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BDSwiss Trading App Experience - For iOS (iPhone / iPad) & Android

The BDSwiss app. 2020 experience for your entry into mobile trading. This is what test & experience say about the broker offer. Download the BDSwiss app now.

Contrary to what the name of the broker BDSwiss suggests, it is not based in Switzerland but in Cyprus. That is why it is regulated and licensed by CySec. BDSwiss offers its customers a trading app for trading via smartphone . Thanks to the clear app and the easy handling it is possible to carry out trades with your smartphone at any time. Thanks to the clear structure of the market news , it is also easy to obtain information about the latest market developments.

The most important thing At a glance:

  • the BDSwiss trading app
  • offered trading types: binary options, one touch, 60 seconds, pairs and long-term options
  • tradable at any time
  • uncomplicated and customer-friendly presentation of the market news
  • five steps to set a trade using the app
  • select trade type
  • select underlying value
  • selection of means
  • Decision for call or put options
  • Confirm or cancel trade

BDSwiss Trading App Experience - For iOS (iPhone / iPad) & Android

The BDSwiss - Trading App for iPhone, Android & iPad

The broker BDSwiss, also known as BDSwiss, offers its customers a trading app for easy use of the platform on the smartphone. These can be found in the App Store or on Google play. In general, trading apps should enable customers to access and manage their accounts anywhere at any time. The app is supposed to open the account with a touch and enable trades to be made as quickly as possible.

The binary options broker serves the market in increasing demand for mobile trading. Gone are the days when there was only trading in front of the home monitor. Nowadays, traders want to have constant access to their trading account and also open or close positions accordingly. BDSwiss does justice to this with its mobile apps. Of course, the broker offers its mobile apps free of charge, which can be downloaded in the known stores. So that traders do not have to search long, the support from BDSwiss is on hand with advice and action and gives interested traders the link to the software. However, a demo account cannot be opened via the app. This requires a live account, on which a minimum of € 100 must be paid in advance.

However, a one-time download is not enough. Users should definitely pay attention to the topicality of the software and visit the store from time to time to get possible updates of the app. Users of older devices in particular should check the system requirements before installing the app. The app does not require a lot of storage space, but the computing power of the mobile device may no longer be sufficient. But these users don't have to do without mobile trading either. The broker's website can be accessed via the browser and can also be traded via mobile. Then the full functionality of the trading platform is available to the trader,

Not all interested parties can enjoy the mobile app. The apps are only offered for Android-based systems and for mobile devices from Apple. Blackberry and Windows users are not operated and are dependent on the web-based application of the broker anyway. In the BDSwiss Trading App Test it was noticed negatively that the storage space on iOS devices with the same functionality required almost three times as much storage space as on Android devices.

Just like when operating via the website, the broker is responsible for the security of the Users are also very important when using the mobile trading app. In addition, just like with the web-based offering, traders have real-time prices available for the relevant base values, and traders can also view your trading history. Switching from the web-based version to the mobile trading app from BDSwiss should not be difficult, since the broker relies on a similar appearance and identical functionality. As with the web version, trading also begins with the mobile trading app at € 1 in 60-second trading. With the one-touch option in the high-yield area, however, a minimum trading amount of € 50 is due. Classic options are in the middle with € 25.

Without scrolling, you can choose between the five trading types offered

  • Binary Options,
  • Pairs,
  • Long-term
  • 60 seconds
  • Select One Touch and


At Binary options can be selected between the instruments currencies, raw materials, indices and stocks. The related question is: Will the asset go up or down? The selection of the instruments and the questions look the same for long-term and 60 seconds . The difference can already be seen in the name: long-term options run for a few days, while the 60-second options end shortly after setting. With pairs you can choose between predefined pairs of stocks or commodities. The question here is which of the two assets did better at the end of the term.

Under OneTouch , a target price can be specified for selected stocks or the NASDAQ index, which has to be touched at least once before it expires.

Strategies for which an evaluation and analysis of market information is necessary can only be developed with difficulty using a smartphone, but that is also not the purpose of a trading app. Here the trader should only be given the opportunity to use to trade at any time using a smartphone.

BDSwiss offers its customers an uncomplicated trading App with the binary options, pairs, long-term, 60-second and one-touch trading types. The app is in no way suitable for comprehensive strategy development, only for the execution of trades.

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The colorful world of BDSwiss market news

It is to be able to carry out market analyzes it is also important to have the latest market information . These are prerequisites for developing a trading strategy. BDSwiss offers a uncomplicated and customer-friendly presentation of the market news on its homepage. Thanks to the eye-catching headlines, you can quickly get an overview of global developments. Using the colored sorting of currency pairs , you can either scroll over the page to get a quick overview or click on the respective currency pair, share or other indicators on the right to only display the related market news receive. The latter method is particularly recommended for beginners in order not to lose the overview.

By clicking on the relevant headline, you will get to the article. This service can also be used on the smartphone and particularly well on the iPad. The colored accents quickly find the information you are looking for.

Market information

is essential for strategy development in the area of ​​trading. These are packaged on the BDSwiss website in a customer-friendly and visually appealing way.

BDSwiss Trading App Experience - For iOS (iPhone / iPad) & Android

Five steps for setting call and put options using the app

1. Select product type

The BDSwiss trading app offers the customer a choice between 60 sec., One-touch, pair, long-term and binary options. The ladder options are not available in the app. The desired product type can be selected by touch. In this example the 60 seconds option is selected.

2. Select asset type

In the case of 60 second trades, the asset type is now selected. Means, pairs, currencies and shares are available here.

3. Selection of funds

If you have chosen the Funds asset type, you must now select one of them. The selection made so far is shown at the top of the screen.

4. Decide for call or put

Next, the chart for the selected medium - in the example given "Gold" - is displayed. Now you only have to decide whether to set call or put options.

5. Confirm or cancel trade

In order to avoid an unwanted trade, the process must be confirmed again. If there are any uncertainties, you can of course cancel again here.

In five steps, trades can be made using the BDSwiss smartphone app. For this, only a decision has to be made about the type of product, type of assets, funds and call or put. In the end, these decisions only have to be confirmed once again.

Binary options are risky and are not suitable for every investor. If you want to trade, you have a serious broker at your side with BDSwiss.

BDSwiss has followed suit and offers its customers a trading app for iPhone, Android & iPad users. The app is very clearly designed and leads you with a step-by-step structure to execute the trades. The clear market news page on the BDSwiss homepage can be used for strategy development.

BDSwiss Trading App Experience - For iOS (iPhone / iPad) & Android

Is it possible to make money using only a smartphone?

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