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BDSwiss test report 2020 - reputable broker for professionals & beginners?

BDSwiss test report 2020: high trading costs at BDSwiss? All the facts in the current BDSwiss experience. Become a broker now & trade from € 5.

Cyprus is considered one of the strongholds for binary options brokers. It is therefore not surprising that BDSwiss, as one of the great representatives of the guild, is also based there. In addition, in contrast to most of the competitors, there is a German postal address in Frankfurt am Main, as can be seen from the BDSwiss test report. In any case, German dealers are an important target group for the broker, who can also collect points from customers thanks to his well-positioned support in German. Clear conditions are also ensured in the design of the trading environment, in which the Cypriot service provider trusts one of the best-known and most used platforms for binary trading.

Is BDSwiss the right broker for Traders who want to experience binary options? We examined the provider in our BDSwiss test report and checked whether BDSwiss is fraudulent or serious.

Facts from our BDSwiss test report:

  • Trades Execute from a runtime of 30 seconds
  • Minimum bets starting at just EUR 1.00
  • Maximum return of 500% (in high yield mode)
  • EU wide regulation by Cyprus supervisory authority CySEC
  • minimum requirement to open an account is 100.00 euros
  • apps for mobile trading with Apple and Android devices
  • several trading types with terms of up to 12 months

BDSwiss test report: Advantages and profile of the broker

To be able to decide for or against a broker, it is important to first know the facts about the provider and to deal with the respective offers, the regulation and the advantages and disadvantages.

Companies: BDSwis s Holding Plc. Regulation: Financial Regulator CySEC Headquarters: Cyprus Founded: 2012

In our test we have the first and last Disadvantages of the broker BDSwiss in summary:

  • low minimum bets
  • fair return
  • more than 200 tradable underlyings
  • Quick account opening
  • Customer support in German
  • Minimum deposit only 100 euros
  • Fees for payments under 100 euros
  • No demo account

BDSwiss test report 2020 - reputable broker for professionals & beginners?

BDSwiss rating: good conditions for deposits and withdrawals

With regard to the selection of tradable underlyings (assets), the offer of the broker BDSwiss is impressive. In the meantime, traders can set over 200 values ​​ if they decide to trade binary options via the provider. The trading platform can be used practically purely web-based. For this reason, special software does not necessarily have to be installed on the computer used for trading. With SpotOption, BDSwiss has chosen a common trading platform that offers helpful tools for trading and can be operated intuitively. Many traders would like to forego a download at least at the beginning in order to get to know the broker's offer beyond the BDSwiss test report.

The broker, who was also convincing in the binary options broker comparison, requests a First deposit of EUR 100.00. However, traders can access the asset list and many other explanations about the trading model without registering and having their own accounts. And this is important because the broker does not offer demo accounts. This is of course a shortcoming, since most brokers for binary options have now included the demo account in their offer and enable traders to run test runs without any likelihood of loss.

Deposits from EUR 100.00 are always free. If - as is possible with the money transfer after said first deposit - lower amounts are deposited, the fee is EUR 25.00.

These payments are still only possible via credit cards. Deposits are generally offered by credit card, bank transfer and the payment service Skrill. Paysafecard and Giropay are now also possible.

Conditions for using credit cards: Cards and merchant accounts must have the same name. Traders who are looking for indications of how long it takes to credit their credit learn that payments via Skrill and credit card ideally take only a few hours, while processing bank transfers sometimes takes up to seven Can take days. If retailers want to make withdrawals, the minimum requirement of EUR 100.00 also applies here according to the BDSwiss test report. At least in the event that traders want to bypass fees. For some time now, only the payment methods bank transfer and Skrill have been available for payments. Prior trading turnover in the amount of the payout is urgently required. If the requested amount is below the booked trading volume, the fee is 5.00% of the payment amount, but at least EUR 25.00 per transaction.

The trading account at BDSwiss is managed via the SpotOption platform. With this, the trader relies on a tried and tested technology that is offered by various brokers. BDSwiss also adapts to the payment requirements, because traders can choose from various options. However, fees are sometimes payable for payments.

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BDSwiss - a broker with convincing support

With a support offer in German language, the majority of binary users work today Options broker. However, it is not always possible to contact service staff as cheaply and flexibly as the BDSwiss test report presents. On the applicable trading days, support is available from morning 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the evening to answer trader questions. In addition to contact via e-mail and fax, the Live Chat is particularly suitable as a contact, because retailers (as well as potential new customers) can receive direct feedback and make inquiries while actively trading.

Traders who are fluent in English can not only contact the live chat on trading days, but at any time on all days of the week. The broker still offers English-speaking customer support outside of trading hours. Telephone support is pleasantly inexpensive because it is also offered within the fixed network of the banking metropolis of Frankfurt am Main. On the other hand, it is not possible to visit the German address of the broker, as some traders might wish.

When it comes to support, traders at BDSwiss do not have to make any cuts, because the broker puts on Excellent customer care - also in German. This is not a matter of course. This is an important point, especially for traders who only speak German. The offer of a LiveChat also speaks for BDSwiss.

BDSwiss test report 2020 - reputable broker for professionals & beginners?

Advantages in the area of ​​platform usability and the training models

A simple operation of the trading platform affects both beginners and real trading Experts who want to open a binary options account are positive. It is easy for beginners to get to know the BDSwiss trading platform SpotOption 2.0, experienced traders can get trades off to a particularly quick start. At this point, the BDSwiss rating rightly speaks of intuitive usability. The fact that the environment is web-based and therefore used without a previous download is not only advantageous for traders who do not want to install additional programs.

In addition to the trading route via the PC, the broker provides at no additional cost Matching mobile apps for the operating systems Android and iOS are available via the download portals Google Play and Android AppStore, so that traders can easily invest money in binary options using a tablet PC or smartphone. In addition to the simple usability of the trading platform, BDSwiss performed well in the test report with its training model, with the provider relying on a manageable selection information videos on the trading types. Nevertheless, this offer is usually sufficient to understand the trading with binary options together with the most important technical terms.

In our test by the binary options broker BDSwiss, we took a close look at the trading platform. Traders must be able to find their way quickly here. An intuitive operation and the possibility to get an overview of the trades are prerequisites. These conditions are met at BDSwiss.

Trading conditions and minimum transaction sizes

The minimum transaction sizes are less important in binary trading. Rather, traders read in the BDSwiss rating which minimum amounts have to be invested per position. The minimum stakes are the second important pillar next to the minimum deposit amount, which is given by the broker from Cyprus with 100.00 euros. Only from this amount do dealers get access to their own dealer account. BDSwiss provides different values ​​for the actual trades. The so-called day traders, for example, who want to bet on short-term terms in the range v of 30 or 120 seconds, can trade with a minimum bet of € 1.00. The popular method over 60 seconds can be traded from a minimum stake of 10.00 euros. The broker provides his customers with additional credit of 25 percent (maximum € 500) via the sub-zero account, so that positions can be held for up to 5 days even when the credit has been used up.

The provider specifies a minimum requirement of € 25.00 for normal digital trading with call and put options as well as the trading types "pairs", "ladder" or long-term options with terms of up to 12 months, In order to raise the maximum return from 89% to up to 500% using the so-called one-touch options, stakes from 50.00 euros are required. This maximum return can also be achieved by using the new type of trading under the title "FX / CFD", provided they are willing to take the higher binary options risk - more precisely, the risk of loss.

When deciding for or against For a broker, the minimum stakes play an important role. Many traders depend on the size of the bets whether they open a trading account. Beginners in particular do not want to invest too much money per trade. At BDSwiss, trading is possible from just 1 euro. However, the usual amounts for classic binary options are 25 euros. Here BDSwiss joins the crowd.

BDSwiss test report 2020 - reputable broker for professionals & beginners?

Deposit insurance & government regulation in the BDSwiss test report

From the perspective of many traders, government regulation speaks a clear language with regard to broker seriousness. The Cypriot supervisory authority CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) may not offer the same level of security as the German BaFin or the British FCA, but Cyprus now applies Supervision as a strict control body. In the case of deposit insurance, the test report mentions a value of up to EUR 20,000 per merchant account, whereby a maximum of 90% of the trader's credit is protected. All customer deposits - according to the broker BDSwiss in its business description - are outsourced to partner banks and not kept together with the company capital for dealer security.

An important point in the context of BDSwiss experience was that Regulation. The deposit insurance also provides information about how serious a broker is. BDSwiss does not need to hide in either area, because both regulation and deposit insurance give traders security.

Good asset selection and approaches to social trading

Die more than 170 underlyings from the portfolio of the broker BDSwiss cover the areas commodities, stocks, indices and foreign exchange. While there are only a few currencies for binary trading, stocks and indices make up the lion's share of the underlyings. Traders who are interested in the so-called Social Trading have so far not been able to copy positions of successful traders directly from the broker. But at least some of the best trades at the moment ("top underlyings") can be called up and, if necessary, replicated for your own purposes. Traders of all experience levels can learn something from this approach.

With the large selection of underlyings, no trader needs to cut back. Even experienced dealers who like to benefit from a large selection will definitely get their money's worth at BDSwiss. This is ensured by the around 200 base values ​​for trading.

BDSwiss test report 2020 - reputable broker for professionals & beginners?

BDSwiss test report: no bonus available

The granting of bonuses was prohibited by the CySEC in December 2016, which eliminates this possibility for many brokers. At BDSwiss, too, no bonus is available for new or existing customers. However, traders who do not want to forego offers such as a deposit bonus can look elsewhere and can find various bonus offers at the Maltese broker Binary.com.

Conclusion on the trading model of the broker BDSwiss:

Eine A good amount of underlyings is one of the advantages that are evident with the provider BDSwiss. Being able to trade starting at 1.00 euros also makes the model exciting for beginners, who are otherwise always looking for a binary options test account, which is not available from the broker. For this purpose, traders have an above-average selection of trading types that enable traders to trade flexibly via the trading platform. Binary options are risky and are not suitable for every investor. If you want to act, you have a reputable broker at your side with BDSwiss, but you should also familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the provider.

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