BDSwiss One-Touch Retail 2020 - explained step by step

BDSwiss One-Touch Trading 2020: How does trading work? Adviser creates clarity - inform now & trade BDSwiss one-touch options.

When trading binary options, it is equally important for beginners as for advanced users to deal precisely with the available types of trading. Not every trading strategy is suitable for every type of trading, which is why traders should consider the range of available trading types of their favorite in advance. We have therefore summarized the most important information about the Cypriot online broker BDSwiss for you and placed special emphasis on the innovative trading mode "Banc de Swiss One-Touch".

The available trading types at BDSwiss

  • Couples
  • Long-term
  • Ladder
  • 30/60 seconds
  • One Touch

BDSwiss One-Touch Retail 2020 - explained step by step

The offer from BDSwiss for beginners and advanced

BDSwiss was founded in 2012 on the European island of Cyprus and has apparently put the right horse in its marketing strategy - because although BDSwiss was founded very late compared to the competition, the Cypriot company enjoys it The company has become very popular and is known to people outside of the actual target group.

The reasons for this, however, do not lie solely in the TV advertising that the company ran a while ago, because the offer from B DSwiss does not have to hide behind that of the competition: A total of six different popular types of trade go hand in hand with an offer of over 40 tradable financial products from the areas of forex, indices, stocks and commodities. The trader can expect a maximum return of up to 89% and a loss protection of 10%, which promises easier and low-risk trading after the minimum deposit of € 100. However, traders cannot have any experience in binary options trading with a free and non-binding demo account when trading at a minimum trading amount of € 1, as this is not yet available at BDSwiss.

Although BDSwiss only opened in 2012 Cyprus was founded, the company has enjoyed great popularity so far. There are many reasons for this: numerous types of trading go hand in hand with an offer of over 40 available financial products. Trading these products promises a maximum return of up to 89% with a ten percent loss protection, from which traders can benefit when trading with a minimum deposit of € 100 - demo accounts are not available.

Noob or pro?

The Banc de Swiss One-Touch under the magnifying glass

The Banc de Swiss One-Touch options are a variant of the exotic options that allow enormous returns if the price of an underlying rises above or below a certain level or falls. The popularity of this volatility speculation is growing steadily - however, banc de Swiss one-touch trading with maximum returns of up to 500% is only possible if the leading markets of the corresponding underlying are closed. This means that the Banc de Swiss one-touch options can only be traded between Saturday 2 p.m. and Sunday 9 p.m. The options then run on Monday at 2:00 p.m. and end on Friday at 7:00 p.m.

If customers trade Banc de Swiss one-touch options, high returns are expected

How is Banc de Swiss One-Touch traded?

Banc de Swiss One-Touch trading takes place in the form of contracts, but the volume of a contract varies depending on this of the respective underlying. When trading Banc de Swiss One-Touch, the price that the underlying reaches at specific key times counts: the corresponding expiry price based on Reuters' prices must be reached daily at 7 p.m. The corresponding payment will then be made on Fridays at 10 p.m. - at the time of expiry. The expiry rules differ in part for these options, but are shown to the trader when opening his position.

Customers of the Cypriot company can pursue the Banc de Swiss one-touch trade, which is characterized by high maximum returns Awarded if the price fell above or below a certain level at the expiry date. Banc de Swiss one-touch trading takes the form of contracts and is only possible if the lead markets of the relevant underlying are closed, which is the case between Saturday, 2 p.m. and Sunday, 9 p.m.

BDSwiss One-Touch Retail 2020 - explained step by step

Other trades with the test winner in focus

Traders at BDSwiss can not only pursue one-touch trading, but instead there are numerous other trades available that can enable successful trading, Of course, this includes the regular binary options, where the price at the expiry time must be above or below the entry point, depending on the direction in which the trader speculated. The long-term and 30/60-second trading types work similarly - only with a longer or shorter maturity.

In pair trading, the trader chooses a company's share instead of a price direction, which at the expiry time the higher price, while ladder trading is a type of trade for advanced traders, who place several options at the same value at the same time and thus determine their own risk and profitability.

The complex ladder- Options are more suitable for advanced traders

In addition to Banc de Swiss one-touch trading, the company's customers have various other types of trading available: Of course, these primarily include the regular binary options which are also available as long-term and 30/60 second options, as well as pair and ladder trading for advanced e Dealer.

Conclusion: Customers can not only trade Banc de Swiss one-touch options

The Cypriot binary options broker was founded in 2012 and has been a major player since then Enjoy popularity. This can be due to the numerous types of trading available, the more than 40 tradable financial products or the maximum return of up to 89% that the online broker enables its customers. At BDSwiss, not only is one-touch trading available, which is characterized by high returns of up to 500% when trading on weekends, but also the trading of regular binary options, also long-term or with terms of 30 or 60 seconds, as well as pair and ladder trading. Binary options are risky and are not suitable for every investor. If you want to act, you have a serious broker at your side with BDSwiss.

These are our test winners!

BDSwiss One-Touch Retail 2020 - explained step by step

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