BDSwiss is test winner 2016 - current broker test

BDSwiss is test winner (01/20): What does the broker have to offer? Current broker test clears up now to BDSwiss & binary options or Forex.

If you look at how long traders have been able to gain experience with the provider BDSwiss, the success of the broker appears even more impressive. The offer has only been available since 2012. The portal became known under a different name: as Banc de Swiss. A very important argument that repeatedly appears in previous Banc de Swiss and today's BDSwiss opinions is that it is completely available in German trading platform. Investors can also contact the broker's experts at a postal address in Frankfurt am Main. Many providers offer their customers German-language versions of their platforms.

What convinced us about BDSwiss included:

  • Fully German-language trading platform and support
  • BDSwiss has a German postal address
  • low minimum trading amounts from only 1.00 EUR per trade
  • individual risk protection up to 10%
  • opening of a trading account possible from 100 EUR
  • one Touch trading brings returns up to a maximum of 500%
  • EU regulation of the broker by the Cypriot authority CySEC

State regulation brings a secure feeling

Of course, many BDSwiss experiences not just the positive aspect of German-speaking customer service. This is and remains relevant. Equally important, however, are good conditions for the start of trading and a wide selection of tradable underlyings as well as easily understandable types of trading. The broker with headquarters in Cyprus knows how to impress in both areas. The head office also provides for regulation by Cyprus' financial regulator, CySEC. It has licensed the broker and checks it at regular intervals. This achieves the necessary transparency, which is emphasized in BDSwiss opinions of the traders as well as, for example, the lowest possible capital requirements for trading in binary options.

Another advantage of regulation is membership in the deposit guarantee fund, to which the Brokers committed. In this way, up to 20,000 euros of capital per customer are secured even if the broker himself becomes insolvent. Customers will then get their money back through the fund.

A small point of criticism could be that the website is in impeccable German, but this does not apply to the important legal documents. Those who do not speak English cannot understand the legal framework. Of course, this is not optimal. Many internet users tend to accept general terms and conditions and other legal agreements anyway, but this is not always wise.

Nevertheless, BDSwiss naturally respects the rights of its customers. The company attaches particular importance to data protection. It guarantees its customers protection of personal data and uses encryption according to modern security standards.

BDSwiss also manages the security of customers, their capital and data a verification of accounts. It is also legally obliged to do this in some cases. In order to register with BDSwiss as a full customer, customers must provide proof of residence and a copy of an internationally valid ID card. This is also required by the guidelines of the Money Laundering Act and also applies to the prevention of terrorist financing. Of course, this is also an advantage to protect the customer. The fact that he has proven his identity beyond doubt makes it significantly more difficult for unauthorized third parties to access it.

BDSwiss is test winner 2016 - current broker test

Low minimum stake, high possible return and loss protection

Said requirements are also impressive. In the case of short-term trades in the area of ​​so-called "60-second trading", a use of 1.00 EUR is sufficient to become active as a trader. Otherwise the minimum is 25 euros and therefore also in a more than justifiable framework. Obviously, the former broker "Banc de Swiss" will also become a good partner for beginners who want to learn how to trade without maximum effort under its new name BDSwiss. With 100 euros, the requirement for opening an account is in the market average.

A maximum of 89% return can be realized in standard trading. Highly speculative traders use the "high yield" mode to reach up to 500% over the weekend with one touch trading. Anyone with experience with this type of option at BDSwiss naturally exposes their trading capital to a much higher risk. BDSwiss opinions also point to the so-called loss protection, which here is a maximum of 10%, provided that retailers prefer normal, regular digital trading. Especially the new trading modes one pair options and ladder trading offer a wide range of further risk minimization.

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Versatile offer puts the competition in the shade

In a BDSwiss test it actually falls Always a strength of the broker especially: the extensive and varied range. The strength of BDSwiss is already apparent when you look at the underlying assets. Hardly any other provider can offer more than 200 different underlyings.

In the area of ​​currency trading with binary options, this means that investors can also buy very volatile exotic products such as the South African rand or the Turkish lira can trade. For raw materials, not only the standard precious metals are available, but also cotton, cocoa and other foods. Dozens of indices from around the world are waiting to be traded, as are numerous stocks from global corporations. With the pair options, not only are the world's largest stock corporations waiting to measure themselves against their biggest competitor, but BDSwiss also offers this option on indices.

The versatility of the trading types also ensures for the fact that BDSwiss can offer retailers a lot of variety. In addition to the classic standard variant of binary options, traders can also look for their luck in pair options, long-term options, turbo options, one-touch options and ladder options. In this way it is easily possible to find the right type of trade depending on the market situation and movement in order to make optimal profit from it.

The types of trade can also be supplemented with other options that should enable the trader to to react to developments other than those predicted. If the trader is afraid that the position will be out of the money at the end of the term, he can close it early. However, if he assumes that the position will definitely close in the money, he can double the trade with a simple mouse click. If, on the other hand, he assumes that the position will be out of the money at the end of the term, but the trade will then be more positive, he can extend the term by rollover.

BDSwiss also presents itself with a wide range of options maturities. These start at 60 seconds and can be within the turbo options 90, 120, 180 or 300 seconds. In the context of classic binary options, the term is at least 15 minutes or at most until the end of the trading day. Long-term options can even run for several months. At BDSwiss, there is hardly anything left to be desired. The number of different underlyings, trading types and terms is more diverse than at any other provider.

BDSwiss is test winner 2016 - current broker test

BDSwiss without a demo account for binary options

Those who want to check out the broker's offer for binary options might be disappointed that BDSwiss does not offer a demo account. This is often an important decision criterion, especially for beginners. After all, they can make the first trades completely risk-free and are thus able to understand in a relaxed manner how binary options work. It is often only possible to make an initial assessment of whether it is worth starting trading at all.

Even experienced traders often appreciate a demo account. BDSwiss could convince traders to be better than other binary options providers. This gives traders a better overview of which trading types, underlyings and terms are offered at what conditions, whether the chart presentation appeals to them and whether the condition is comfortable for them.

That's why it's something it is unfortunate that there is no BDSwiss demo account for binary options, especially as there is a free one available for the Forex area.

Customer service from BDSwiss

Even if the broker does not Offers demo account, it has a lot of info material ready for beginners, which can make binary options trading much easier and more successful. In the Education Center, customers can not only choose between various videos and written tutorials, but also register for one of the upcoming webinars. If you are lucky and live in a larger city, you can even attend seminars on site.

In addition, it is more or less common at BDSwiss that at least customers who deposit more than 100 euros have an experienced dealer at their side who accompanies the first trades and thus prevents the typical beginner mistakes. If you want to use this service, you should always contact support and ask for the exact conditions, as these change and also depend on the load. With this extensive range, BDSwiss compensates the missing demo account excellently.

Customer support at BDSwiss can be reached using the contact form, fax, email, free hotline from Germany and LiveChat. An address in Germany is also available for letters. In this way, BDSwiss covers all current contact options and even goes a little further. The support staff specialize in the German market and speak impeccable German, so customers do not have to fear that they will only be heard with the English language. Business hours are also very extensive. The telephone support is currently available from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. CET and thus more than covers the most important trading hours from a European perspective. The contact options at BDSwiss are therefore unquestionably exemplary.

BDSwiss is test winner 2016 - current broker test

Which payment methods apply at BDSwiss?

Of course, BDSwiss knows that most customers place great value on a secure payment method that should also be as comfortable as possible. That is why the company offers enough different options for depositing and advertises itself to support all "common" payment methods. However, with PayPal this attribute is too important for this attribute. But even without the Ebay subsidiary, most investors will have no problem finding a suitable payment method in BDSwiss' offer.

For those who like to use their online banking, there is also the conventional option of bank transfer the services Sofortüberweisung, Giropay and EPS are available. The advantage of the services is the fact that they can confirm the payment for BDSwiss and the broker can therefore credit them directly to the customer's account. With Neteller and Skrill, BDSwiss also offers two of the most important e-wallet service providers. The offer is supplemented by credit card payment with VISA. BDSwiss usually waives a minimum payment amount. Customers only have to pay the EUR 100 to open an account when making their first deposit.

Of course, all payment methods are also available for payment. Here, too, the broker makes no claims to the minimum amount. However, the company charges a processing fee of 25 euros if the payment amount falls below 100 euros. BDSwiss also places relatively strict demands on payment. If the customer has not made a deposit at least once, the company also charges a processing fee of 5% of the payment amount or at least 25 euros. This can make the payouts very expensive in individual cases. Traders should keep this possible cost factor in mind before requesting a payout.

Regardless of this, there is nothing to criticize about the payouts at BDSwiss. The company itself stipulates in the terms and conditions that processing payment requests within five working days if the customer is verified and there are no ambiguities.

No bonus at BDSwiss

BDSwiss does not offer a bonus. The broker convinces with favorable conditions and a wide range of further training, which is aimed at both beginners and experienced traders. Anyone who does not want to forego a deposit bonus or similar offers will find what they are looking for at the Maltese broker

BDSwiss is test winner 2016 - current broker test

How does the account opening at BDSwiss work?

Registration with BDSwiss requires just a few minutes. The customer clicks on "Register" and fills in the required fields and sends the form. He then receives a welcome email and confirms the correctness of the email address. The fact that BDSwiss is a reputable broker is clear when you open an account. While many brokers only ask for identity verification when the payment is made, BDSwiss already points out the need to submit a copy of the ID card and proof of residence. However, the customer can do this at a later point in time.

BDSwiss test shows: Forex trading is also possible

Recently, not only binary options traders at BDSwiss get their money's worth, but also on Forex trading interested traders. In addition to the binary options mentioned, BDSwiss also offers 47 forex pairs for trading, as well as various CFDs on selected underlyings from the typical 4 asset classes of indices, stocks, raw materials and currencies. The smallest trade size is a minilot, while the largest amount that can be moved is 6 million units or 60 standard lots. Trading can take place both via the web-based trading platform and via the Metatrader4 trading platform, which is so popular with traders.

A major advantage of the BDSwiss Forex offer can be the fact that the broker is on the obligation to make additional payments completely dispensed with. Investors do not have to be afraid that losses may arise beyond the capital invested.

Conclusion on the broker BDSwiss

Basically, the regulated broker with its clear trading guidelines covers almost all customer groups that are are aware of the risks of trading and are looking for a binary options broker. Flexible trading options including considerable maximum returns also appeal to investors who are willing to take risks and are banking on the proverbial big hit.

These are our test winners!

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