BDSwiss regulation in Check 2020 - CySEC regulated broker

BDSwiss regulation in Check 2020: Who is responsible for supervision? Cyprus Brokers Test Now Trade with CySEC regulated brokers.

If you think that all brokers in the world are regulated by a financial regulator, then you are wrong. There are still a large number of brokers worldwide who do not face a regulatory authority and therefore operate in an uncontrolled manner in the market. And even if a broker has regulation, you should definitely check which country the regulator is in. Regulation by a financial regulator in the EU has a different meaning for the customer in the EU than a regulator in any exotic country. Safety first - also applies to registration with a broker.

  • Headquarters within the European Union
  • Regulation by a financial regulator in the EU
  • Legal security through EU and European courts

The BDSwiss CySec regulation ensures trust!

With the BDSwiss CySec regulation the Brokers regulated by a financial regulator in the EU. BDSwiss is one of the brands of Keplero Holdings Litd. based in Limassol, Cyprus. BDSwiss is the company name or trade name of the investment company Keplero Holdings Ltd., which can be regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission under license number 100/13. At the same time, the broker has a postal address in Germany, in Frankfurt am Main. In addition, the company is registered with the financial supervisory authorities in 31 countries, who are also the contact persons in the individual countries for their citizens in the event of problems. According to our BDSwiss experience, the broker BDSwiss has achieved the trust of many traders in different countries with this comprehensive offer and there is also no evidence that the trust has been abused in any way.

BDSwiss regulation in Check 2020 - CySEC regulated broker

The BDSwiss CySec regulation provides legal certainty!

In addition to the BDSwiss CySec regulation by an EU-based financial supervisory authority, the headquarters in the EU alone provide a certain degree of legal security for BDSwiss customers. The head office within the European Union is also a guarantee that the European laws and European courts have the final say in any legal disputes. It is obvious that in a legal dispute in an exotic country in Asia or in some other distant corner of the world in a small island country, traders and every other person may sometimes have little chance of winning a lawsuit. With the courts in the EU, this may not be easy in another country, but the legal basis and thus legal certainty are incomparably greater.

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Conclusion: The BDSwiss CySec regulation!

Binary options are risky and are not suitable for every investor. If you want to trade, you have a serious broker at your side with BDSwiss. The BDSwiss CySec regulation is a security for customers of the broker. The binary options broker BDSwiss is a company name of Keplero Holding, which has been subject to regulation by the Cypriot financial regulator. The broker thus creates trust and legal security for his customers. Headquarters in the EU and regulation by a financial supervisory authority in the EU should not be missing in any binary options broker comparison.

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BDSwiss regulation in Check 2020 - CySEC regulated broker

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