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BDSwiss Forex Trading 2020 - Product range of the broker in the test

BDSwiss Forex Trading 2020: What does the broker have to offer? BDSwiss foreign exchange trading under the magnifying glass Trade now for the test report & Forex at BDSwiss.

If you're wondering whether BDSwiss offers Forex trading, you've come to the right place. We introduce you to trading with the Cypriot options broker and show you everything related to the product range at BDSwiss. We also explain what the trading platform does and whether trading is possible at BDSwiss MetaTrader 4.

Quick facts about the trading offer from BDSwiss

  • No direct BDSwiss Forex Trading possible
  • Currency pairs can be traded via binary options
  • Currently 14 currency pairs to choose from
  • Uncomplicated trading application specially developed for binary options
  • No BDSwiss MetaTrader 4 Access
  • trading bets from € 25
  • minimum deposit of € 200 and nine different payment methods

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Are there Forex trading at BDSwiss? Underlying values ​​in detail

When we looked at the product range at BDSwiss, we were able to discover plenty of choice, but no direct Forex trading. BDSwiss Forex pairs are quite tradable, but these are in the form of basic values ​​for trading with binary options. A total of 14 currency pairs can be found and of course all so-called majors, pairs that are formed from main currencies.

In addition to foreign exchange, asset classes such as stocks, indices and commodities are also tradable at BDSwiss. In the area of ​​stocks there are securities from large international companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Google or Facebook. As far as the indices are concerned, FTSE 100, NASDAQ and NIKKEI 225 are tradable. There is also a good selection of raw materials and you can trade silver, gold, platinum or even coffee and sugar. BDSwiss has a total of six option variants and not all underlyings are available for every option type. Trading at BDSwiss is possible from an amount of 25 euros per trade and that with returns of up to 89 percent.

As we found out during our research, no direct forex trading is possible at BDSwiss, however, you can trade currency pairs as underlying assets for binary options and there are 14 pairs to be found. A total of around 80 assets from four asset classes can be traded in the form of binary options, with minimum stakes of EUR 25 and yields of up to 89 percent.

MetaTrader 4 at BDSwiss? We present the trading application of the broker

The most important thing at the beginning: BDSwiss MetaTrader 4 trading is not possible. The trading application provided by the broker has been specially developed for trading binary options and does not contain any complex tools or special functions for extensive price analysis. The web-based trading application at BDSwiss cannot be compared with MetaTrader 4, but it should not be. The trading platform of the Cypriot broker is also very simple for binary options and only the basic trading functions are available.

As far as the chart variants are concerned, a candlestick chart and a line chart are available and it is not possible to view a detailed single view of the chart. The user can get an overview of the open and expired positions and place a trade within a few seconds. Choose an option, set the amount and choose to call or put with a click of the mouse. If you want, you can also try one of the five option variants apart from the classic digital options and may find new favorite trading instruments.

There is no binary options demo account for this trading platform, but actually none is necessary. Due to the rather high stakes starting at 25 euros, the broker is less suitable for beginners who would benefit most from a demo account. There is also the possibility to try the application directly on the website of the broker and without opening an account and to get to know the product range of BDSwiss.

Our research has shown that there is no MT4 trade at BDSwiss is possible and that the simple, web-based trading application of the broker was specially developed for binary options. There is no demo account available to test the application with, but that's not a bad thing because there's not much to test here.

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Consumer checklist: FAQs about the trading offer from BDSwiss

What basic values ​​can I trade at BDSwiss?

A total of around 200 underlyings are tradable, including stocks such as those from Apple, Amazon or IBM, indices such as the FTSE 100, NASDAQ and S&P 500, currency pairs such as EUR / USD, AUD / USD and EUR / JPY and commodities such as sugar, coffee, gold, silver and platinum.

How much capital is required for a trade?

The minimum stakes in Trading with BDSwiss is € 25.

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What returns can I get?

How much profit a trade brings depends on the underlying and the type of option, but a maximum return of 89 percent can be achieved.

How can I make a deposit at BDSwiss? undertake?

Your own trade You can capitalize discounts at BDSwiss in nine different ways. Credit card payment, bank and instant transfer are available as well as Ukash, GiroPay and eps. A very rare payment method can also be found at the broker and deposits are possible at BDSwiss Paysafe.

Can I test the trading application using a demo account?

A demo account is not offered by BDSwiss, but the trading platform can also be viewed without opening an account. Trades cannot be placed, but you can get a good impression of the functionality of the application.

Further offers from broker BDSwiss

as part of the test reports on this page we could almost only gain positive BDSwiss experience. In this way, the broker has a good selection of both the underlyings and the different types of binary options. We have already dealt extensively with the basic values ​​and, as far as the option variants are concerned, turbo and long-term as well as ladder and one-touch options are available in addition to the classic digital options.

The minimum trading stakes are at 25 euros and so many an inexperienced investor should think twice about opening an account. The maximum returns are 89 percent , making BDSwiss one of the front runners. Anyone who has decided to open a trading account with BDSwiss can put their project into practice in a few minutes. The deposit is also completed quickly and if you do not choose the bank transfer, the money will be credited in no time.

At BDSwiss there is still a large one and find a wide range of education for beginners and advanced learners. This includes regular webinars, training videos, tutorials and an in-house blog. There is also a wide range of offers for market analyzes and expert tips. BDSwiss offers neither new customers nor existing customers a bonus. If you want to take advantage of corresponding offers, such as a deposit bonus, B. at the broker Binary.com.

There are a total of six different option variants and more than 200 base values ​​for these options at BDSwiss. Trading is possible from 25 euros and with returns of up to 89 percent. There are nine deposit methods to choose from for account capitalization, including the Paysafecard, which is very rare for binary options brokers.

Conclusion: No direct BDSwiss Forex trading possible

When we looked at the product range at BDSwiss in detail, we were able to determine that no forex trading is possible. At least not directly. So there is no BDSwiss MetaTrader 4 access. Currency pairs can certainly be traded, however, only in the form of underlyings for binary options. There are 14 currency pairs to choose from and of course all so-called majors such as EUR / USD are included. In addition to foreign exchange, stocks, commodities and indices are tradable and there are around 200 underlyings in total. You can find six types of options at BDSwiss and place a trade from 25 euros. The trading application is specifically designed for binary options and has no complex functions or analysis tools. If you are looking for a versatile and professional binary options broker, open an account with BDSwiss and look forward to the wide range of products that awaits you. Trading is risky and not every trading product is suitable for every investor. If you want to trade, you have a serious broker at your side with BDSwiss.

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