Binary options and the 2020 eternal gambling myth

Binary Gambling Options? Experiences in 2020: Option types tested by anyoption Expert tips Get information now & trade binary options.

Whoever starts to learn about binary options will find a lot of websites that warn about binary options. Terms like fraud or gambling are the more innocuous things you can read there. But where does it come from that people often warn against these derivatives? Even if I mention in my circle of friends that I am trading in binary options, I get incredulous looks. Aren't these things that are warned about everywhere? A game of chance is trading, in which only the bank would win and even blackjack would have a higher chance of winning. But let's not kid ourselves: the same thing is said about stock trading, trading in warrants or trading in foreign exchange. Oddly enough, these skeptics are the same people who hand in their lottery tickets week after week and dream of winning millions with a chance of 1: 140,000,000. As of today, binary options can even be tested risk-free and free of charge.

And in fact answering the question is not that easy. Events or things that people could not explain have always caused fear and discomfort. Very few people are concerned with finance and financial products, by the way, in contrast to the USA. And everyone has a friend in their circle of acquaintances who has ever fallen on the nose with a stock trade. And be it back then with the Telekom share.

Nevertheless, it must be admitted that trading binary options, if you are concerned with the product, is far less complicated than trading with other derivatives such as warrants or certificates with their individual payment structures, costs, limits and barriers.

If you really deal seriously with other financial products, you will find that in many cases the banks actually make high profits. Of course, that scares off a trader at first. This is no longer reprehensible, because the brokers also offer a lot of service that has to be paid for. Many brokers therefore strive to make trading in financial products as transparent as possible in order to gain the trust of investors and traders. Ultimately, whether you are successful in trading binary options or not does not depend on the broker, but solely on the trader himself. It is difficult for most to admit this inability, which is why the broker is often sought and often so discredited. It is therefore essential to deal with and deal with the type of investment consistently.

Anyoption goes all the way

Some brokers even offer access to demo accounts for this necessary gathering of experience and skills advertise with limited-time promotions.

After you have registered absolutely free of charge, you decide on an underlying such as the currency pair Eur / Usd and only need to select the binary option. In the next step, the runtime is determined and the direction chosen. So up, if it is assumed that the price will rise or down when speculating on falling prices.

If the option is "in the money" after the expiry of the term, you will receive a 70% return on the option costs you paid. If the course is "out of the money", you will still get your paid option costs reimbursed. In this case, you have no real costs that you incurred through trading. Of course, you cannot have the winnings paid out immediately. Finally, as mentioned, this action serves the further education of the trader, so that the money must be used five times before it is ready for payment. Other brokers require the winnings to be wagered up to 15 or even 20 times until they become their property. This gives you the opportunity to deal intensively with trading binary options. Which strategies you choose for the analysis, however, depends on you. The analysis methods we have presented may give you an incentive?!

Binary options and the 2020 eternal gambling myth

Who is anyoption?

The broker Anyoption is one of the, if not , the most successful broker for binary options at all. The broker is regulated by CySec, but the long list of listed regulatory authorities recognizes it as if it were monitoring the broker itself. The security for the capital used can therefore be classified as very trustworthy. Furthermore, the wide selection of underlyings, as well as the sophisticated trading platform is an indication of successful brokerage.

Trade platform

What types of options does Anyoption offer?

The selection of possible types of binary options is also one clear advantage that speaks for the broker. You have the option to choose between:

  • Up / Down Options
  • Options + (one of the few brokers that enable the option to be sold early),
  • Options 0-100 (with this type you can determine the strike price and the term yourself and at the end you get the difference between the purchase price / sales price and 100)
  • OneTouch (the base value must reach a certain barrier with this type or exceed or fall below
  • special (these are binary options on underlyings that are rare, such as the Bitcoin price or the market value of a stock corporation)

Binary options and the 2020 eternal gambling myth

Additional benefits for the trader

In addition, the broker Anyoption offers a wide range of educational opportunities, and the "First Trade on Us" campaign also includes access to and access to an ebook library for all new customers free video sessions.

The broker Anyoption also attaches great importance to educating its customers thoroughly about the risk. The descriptions of the selected option types are easily accessible and enable you to learn how to trade directly from the trading platform.

Gambling with high probabilities

In professional exchange trading, one often speaks of probabilities that are about profit and Decide loss. However, the higher the chance of winning, the lower the potential win. Here it is analogous to sports betting, the odds of which decrease with increasing chances of winning. Most beginners, however, sense the quick money and let themselves be tempted by immensely high profit rates. This behavior of the dealers, which is controlled by emotions, ensures profits on the part of the banks, which are then charged to them. That is why constant further training is so important. Against this background, trading binary options is no different from trading futures or options, certificates and warrants.

A broker who attaches great importance to the transparency and training of his customers helps the customer in the right direction, act in terms of warrants. Such brokers are usually rare, but can be found. The broker Anyoption attracts particular attention with its promotions, training opportunities and customer proximity. This makes him a suitable candidate between the almost unmistakable selection of brokers.

Binary options and the 2020 eternal gambling myth

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