BDSwiss Sub-Zero Account 2020 - To the new BDSwiss Account

BDSwiss Sub-Zero Account 2020: What is special about the account? All facts about the sub-zero account Now trade at BDSwiss despite a negative account balance.

The well-known binary options broker BDSwiss also offers trading in Forex / CFD and started a new one in April with the so-called sub-zero account Account type. With this account, traders can continue trading even if their account balance falls below 0 euros. The provider calls its offer "Game Changer" and is the first broker to offer such an innovative account format. The broker's customers can now have a negative account balance of up to 25 percent and still hold their positions for 120 hours with reduced stop-outs. The introduction of this new function has already increased the trading volume at BDSwiss and brought additional profit to the participants in the BDSwiss partner program.

Trade in the sub-zero zone

With the new sub-zero Account gives traders more time to hold their positions, even if their account balance is less than 0 euros. This can be an advantage especially if a trader believes that the market is developing in his favor. BDSwiss thus helps traders to withstand the limits of equity. Ultimately, traders get 25 percent additional equity. Every trader is therefore entitled to 25 percent (up to EUR 500) more equity on their net portfolio. For example, anyone who has deposited 2,000 euros and then withdraws 1,000 euros has a net account balance of 1,000 euros. The sub-equity limit in this case is 1,000 x 25 percent, as 250 euros.

Hold positions for five working days

in the Sub-Zero -Zone traders can now hold their positions for 120 hours. The time begins to tick when equity reaches 0 euros and runs from this point in time for up to 120 hours, i.e. five working days, as long as the 25 percent equity limit below zero has not been reached. During this time, you can re-stockpile to stabilize your positions or use the time if you think the market is developing in your favor.

BDSwiss Sub-Zero Account 2020 - To the new BDSwiss Account

Sub-zero account opens up new trading opportunities

The new sub-zero account from BDSwiss fits with numerous trading strategies and opens up new opportunities for traders. All positions in the sub-zero zone are set to "Close only" mode. If the trader chooses a stop-out, the account is set to 0 and is therefore subject to negative balance sheet protection. When the sub-zero equity is used up, all positions are automatically closed and the account balance is reset to 0. Traders typically used stop-outs to avoid further losses if their balance fell below a certain percentage. In this case, open positions are automatically closed in the event of a stop-out.

Account types tailored to different trader types

After several test phases, BDSwiss now has its sub-zero account optimizes that traders can access it on all platforms. With this new account type, the cards at BDSwiss are reshuffled and the offer is a further step by the provider towards new, innovative offers for traders.

Many brokers now offer several account types to to adapt more specifically to the needs of their customers. Therefore, the account conditions are one of the aspects that you should definitely consider when choosing a suitable broker. You should therefore not only compare the conditions of the individual brokers, but also compare them among brokers who offer several account types. The choice of the right account mainly depends on your personal trading style.

Several account types to choose from

Meanwhile, in addition to a standard account, many brokers offer a mini account and a pro - or premium account. These often differ in features such as the minimum deposit and the usable services. For many brokers, the more money you deposit, the more benefits you get. Premium accounts often offer lower spreads, larger bonuses, more intensive customer support and additional trading tools. Therefore, the choice of the right account often also depends on the amount you want to deposit and which additional offers are personally important to a trader.

How can you spend a minute?

Binary Options Broker BDSwiss also offers Forex / CFD

BDSwiss is one of the best-known European brokers and specializes in trading binary options, but also enables trading in Forex / CFDs. The provider has set itself the goal of always offering its traders the best possible conditions for trading and high-quality trading software. On its trading platforms, the broker relies on modern software and the latest information. BDSwiss offers various trading software and tools. The account types that the broker offers are intended to cover the needs of all customers.

Postal address in Frankfurt am Main

The broker based in Cyprus was founded in 2012 and has one Postal address in Frankfurt am Main, so that German-speaking customers can also contact BDSwiss by post. BDSwiss is known all over Europe. Although there is a German-speaking customer service, a lot of information on the website is only available in English. It is therefore a great advantage to speak English well. BDSwiss is regulated in Cyprus by the CySEC and is therefore subject to European regulations, for example for the separate storage of company and customer funds.

Interesting for newcomers to trading

BDSwiss is considered an interesting broker for newcomers to trading. Beginners can not only open an account with little effort, but the simple and intuitive trading platform, which was developed by SpotOption and can be accessed via any browser, is easy to use for beginners. Opening an account is free of charge, but traders can only trade once they have made a minimum deposit of EUR 100. In addition, you can, for example, start trading with turbo options from just 5 euros. The partially very low minimum stakes enable traders to diversify their portfolios and reduce their personal risk. At BDSwiss, traders can access a wide range of stocks, currencies, raw materials and indices as underlying assets. Beginners at BDSwiss also look forward to many tips and explanations with which they can expand their knowledge of retail. For example, the trading system is also explained in detail.

Several option types

In addition to the classic call and put options, BDSwiss also offers other option types such as OneTouch. The provider tries to tailor its offers to the needs of the customers. Among other things, the investment horizons of the traders are taken into account and in addition to the known maturities of five minutes to several weeks, trades over 60, 90 and 120 seconds can also be given up. There are more than 250 underlyings available from the assets stocks, currencies, raw materials and indices.

BDSwiss Sub-Zero Account 2020 - To the new BDSwiss Account


With the new Sub-Zero Account traders now have the option of holding their positions even if their balance falls below zero. With this innovative new account type from the well-known broker BDSwiss, traders receive 25 percent additional equity. In the sub-zero zone they can hold their positions for 120 hours. If the account falls below the 25 percent limit, a stop-out automatically takes effect to protect traders from further losses. BDSwiss is thus expanding its range with another interesting function.

BDSwiss Sub-Zero Account 2020 - To the new BDSwiss Account

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