Also one Deleting the demo account is possible without any problems. It is best to write to customer support. This will usually process your request immediately. If you have not opened a real money account, the closure should also take place quickly. You can of course open a new demo account at any time.

Binary options demo account without registration 2020

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Now for Exclusive demo account from IQ Option

Conclusion: Use demo account only from IQ Option!

A binary options demo account without registration can be found at IQ Option. It is not necessary to use one Open real money account. The usability over time is unlimited. Only the email address and name must be given when opening. Otherwise no registration, such as home address or payment details is required.

IQ Option is not only our recommendation for the demo account, but also for the real money account. A deposit of just 10 euros can be made Depot can be opened. Trades are available from 1 euro. The range of runtimes ranges from 30 seconds to several weeks. A free app and the practical WebTrader - which has also been optimized for mobile devices - round off the range of the binary options broker perfectly.

Binary options demo account without registration 2020

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