BDSwiss Forex Trading Experience 2020 - Trade Forex Now

BDSwiss Forex Trading Experience 2020: Do you want to trade foreign exchange? Test forex at BDSwiss Get information now & trade forex at BDSwiss.

The Cypriot broker BDSwiss draws attention to itself in the world of binary options with a large range and excellent support.

Now traders can trade CFDs with BDSwiss Forex.

The characteristics of BDSwiss at a glance

  • Founded in 2012
  • Head office in Cyprus
  • German postal address in Frankfurt am Main
  • Regulation through CySEC
  • More than 170 underlyings
  • CFD / FX trading possible
  • SpotOption as trading platform
  • German support

History and regulation of the broker

The broker BDSwiss was launched in 2012 and is thus one of the older brokers in the binary options market. More than 500,000 customers worldwide are satisfied with the BDSwiss offer. Due to the headquarters in Cyprus, the provider is subject to the regulation of the Cypriot financial regulator. CySEC is known for regulating a particularly large number of brokers in the European Union, as Cyprus remains one of the most popular headquarters. In addition to regular regulation by the CySEC, BDSwiss offers its customers even more security. The broker accounts for all customer funds separately from business assets. This means that if there are financial problems with the provider, customer funds are left out and are not lost. BDSwiss is a member of the ICF Fund. This fund takes effect in the event of bankruptcy and protects customer funds in an additional amount of up to EUR 20,000 per customer.

For German-speaking customers, BDSwiss also has a postal address in Frankfurt am Main. So customers can rely on German-language support. In general, support at BDSwiss is rated as particularly good.

BDSwiss Forex Trading Experience 2020 - Trade Forex Now

Minimum deposit and trading amounts at BDSwiss

Another advantage that BDSwiss offers is the amount of the minimum deposit. To trade the account, traders must first deposit an amount. The amount of this amount differs from broker to broker. Beginners in particular, who want to start carefully, are often annoyed when they have to transfer large amounts to the account. This is not the case with BDSwiss. The broker requires traders to make a minimum deposit of € 100. This is a fair amount that even beginners can raise as capital. The minimum trading sums are also cheap. Here you can start trading for as little as 1 euro.

In this context, a look at the deposit methods is also interesting. There are differences here again. Once the minimum amount of EUR 100 has been paid in, smaller amounts can later be transferred to the account. There are different methods:

  1. With bank transfer, the minimum deposit is 20 euros, there is no limit. The money is in the BDSwiss account after two to seven working days.
  2. VISA or MasterCard are also accepted. You can already deposit 10 euros here, the upper limit for a deposit is 15,000 euros. The money is available after 10 minutes.
  3. With the online variants, the money is immediately available. With Skrill you can deposit a minimum of 10 euros and a maximum of 2,000 euros. For Neteller, giropay, iDeal, eps and offline bank transfers, the maximum deposit amount is 5,000 euros, for instant transfers it is limited to 2,500 euros.

Also included There are several ways to withdraw, but not in the amount as with the deposit. With bank transfers at least an amount of 150 euros must be paid out. Via credit card and Skrill amounts can already be paid out for 10 euros. Fees only apply to bank transfers and depend on the respective bank.

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Trading offer and conditions for binary options at BDSwiss

With a selection of over 200 underlyings, BDSwiss provides an optimal basis for trading binary options. However, this does not only apply to the amount of the underlyings. The trading offer in general is very broad. In addition to binary options, other contracts can also be traded. This applies to Pair, OneTouch and Ladder. There is also a large selection of terms. The short runtimes can be selected from:

  • 30 seconds
  • 60 seconds
  • 120 seconds

Even longer options can be selected, with 30 minutes or even 12 hours.

BDSwiss offers an average return of 65 to 89 percent. Anyone who trades in option contracts can also achieve higher returns. The base values ​​are different products. Here traders choose:

  • Options
  • Indices
  • Equities
  • Precious Metals
  • Commodities
  • Currency Pairs

BDSwiss Forex Trading Experience 2020 - Trade Forex Now

The trading platform for binary options trading

Trading binary options is carried out via a trading platform. Here BDSwiss makes use of SpotOption and is in good company. In general, binary options are a very good way to start trading. They are easy to understand and it is not absolutely necessary to constantly analyze charts. This is also noticeable on the trading platform. This is particularly simple and clear. With just a few clicks, traders can find their way around and open positions. It is also a web-based trading platform that can be used from anywhere. It is not necessary to download any software.

BDSwiss Forex Broker - trading in CFD and Forex

The provider may not be designated as BDSwiss CFD Broker, nevertheless there is now a relatively new possibility to trade BDSwiss FX and CFD. Here the trader selects the mode and can choose between FX and CFD underlyings. It is primarily about currency pairs. The broker also brought in shares and commodities relatively quickly. With BDSwiss Forex and also with BDSwiss CFD, the leverage can be used above all. The so-called leverage effect gives customers the opportunity to still place high trades with relatively little capital. BDSwiss has chosen a lever in the form of 1: 400 and thus offers a good opportunity. The broker does not have to hide from the competition here either. In this way, profits of up to 500% are possible.

However, it should be borne in mind that the profit margins are larger for BDSwiss Forex or BDSwiss CFD, but this also applies to the losses. To narrow this down, BDSwiss provides interesting functions. With "Take Profit" traders have the opportunity to set an upper limit for the respective trades. Here, for example, you can choose from a limit between 100% and 500%. "Stop Loss" is a function with which a trade can even be closed automatically. This is the case if the trader's loss is greater than the capital invested. Traders must use the functions themselves to protect themselves here.

BDSwiss Forex Trading Experience 2020 - Trade Forex Now

The account details for forex trading

The trading platform is BDSwiss Metatrader available. This enables both web trading and mobile trading.

Spreads are already offered from 1.2 pips and forex, indices, share CFDs and commodities are available as base values available. The execution is a market execution. A minimum deposit is not required for Forex trading, the minimum trading size is specified with 0.01 lots. Traders can have up to 300 orders open at the same time. The margin call is 50%, an automatic closing is 20%. The currency for the account can be selected between USD and EURO.

The BDSwiss MT4 is one of the most popular platforms for forex trading. In addition to a simple interface, it also offers the possibility of making user-defined settings. So traders have the option to design the platform according to their own ideas and can thus create an optimal basis for forex trading. BDSwiss also offers the trading software for the desktop. There are several advantages here:

  • the user interface is particularly easy to use
  • Messages are transferred directly to the platform
  • The analysis tools are available free of charge
  • Chart analyzes can also be displayed on top of each other
  • You can benefit from a daily account overview
  • The desktop version is compatible with the web trader and the mobile apps
  • A real-time overview of the trading account is offered.

The step to enable BDSwiss customers to also trade Forex and CFDs was a good decision by BDSwiss. The broker thus significantly expands the trading offer and makes even more attractive for advanced users. Above all, the increased chances of winning should be an interesting aspect for experienced traders.

Conclusion on BDSwiss:

The Cypriot broker BDSwiss is a real veteran in the binary options market and is now a The ideal contact for trading Forex and CFDs. In addition to very good regulation and a high level of security for the trader, BDSwiss also offers very good trading conditions. Versatile options for deposits and withdrawals as well as the clear trading platform are further advantages. Forex trading offers a leverage of 1: 400, which makes high profits possible for the trader. Trading is risky and not every trading product is suitable for every investor. If you want to trade, you have a serious broker at your side with BDSwiss.

BDSwiss is an experienced broker who has built up a very good reputation over the years and can boast satisfied customers worldwide. Thanks to the German-language support and the address in Frankfurt am Main, it is also a popular contact point for customers in Germany, even if the broker has no German branch and no demo account and no one is planned here.

BDSwiss Forex Trading Experience 2020 - Trade Forex Now

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