BDSwiss trading times 2020 - you should know these times

BDSwiss trading hours 2020: when is trading possible? Trading hours at a glance Get information now & use trading hours at BDSwiss.

Basically, BDSwiss trading hours are based on the assets and their trading hours on the domestic stock exchanges. Since the trading hours of the individual underlyings are very different and the expiry times are based on the trading hours, traders must pay very close attention to the trading hours for the binary options they trade. Trading times are usually not a check criterion in the binary options broker comparison because each broker can only follow the specified trading times of the relevant trading venues. However, the clear disclosure of trading hours is important for every trader and traders with BDSwiss experience know that BDSwiss trading hours can be found in great detail on the page of the basic values ​​on the website.

  • Exact listing of BDSwiss Trading hours on the website
  • Clear structure of the various assets
  • One-touch trading also on weekends

BDSwiss trading hours at a glance!

The binary options broker BDSwiss offers 171 underlyings, which are listed in lists of stocks, currencies, commodities and indices. For each individual asset, the trading hours for the corresponding markets are described exactly. All trading hours are specified in the MET time zone (Central European Time). In order to offer the greatest possible security for itself and for its customers, the broker BDSwiss secures itself for trades on the international markets. For this reason, the binary options that are chosen as the basis for the trades can only be ordered if the underlyings at the relevant financial centers are also available for trading.

BDSwiss trading times 2020 - you should know these times

BDSwiss trading hours are required do not know by heart!

The trading hours of the individual assets are understandably based on the usual trading hours. Since trading hours in Europe, the United States or, for example, Asia vary greatly depending on the time zone, it is almost impossible to keep track of all trading hours for all 171 assets available. However, traders generally only trade with very few underlyings and for this reason know the trading hours very well for the assets they trade the most. However, if a trader wants to trade a new underlying for once, the broker BDSwiss offers great help. The trader will only see those underlyings on the trading platform that can currently be traded. Assets that cannot be traded at the relevant time are hidden. The trader can therefore act very quickly and then only has to worry about the expiry time.

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BDSwiss trading hours for 171 underlyings!

While, for example, many stocks and indices only work within the usual trading hours There are opportunities to trade around the clock in the currencies and commodities area because these assets can be traded on the open stock exchanges worldwide. The overview on the website with the underlying assets is good and clearly divided into the categories currencies, stocks, commodities and indices. Exact information about trading hours is available for each underlying and the price data is provided via a data feed from Reuters. If you want to trade on weekends, you can do it in one-touch mode. Calls and puts on currency pairs, shares and indices with a term of one week can also be traded outside of trading hours.

BDSwiss trading times 2020 - you should know these times

Conclusion on the BDSwiss trading hours!

The BDSwiss trading hours for all 171 Underlyings are described in an overview, which is divided into currencies, stocks, commodities and indices, exactly in the time zone CET. Binary options are risky and are not suitable for every investor. If you want to trade, you have a serious broker at your side with BDSwiss. Traders should be familiar with the trading times for the assets they prefer to trade and keep an eye on the expiry times of the trades. As very good help, only the underlying assets that are currently tradable are offered on the trading platform. This restriction does not exist for some currency pairs and commodities because any connected stock exchange worldwide is open over 24 hours a day at almost any time.

BDSwiss trading times 2020 - you should know these times

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