BDSwiss demo account experiences 2020 - test report & 3 alternatives

BDSwiss demo account experiences 2020: Can you trade risk-free here? Demo account facts & 3 alternatives. Register now with BDSwiss.

Banc de Swiss is still a young company because was founded in 2012. Within a short space of time, Banc de Swiss has built up a good reputation and can record a steady and strong increase in new customers. The broker specializes in binary options trading and offers 170 underlyings such as stocks, currency pairs or indices in this area. Anyone who still has their own BDSwiss experience ahead of them may want to know whether there is a non-binding and risk-free way to get to know the broker's trading application. We show whether there is a Banc de Swiss demo account.

The most important information about Banc de Swiss at a glance:

  • At Banc de Swiss, traders will find a variety of binary options with 170 underlyings
  • The variants of the trading instruments include long-term and short-term options, one-touch and one-pair options
  • A Banc de Swiss demo account cannot be found

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BDSwiss demo account experiences 2020 - test report & 3 alternatives

What types of binary options does Banc de Swiss offer?

As already mentioned, BDSwiss only offers binary options trading, In the classic variant of these instruments, trading is about predicting whether the price of a certain underlying will rise or fall in a defined period of time. However, there is more than one variant of these trading instruments and the broker has the following types of binary options to choose from:

  • Short-term options: Such an option runs either 30, 60 or 120 seconds and this is also about the correct prediction of a price development.
  • Long-term options: These are classic binary options, but the expiry date is at the end of one Trading days, at the end of a month or even further in the future.
  • One-touch options: With this variant, the price of the underlying must be a predetermined mark once touch. Then it doesn't matter how the price develops, if the price mark is touched once, the trader wins.
  • One-pair options: Whoever decides on this variant lays down Ensure that a certain underlying surpasses another in the specified period For this, an understanding of the correlations is advantageous and these trading instruments are particularly recommended for advanced traders.

Basically, the experience with the provider is positive. The minimum deposit is just 100 euros. Of course there are traders who set an even lower starting fee. Nevertheless, 100 euros are relatively cheap and easy to get for beginners. In addition to the low minimum deposit amount, BDSwiss can also score with a low trading volume. Traders can start trading from just 1 euro. Anyone who is still unsure whether and how to trade should only want to invest little capital. However, if 25 euros and more are requested per option, this can be a deterrent. With a minimum bet of 1 euro, Banc de Swiss therefore addresses beginners directly and enables traders to make their first experiences with a low risk.

But the broker is also for experienced traders a good choice, in high-yield trading, returns of up to 500% are possible. Those who are willing to take greater risks will not be disappointed and can quickly maximize their profits. The provider uses SpotOption 2.0 as a trading platform. This platform is well known, easy to understand and easy to understand even for beginners. The interface can be operated intuitively.

The Banc de Swiss is a good contact point for both beginners and experienced traders. The broker offers low minimum payments, a simple interface and a large selection of underlyings. The interesting question now is whether there is also a Banc de Swiss demo account.

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What is a demo account good for?

Most brokers offer customers and prospects a free demo account that is available either for an unlimited period or for a specified period. With such a test account, the user can get to know the trading platform of a provider in advance and in most cases without obligation and make the first trades. Depending on the broker, the demo account can offer more or less realistic trading conditions and can serve both a beginner and an advanced investor.

So a demo account is used when one Trader has the opportunity to test the account with virtual money and without real risk and to make first trades. It usually allows full access to the broker's trading platform and offering. This gives the trader a relaxed opportunity to get an overview and get a feel for trading. This is an important point, especially for beginners. Anyone who uses their capital from the start and may lose it for a while also quickly loses interest in trading. Perhaps the only problem is the lack of experience.

This demo account can be used to gain this experience. The trader sets trades and controls their development. Gradually a own strategy comes into being, which can then be followed up with real money. Experts also like to use a demo account again and again, because they test new strategies and find out whether they are useful. Therefore, traders prefer to use the offer with a unlimited demo account, such as that offered by IQ Option.

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BDSwiss demo account experiences 2020 - test report & 3 alternatives

Why should the trader opt for a demo account?

Easy entry into trading

Even if binary options count as one of the simplest trading options, it doesn't mean that from the start Profits are generated. Instead, traders can use the demo account to get started easily and get a first impression of how the binary options work.

Testing trading strategies

How does the strategy that I have considered work? Is there any point in changing my previous strategy? There are many reasons for adapting a strategy or creating it in the first place. It is therefore good to use the demo account to see whether the strategic implementations are actually available or whether it is better to do without them.

Test the trading platform

A good trading platform can be found right from the start operate intuitively. While this is a fact, the trader still needs a foundation to work with and that foundation should consist of understanding the trading platform. It is annoying, however, if testing the trading platform immediately results in losses or the trader determines after the first actions that the broker's offer does not suit him. With a demo account you can test without obligation.

View of the support of the provider

How good is the customer service? Even if you do not initially assume that the support must be used. Be it in terms of disbursement, unanswered questions or because of the trade itself - then the trader wants to be able to be sure that he can rely on the support. If you find a provider who provides a demo account without registration, such as IQ Option, you can also test the support in a relaxed manner.

There are many reasons to make the demo account an important criterion when choosing a broker.

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Is there a Banc de Swiss demo account?

Because at Bank de Swiss only trading in binary If options are found, broker does not offer a Banc de Swiss demo account. With just a few clicks, the trading application is also researched in the real money variant and you can quickly find your way around. Basically, no demo account is necessary, because there are no special charting tools that should be tried out or no different order types that you can get to know.

Furthermore, many brokers criticize the fact that when using a test account the trader could lose the sense of risk, because those who only use virtual capital are a lot more daring. And so it can happen that when switching to real money trading there is not enough risk awareness and the trader is drawn into rash actions. No matter what the reason for Banc de Swiss to waive a demo account: The users of this aspiring broker will have to make their first experiences for better or worse without the trial version.

Of course, the explanations sound against a Banc de Swiss demo account, understandable and a trial version also gives you a first glimpse into how Banc de Swiss works. Nevertheless, the demo account is now a facility that most brokers make friends with. This is due to the insecurity of beginners. Of course, successful trades in the demo account can lead to risk awareness being lost or decreasing.

At the latest, however, the first setbacks with real money ensure that the test variants are examined more closely become. However, if you trade directly with real money and the trader quickly loses his capital, the career as a trader is often over. The demo account can therefore be seen as a kind of start for the trading career.

BDSwiss demo account experiences 2020 - test report & 3 alternatives

Alternative providers with a demo account - IQ option as test winner

The offer from Banc de Swiss around binary options trading is solid and interesting especially for beginners. However, the lack of a demo account can make traders look for an alternative. Here it makes sense to take a look at the offer from IQ Option.

The broker IQ Option started its service in 2013 and has been very successful from the start. To this day, he is considered a well-known provider of binary options trading and is particularly known for his fee-free demo account. IQ Option offers its traders a demo account that can be used without any requirements. There is $ 1,000 virtual credit in the account that can be used for testing purposes. But the most important point is: A registration and the deposit of money is not necessary before use.

The demo account is now almost no rarity. It is rare, however, if a broker does not even request registration before use. Most providers only make the account available to traders once they have registered and made the minimum deposit. From a purely market economy perspective, this action is understandable. After all, the brokers want to protect themselves from the fact that traders simply test their methods, but ultimately do not open an account.

IQ Option takes this risk and is doing quite well. The broker provides a demo account without the trader having to have an account. All you need to register is your full name, email address and password. With this information, the IQ Option demo account can be opened.

IQ Option gives traders the opportunity not only to test the trading in binary options itself, but first to get an idea of ​​the broker himself. This has the advantage that the trader can deal with the trading platform, the structure of the broker and the offer in peace. For the trader, this is of course a great thing and also makes it difficult for many users to finally decide on a account with IQ Option. It is possible to open the real money account from the IQ Option demo account.

This gives the trader a feeling for trading and the broker. Also not to be sneezed at is the fact that IQ Option already offers the real money account from a minimum amount of EUR 10 (alternatively USD / GBP). IQ Option completes the offer for traders with a basis of numerous assets and fast payouts.

Why is the offer from IQ Option so special? What is interesting here is the variant, only the demo version to be able to test and then switch to the real money account. This has several advantages for the trader:

  • No money has to be invested to test the platform.
  • No money has to be invested to trade binary options test
  • The trader can calmly see whether IQ Option's offer suits him
  • The trader can also decide against the provider without problems and the loss of important data

If you find that IQ Option's offer is interesting, you can open the IQ Option demo account with just a few clicks and start trading. The broker acts completely uncomplicated and makes it possible for traders to choose the provider. This is not least due to the low minimum deposit of just 10 EUR / USD / GBP, which every trader is ready to invest in for a first test. This is why this system works particularly well at IQ Option.

Our conclusion on the Banc de Swiss demo account:

Binary options are risky and suitable not for every investor. If you want to trade, you have a serious broker at your side with BDSwiss. The Banc de Swiss does not offer a demo account and users have their first experience with their own capital. The web-based trading platform is easy to understand and you can get to know all the functions in a few minutes. In addition to trading with classic binary options, the broker also offers one-touch options or one-pair options.

The range from Banc de Swiss may well be suitable for beginners and advanced users let see. However, if you want to start trading without potential equity risks, you will be disappointed by the lack of a Banc de Swiss demo account. An alternative for all traders who want a demo account can be IQ Option. The broker offers the option to first deal with the IQ option demo version without registering for a real money account. This is an interesting thing for traders and makes IQ Option an interesting provider.

Now the exclusive demo account of IQ Option

BDSwiss demo account experiences 2020 - test report & 3 alternatives

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