BDSwiss payment in 3 steps - save 2020 fees

BDSwiss disbursement 2020: what should you consider? BDSwiss payout explained in 3 steps. Use knowledge now and save fees at the broker.

BDSwiss is a regulated broker headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus. The binary options broker BDSwiss is regulated according to the rules of the EU by the Cypriot financial supervisory authority CySec and the BDSwiss experiences are consistently positive among traders. Payout is one of the most important criteria that are decisive when choosing a broker. In advance you can say that the BDSwiss payment is quick, correct and reliable. The rules for the payment from the trading account are shown on the website and in the terms and conditions.

  • BDSwiss payment already from 100 euros
  • Payment via credit card / Debit card or bank transfer possible
  • With deposits by credit card, the BDSwiss payment can be made free of charge

10/10 points Tips for the BDSwiss payment!

In a binary options broker comparison, the payment modalities are important for many traders and they often link the decision to open a trading account to this point. For this reason, the BDSwiss payment is of particular importance. We would like to compare the advantages and disadvantages below and thus provide an overview of the most important BDSwiss payment methods.

BDSwiss payment in 3 steps - save 2020 fees

BDSwiss deposit with credit card enables free payment!

Whoever opens a trading account with the broker BDSwiss and If you want to make the first deposit, you should definitely inform yourself in advance about the BDSwiss deposit and the BDSwiss withdrawal. It is important to look at the BDSwiss fees, which can be free under certain conditions when paying out with a credit card. Everyone can find out about the exact requirements in the BDSwiss terms and conditions.

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BDSwiss disbursements are possible from 100 euros!

For many traders, the amount of the minimum deposit and the minimum payment is important, because they have a comparably low trading capital. This applies primarily to beginners in trading and traders whose trading capital is limited. With the binary options broker BDSwiss, the minimum deposit for opening a trading account is 100 euros and also for the BDSwiss payment, a minimum amount of 100 euros or - depending on the currency in the trading account - was set to $ 100.

BDSwiss payment in 3 steps - save 2020 fees

Important condition for the free BDSwiss payment!

Point 9.11 is important for the trader for a free BDSwiss payment. in the terms and conditions. It states that a free payment is only possible if the sum of the deposited amounts has been traded at least once. If this is not the case, 5% of the payment amount or at least 25 € payment fee can be charged even when paying out with a credit card. Another important condition is that a BDSwiss credit card payment can only be made in the amount in which the first deposit was made. In other words, this means that with a minimum deposit of 100 euros by credit card, only 100 euros are available as a free payment by credit card. If the amount in the trading account is higher, the rest will be paid out by bank transfer and charged with a fee of 25.00 euros.

Conclusion for the BDSwiss payment!

A free BDSwiss deposit and free of charge BDSwiss can only be paid out with a credit card. Payment by credit card can, however, only be made in the amount of the first deposit made. When paying by bank transfer or by check, payment fees will be charged in any case. The minimum deposit and the minimum payment are pleasingly low at only 100 euros. In order to receive a free BDSwiss payment, however, the total amount paid in must have been traded at least once. This means that the trader should only ever deposit the amounts into the BDSwiss trading account that they would like to trade.

If you comply with this rule, you can maintain a free trading account with the BDSwiss broker and make a free deposit and free payment so focus entirely on binary options trading. Binary options are risky and are not suitable for every investor. If you want to trade, you have a serious broker at your side with BDSwiss. It should only be noted that transfer payments that are made via the minimum deposit by credit card always incur transfer fees.

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BDSwiss payment in 3 steps - save 2020 fees

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