Binary options demo account app experiences 2020 - now in the test

Binary options demo account app experiences 2020: Free & no deposit $ 1,000 credit at IQ Option Open a free demo account now.

If you trade binary options, you also need a demo account. There is no way around it in the long run. Some brokers therefore also offer a free test account. But is there also a binary options demo account app for mobile devices? Yes, luckily there is a provider who not only makes the demo account available in the web version of the browser, but also in a demo account app for Android and iPhone. Our recommendation in this area is therefore very clear: IQ Option. In addition to the binary options demo app, the online broker offers a whole lot more.

7 reasons why IQ Option should also be your choice:

  • Free binary options demo account
  • No deposit required
  • Available for an unlimited period
  • Demo account accessible via app
  • Real-time course supply
  • No real money deposit required
  • Numerous base values ​​available in the demo version

Now for the exclusive demo account of IQ Option

Where can I get a binary options demo account app?

In short said: with the online broker IQ Option. There is currently the free application for Android and iPhone. It is not known whether an app for Windows and Amazon Shop is currently planned. Since Google and Apple are by far the two market leaders, an app for other operating systems is currently not likely. Because the other two cover the majority of the trader operating systems. In our binary options broker comparison, IqOption did the best by far.

In order to enjoy the free demo app for binary options, the following steps are necessary: ​​

  1. Open a free demo account with IQ Option
  2. Download the free app for the respective operating system
  3. Register in the app and off you go

It's easier now really not. And online traders thus have the opportunity to access their test account while on the go. In contrast to other providers, such as 24option, no real money account has to be opened at IqOption to use the demo version.

Now to the exclusive demo account of IQ Option

Binary options demo account app experiences 2020 - now in the test

Why a binary option at all Demo account?

Why should binary options traders - as mentioned at the beginning - use a free demo account at all? The reasons are simple and varied. In the first place especially beginners should get a test account. The functionality of digital options - also known as binary options - is quite easy to understand. Nevertheless, many beginners underestimate the risk that is always present when trading options online. Everything looks so simple in various sales videos and on different sales pages. Find the trend quickly, then move in the right direction, act and you can win many thousands of euros a day. Yes, if it were that easy, everyone would do it.

But the options trading is not quite as easy as it looks. Who makes money from it permanently many traders show that this is possible - but there are a few things that need to be considered at the start. A demo account is the perfect help. In the first few days, new traders are usually very euphoric, but that will subside later when they realize that it is not that easy. A demo account helps you to feel like trading afterwards.

With a demo account, no real money is used, only "play money" or virtual money. Therefore there is no risk for the user of losing just one cent. In return, of course, not a single cent can be won.

Advantages of a binary options demo account

  • Risk-free trading of binary options
  • Perfect entry in trading
  • strategies can be tested and refined
  • get to know the trading platform

In addition to beginners , more experienced traders also benefit from a demo account. Professionals appreciate it if they have the opportunity to test or refine their strategies free of charge. Therefore, a binary options demo account must also be indefinitely. Some brokers only offer a "taste" for a few days. But this is the best way to get to know the platform, but not to test strategies. It takes time. And here, too, the IQ Option demo account proves to be the ideal option.

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Why use a binary options app?

The answer to the question why online traders use a binary options app should also be obvious: flexibility. The dealer is extremely flexible - provided there is an internet connection. Trades can be entered or monitored from practically anywhere in the world. Some traders even only use the app for their binary options trading. Since trading is relatively easy, brokers get along well with a small display. Only the base value, the term, the amount and the direction have to be determined. The entries are therefore very manageable.

Some providers do without an app and instead have optimized their website for mobile devices, unfortunately others with an app have the operation as you can see from our OptionTrade experience. In professional circles one speaks of "responsive design". The screen content automatically adapts to the end device. If it is a stationary PC, the regular website is shown. If the customer accesses the site with a smartphone or tablet, a "simplified" version is shown. Often you wouldn't notice the difference between an app and a responsive design. Sometimes an app works better than a website. But there should be no difference with modern devices.

IQ Option offers both: A website optimized for mobile devices, as well as a binary options demo account app. Since binary options trading has to be quick, an app is well suited for entering trades quickly. Incidentally, the test account is even a binary options demo account without registration.

Advantages of a binary options app

  • Flexibility
  • Same functionality as the web Appearance
  • Trade from anywhere
  • Enter orders quickly and easily

Now for the exclusive demo account of IQ Option

Binary options demo account app experiences 2020 - now in the test

4.) Disadvantages of a binary options demo account app

Generally there are no significant disadvantages when using or trading via a binary options demo account app. The range of functions is exactly the same as with a website. Of course, the technical conditions must be available. Those who only have a very small display on their smartphone will tend to have problems. However, this is not due to the app, but to the user himself. should also have a stable internet connection. Since every second can be crucial, the connection must be really stable. It is not necessary to have an extremely fast data connection, since comparatively little data volume is exchanged (in contrast to video streaming). If this is not the case, then trading should be postponed at this moment.

The internet contract may need to be renegotiated, as higher data volumes may be required in the long term.

Disadvantages of using the app

  • Technical conditions must be there
  • Stable internet connection even when on the go
  • Possibly new data tariff

We also do not recommend chart analysis on smartphones or tablets. At most when it comes to a rough or first assessment. The displays are too small for that. In addition, most brokers only offer the bare minimum of tools, if any. IQ Option also offers an exception here: Since IqOption has designed its own trading platform, customers can also carry out extensive chart analysis here without having to resort to another program. But here too we recommend analysis on a PC.

IQ Option offers more than just a demo account

The binary options broker IqOption is not only top in the demo account range, but also also with regard to general trade. Our IQ Option experiences show that the provider is extremely responsive to the needs and wishes of online traders. Therefore, he is also one of the few brokers who have developed their own trading platform. Only in this way can he react best to the requirements. The first impression is immediately convincing: professional and yet simple . The balancing act between the requirements of beginners and professionals was really successful.

IQ Option has convinced our editorial team in many areas. The account registration is unproblematic and done within a few minutes. Even deleting an IQ Option account is no problem, an email to customer support is sufficient. A time-consuming post-identification process or video identification during registration is no longer necessary. Just send a copy of your ID and proof of residence, for example a electricity or water bill, to support via email. Alternatively, the documents can also be uploaded in the login area. The minimum deposit with the online broker is only 10 euros (alternatively USD / GBP). Trading can start from as little as EUR 1 / USD / GBP. There is also an extensive training and further education program in binary options trading. Although it must be said at this point that this area is certainly still a little more expandable.

Tournaments and competitions make the options trading varied. Trader competitions are constantly taking place, in which traders compete against each other in options trading. An entry fee must be paid at the beginning. The trader then receives a virtual credit, with which he must make as much profit as possible in a certain time. The winners then receive a predetermined prize money, sometimes 10,000 euros and more. Further information can be found in the general terms and conditions, which can be viewed on the broker's website.

The IQ Option Bonus offer is also attractively designed. At the provider, there is a bonus from a minimum deposit of just EUR 10 / USD / GBP - if desired. In addition, the bonus offer applies not only to the first deposit, but to every. The demo account is of course the non-plus-ultra: free of charge, unlimited in time, real-time courses and no deposit required. It doesn't get any better. Even in terms of payment transactions, the company is in top condition with its conditions: There are no fees for deposits and withdrawals.

IQ Option still has to offer:

  • From 10 euros (USD / GBP) Minimum deposit
  • 1 Euro (USD / GBP) Minimum amount per trade
  • Free account management
  • No fees for deposits and withdrawals
  • Free of charge and unlimited demo account
  • CySEC regulated broker
  • binary options demo account app
  • mobile app for iPhone and Android

Now for the exclusive demo account from IQ Option

Binary options demo account app experiences 2020 - now in the test

FAQs about the binary options demo app

1. What does an IQ Option demo account cost me? With our test winner IqOption, a demo account costs nothing. It is completely free of charge and has no requirements. Also in the future you do not have to worry that you will receive a payment request or the like for the demo account.

2. How long can I use the demo account? The time use is unlimited possible. It doesn't matter whether you open a real money account or not. It also doesn't matter if you deposit money. You can only open the demo account and then only ever use the test account. It will remain free of charge for you in the future.

3. How can I open a binary options demo account? It's very easy with IQ Option. To do this, simply click on the Register button. All you have to do is enter your email address and a password. If you want, you can even register via Facebook or Google+. You will then receive an email with a confirmation link. After you have clicked on this, the registration is already completed.

4. How do I get the binary options demo account app? You can get the binary options demo app by downloading from the App Store or the Google Play Store from the IQ Option app. Either you have already registered for a test account and then simply enter your data there, or you register for the first time when downloading the app. The mobile application is currently available for Android and iPhone.

5. I don't have an Android device or iPhone - is there an alternative app? Since most traders have one of the two operating systems, an app for Amazon or Windows is currently not planned. However, IQ Option itself has an alternative to offer: Anyone who accesses the website with a smartphone or tablet - regardless of the operating system - will receive it in a responsive design. This means that the website for mobile devices is structured in exactly the same way as the app. This also enables traders without an app to conveniently access the IQ Option demo account with mobile devices.

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Binary options demo account app experiences 2020 - now in the test

Conclusion: Binary Options Demo Account App only with IQ Option

in our binary Options demo account test , we can especially recommend a provider: IQ Option. The demo account is free of charge, available indefinitely and not tied to any real money account opening or deposit. The binary options demo app is also available free of charge via Android or iPhone in the respective store. If you don't want this or don't have an Apple or Android device, you can also simply use the website optimized for mobile devices.

In addition to the demo account, IQ Option has a lot to offer: Account opening from 10 euros (alternatively USD or GBP) minimum deposit, trades from only 1 euro and a self-developed, professional platform. Competitions and tournaments give a permanent incentive to trade. The bonus system is also attractive. Traders receive a bonus for every deposit of € 10 or more.

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