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BDSwiss Social Trading Test 2020 - strategies at a glance

BDSwiss Social Trading Test 2020: Read all about the trading offer Broker experiences summarized Open an account with BDSwiss now.

In this article we want to get to the bottom of whether social trading is possible at BDSwiss. To do this, we look very closely at the broker's trading offer and deal with all services and conditions. Find out whether you can follow BDSwiss traders and what advantages the broker has to offer for new and existing customers.

Quick facts about trading at BDSwiss

  • No BDSwiss social trading possible
  • Classic binary options trading for advanced investors
  • Versatile selection of underlyings and option types
  • Trading from 25 euros and returns up to 89 percent
  • Nine deposit methods and BDSwiss Paysafe payments possible

Simple web-based trading application without complex analysis options

Directly to the binary options test winner BDSwiss

Why is social trading so popular?

There are many reasons why social trading is becoming one of the most popular forms of trading. One of these reasons is the fact that you can participate in trading in global markets with no experience and be successful. So actually you don't take part in the trade yourself but leave the work to the professionals. Social trading is about copying the strategies of experienced traders and linking your own success with that of the strategy provider.

A good social trading provider has a large selection of signal generators and for each of these signal generators a detailed overview is available. Those who want to copy the strategies can find out in detail about the success and trading style of the experienced traders and thus choose one or more of them. You can then start copying with a click of the mouse and set the amount to be invested beforehand. You don't necessarily have to copy a promising signal generator immediately, you can first follow the trader and observe your trading decisions first.

Furthermore, social trading generally also offers extensive opportunities to exchange ideas with other traders in the community. This includes chats, forums and comment functions. In this way, the community members can help each other and exchange tips with each other. "Successfully investing together" is the motto of social trading and this calculation seems to work if you look at the growing popularity of this type of investment.

Inexperienced investors can also invest successfully in social trading because it is possible to copy the strategies of experienced traders at the click of a mouse. Social trading offers many opportunities for communication and joint trading among community members. Even with small amounts you can participate in trading and put together a whole portfolio of strategy providers.

BDSwiss Social Trading Test 2020 - strategies at a glance

Is BDSwiss Social Trading possible?

As us we have dealt with the trading offer of the Options Broker, we could not find any BDSwiss Social Trading. With this trading provider you can trade binary options in the classic way and is solely responsible for your own success. In the area of ​​binary options trading, BDSwiss offers a versatile product range and a trading application that was specially developed for trading with these financial instruments.

The handling of the trading platform is uncomplicated and even the inexperienced user will find his way around quickly. This is due to the fact that no complex and extensive price analysis tools can be found and the equipment is limited to the elementary trading functions. You can set the trading amount, choose one of six time levels for the chart, choose from two chart variants and display several trading instruments on one screen.

There is no demo account and it is actually not necessary. Without any registration you can try out the trading platform a little on the broker's website and within a short time you got to know all the options.

As we found out, no social trading is possible at BDSwiss and that Broker offers classic, independent trading in binary options. In this regard, there is a large and varied product range of underlyings and option variants and trading takes place via an uncomplicated, web-based trading application.

Directly to the binary options test winner BDSwiss

BDSwiss Review By FX Empire

Consumer Checklist: FAQs on social trading

Which financial products can I still trade in social trading?

In principle, social is Trading in any market is possible, but CFDs are particularly popular alongside binary options. These are also derivative financial products that share certain properties with binary options. So rising and falling markets are tradable with CFDs, there are theoretically innumerable base values ​​to choose from and no large amounts are required for trading.

How do I recognize a good social trading provider?

Even if the tastes are different when it comes to social trading, there are some features that make a good social trading broker. This includes, for example, a large selection of underlyings and option variants. Furthermore, smaller bets should also be tradable, and that with high returns. In addition, a large selection of signal generators is important, as well as comprehensive search and filter functions that enable a targeted selection of strategy providers. For social trading, versatile options for communication and interaction between community members are also important. On top of that, an uncomplicated orientation should also be guaranteed and a beginner-compatible trading application is also not wrong.

Can I make my own trading decisions in social trading?

A good social trading broker provides numerous functions for joint trading and at the same time enables independent trading.

How can I become a signal generator?

Those who provide their trading strategies usually do not have to endure more complicated registration than those who want to copy strategies. Some brokers have a special registration form and other retailers don't even need one. If you are good enough as a trader, you will also attract the attention of followers. There are no costs if you want to become a strategy provider.

How can I benefit from making my trading strategies available?

Any social trading Brokers regulate the remuneration for signalers in their own way. Sometimes uniform commissions are credited for each follower and in some cases you can go up several levels and the higher the level, the higher the amounts you can secure per follower. Whichever way, strategy providers are rewarded at every broker, because after all it should be worthwhile to do the work for others.

BDSwiss Social Trading Test 2020 - strategies at a glance

Further offers at BDSwiss

Who If you still have your own BDSwiss experience before you open an account, you should find out whether the offer fits your requirements at all. For example, it should be mentioned at this point that the minimum trade size is 25 euros. This means that the broker is out of the question for those who are not yet sure whether they like binary options, because the required stakes are simply too high to try out. Even those who don't have a lot of money left for trading will look for another broker, because with 25 € minimum bet , each loss trade can also mean the end of the investor's career. The returns at BDSwiss can be up to 89 percent, making the broker one of the leaders in direct comparison, even if there are even better profit margins in this regard.

Advanced investors, on the other hand, will find out about the trading conditions of BDSwiss looking forward. For example, around 200 base values ​​ are available and you can choose between six variants of the binary options. In terms of asset classes, in addition to BDSwiss Forex trading, pairs as well as stocks, indices and commodities can be traded. The trading application is very simple and the range of functions is limited to the basic trading functions. There is also an app, but there is no demo account.

Customer support is available via telephone, live chat and contact form 24/7 and there are also German-speaking employees available. The broker's educational offer is impressive and this area includes free webinars, tutorials, videos and a blog. Customers are also provided with current market analyzes and expert tips.

Go directly to the binary options test winner BDSwiss

The first deposit of the new customer is rewarded by the broker, but only on request. The regulations at BDSwiss provide that a telephone conversation with a so-called account manager takes place after opening the account. In this discussion, the framework conditions for the binary options account are discussed.

At BDSwiss there is a wide range of stocks, foreign exchange, raw materials and indices and a total of six types of options are tradable. The minimum stakes amount to 25 euros and that with maximum returns of 89 percent.

Conclusion: It is not possible to follow BDSwiss traders

who are trading binary Leaving options to the professionals and looking for a broker that makes it possible to copy the strategies of experienced traders will not find it at BDSwiss. With this Cypriot broker, only classic, independent binary options trading is possible. However, there are almost exclusively good framework conditions to be found here. Trading is risky and not every trading product is suitable for every investor. If you want to act, you have a serious broker at your side with BDSwiss.

A versatile product range is available as well as a professional implementation of the services offered. The processing of deposits and withdrawals works smoothly and there are no fees for payment transactions. The web platform enables efficient trading and ensures fast order execution. Open an account with BDSwiss and benefit from the variety of offers at the broker.

BDSwiss Social Trading Test 2020 - strategies at a glance

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