BDSwiss demo account experiences 2020 - act risk-free now

BDSwiss demo account experiences 2020: low-risk trading possible? All information about the BDSwiss demo account Get information now & start trading risk-free.

If you want to open a BDSwiss demo account on the website of the binary options broker BDSwiss, you will not find an offer for a free training account there. In a binary options broker comparison, the offer of a free demo account is often evaluated, but this is not of great interest for the majority of experienced traders. There are many offers for demo accounts and so a beginner in binary options trading can set up a practice account anywhere at any time, for example at IQ Option, whose offer we will discuss in a separate section in this article.

  • It is not possible to open a BDSwiss demo account in the Binary Options area
  • BDSwiss describes binary options as a serious financial instrument
  • A free demo account is often a risk for real money trading

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Why can't you open a BDSwiss demo account?

Traders with BDSwiss experience know that the broker does not offer a demo account. Also in the given FAQs there is no question and therefore no answer with regard to a free BDSwiss demo account. However, there is a question field "have a question". If you enter "Demo" in this field, you will get the answer from BDSwiss in English: "We at BDSwiss believe that binary options should be treated with the same seriousness as any other investment. This is why we do not offer any accounts for "playing".

BDSwiss demo account experiences 2020 - act risk-free now

The reason why BDSwiss does not offer a free demo account!

BDSwiss believes that trading in binary options is a serious trade, as well as other investments. This is the reason why no game accounts are offered. You can certainly agree with this and there are also good reasons for not being able to open a BDSwiss demo account, although many beginners in trading like to have their first experience with one want to create a free and risk-free demo account.

Nevertheless, the binary options broker BDSwiss is obviously not ready to offer a free training account. It is believed that it is even for inexperienced traders It is better to immediately start trading with real money, because the entry hurdle is low and there is already caution in the first trading phase.

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What are the dangers of a free demo account?

Anyone who opens a free demo account as a young trader is sure to handle the "play money" provided much more relaxed than if it were their own real money. Trading is not a game and those who learn to trade with play money will most likely take higher risks with real money afterwards and possibly suffer high losses as a result. If beginners in trading become accustomed to taking high risks when practicing with a demo account, there could definitely be serious losses when trading real money.

BDSwiss demo account experiences 2020 - act risk-free now

Learn real trading with small amounts!

Anyone who learns trading with real money will always handle their money carefully and risk-consciously. The low entry hurdle of only 100 euros at BDSwiss enables every beginner in binary options trading to start trading immediately. For example, if you start as a young trader with 60 seconds trading, you can already trade with stakes of 1 euro and will learn trading very respectfully and carefully. The broker IQ Option has come up with something in this connection and offers a free, unlimited demo account with a virtual credit of $ 1,000.

BDSwiss demo account with Forex trading

Only since BDSwiss offers trading with CFDs and in particular with Forex via CFDs for a few months. The financial derivative is highly speculative due to its leverage effect and is only suitable for beginners who have already gained initial experience in the financial markets. For this reason there is a BDSwiss demo account for forex trading. The test version in detail:

  • Free
  • Non-binding
  • Realtime courses
  • Real trading environment
  • No term commitment

Traders at BDSwiss can therefore rely on the offer of a very extensive and high-quality demo account for forex trading. Beginners in particular benefit from being able to use the trial version for an unlimited period of time. But even advanced traders always use the demo account if, for example, new trading strategies are to be created.

Conclusion: For there may be no BDSwiss demo account for trading binary options. The situation is different with Forex trading. Here the broker has developed a comprehensive, non-binding and free demo account that all traders can use.

Why is it worth opening an account at BDSwiss?

Although there is no BDSwiss demo account the broker is one of the best providers in the field of binary options. The company is not considered the market leader for nothing and was founded in 2012. Over 500,000 customers trust the services of the broker, which is headquartered in Cyprus.

Of course, this alone does not speak for itself an account opening, but forms an excellent basis. Why BDSwiss is a good broker should be explained in more detail below.

Security and regulation at BDSwiss

Of course, the basic structure for a good and reputable broker is not a free demo account. Rather, what matters is the regulation that the broker is subject to. BDSwiss has its headquarters within the EU, as mentioned. As a result, the company must comply with all laws that also apply to German financial service providers.

However, it is not the German BaFin, that is responsible for monitoring and regulation, but the Cypriot CySEC. However, the authority is just as strict and reliable as its German counterpart. This is also due to the fact that hundreds of financial service providers are now based in Cyprus. In addition, the CySEC was founded specifically for the purpose of preparing the Mediterranean state for entry into the EU.

Another factor that speaks for security is that numerous positive reviews of BDSwiss can be found on the Internet. The company rightly appears to be the market leader and actively cares for the concerns of its customers.

Conclusion: At BDSwiss, traders can be assured of the highest level of security leave that arises mainly due to strict regulation. With the Cypriot CySEC, an agency is responsible for monitoring the broker, which has gained an excellent reputation in recent years. In addition, numerous positive reports about BDSwiss can also be found on the Internet, which further speaks for the seriousness.

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Easy-to-use trading platform

Traders often use a demo account to get to know a broker's trading platform better. At BDSwiss, however, this is not really necessary because the software solution is very sophisticated and, above all, easy to use. All important menus and functions can be reached with a click of the mouse.

  • Visually appealing charts
  • Some analysis tools
  • Mobile application
  • Intuitive usability

The trading platform is not only available for the PC, but can also be used mobile via your own smartphone. Appropriate apps have been developed for both iOS and Android, which can also be used easy to use. Here, too, all important functions can be reached with a single finger touch.

Conclusion: Traders do not need a long familiarization period to act effectively and quickly at BDSwiss can. Thanks to the well thought-out design of the trading platform, it is child's play to trade with binary options. All important features are directly visible and accessible with a simple click of the mouse. BDSwiss has also developed applications for mobile use of the trading platform.

Top trading conditions at BDSwiss

One of the reasons why BDSwiss does not offer a demo account is because the company is heavily committed to the improvement of the live account. This becomes clear when traders take a closer look at the number of available underlyings at BDSwiss. Well over 200 assets from five different categories can be traded - a top value in the industry. The product range in detail:

  • Shares Primarily American shares can be found in the BDSwiss product range. Above all, of course, Google, Apple and Amazon can be traded. Unfortunately, traders in other markets have little choice. With SAP and Deutsche Bank, for example, only 2 out of 30 DAX companies can be traded at BDSwiss.
  • Indices BDSwiss can make up for this minor shortcoming in the product range by the indices alone. Of course, large and well-known stocks such as the DAX or the Dow Jones are also available here. BDSwiss also offers almost all emerging markets, so that you can trade with values ​​from Asia or South America. This high degree of flexibility enables traders to spread their capital widely and to benefit from a wide range of market opportunities.
  • Commodities In this category, the broker also manages to offer a very wide range. In addition to precious metals such as gold or silver, oil or agricultural products are also tradable.
  • Currencies Over 40 currency pairs can be traded at BDSwiss. The values ​​are primarily combinations of known currency pairs. These include the so-called majors, i.e. combinations of euros, US dollars, Japanese yen, British pounds and Swiss francs. Almost all major currencies can also be combined with somewhat less well-known assets such as the Norwegian krone to provide the necessary variety.
  • Couples Pair trading is not just an asset class, but a completely new way of trading. Traders rely on the relative performance of two assets. As a result, investors predict whether a stock will outperform or outperform. However, it is not possible to choose these combinations completely yourself. The broker specifies which pare can be traded.

Conclusion: No other broker in the area of ​​binary options manages so many Offering underlyings like BDSwiss. Over 200 assets from a wide variety of categories ensure a lot of variety and the necessary diversification in the portfolio. BDSwiss is particularly convincing when it comes to indices and raw materials, but there is also a wide range in the other classes.

Training courses as an alternative to the BDSwiss demo account

Of course it is a small one Deficit that BDSwiss does not offer a demo account for trading with binary options. But: The broker makes up for this with its extensive and free range of training courses. An overview:

  • FAQs Even the short and concise FAQs clarify many questions that traders will have before opening their first position or registering. BDSwiss not only answers the most important questions, but has also created very extensive FAQs on a variety of topics.
  • Webinars The webinars are without doubt the focus of the training courses. Every day, an expert from the broker gives a lecture on selected topics such as technical analysis, psychology in trading or the current market situation for half an hour. Both beginners and advanced traders benefit from this offer due to the wide mix of topics.
  • Video archive Of course, traders do not always have time to participate in the webinars when they take place. To avoid this problem, BDSwiss stores all lectures in a large video archive. In the past few years, a remarkable range of high-quality video training courses has been built up.

Conclusion: Traders can still do so without a BDSwiss demo account achieve high learning effects. This is mainly due to the fact that BDSwiss provides a comprehensive range of training courses that are based in particular on webinars. As part of the entertaining lectures, traders get a deep insight into trading with binary options without having to pay money.

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Excellent support at BDSwiss

A demo account is also always used to test and get to know the broker's trading platform. Such a test is of course not possible at BDSwiss. Nevertheless, the broker offers its customers the highest level of support when it comes to questions about the trading platform. Of course, the employees are also available for further problems and concerns at any time via the following channels:

  • E-Mail The broker can leave a message via a contact form. In just a few minutes, the staff will tackle the problem described and provide a solution.
  • Livechat Contacting us even faster is only possible via the livechat, which is available to customers around the clock.
  • Telephone The offered telephone hotline enables a direct and personal conversation. This is particularly useful if there are problems with the trading platform. This is how traders can directly describe their concerns and implement the proposed solutions.

Conclusion: The excellent support can do that there is no BDSwiss demo account compensate in parts. Finally, traders can contact the competent team at any time with questions and problems with the trading platform. The employees are easy to reach, always helpful and always friendly - BDSwiss really seems to live the service concept.

BDSwiss demo account experiences 2020 - act risk-free now

Open a real demo account at IQ Option

No matter what view the broker has Represent meaning and nonsense. The fact is that newcomers to binary options trading would like to take their first trades risk-free. And to do so, a real and above all free demo account is essential. The broker IQ Option convinces with a good offer, which also includes the opportunity to use a free demo account.

With an amount of $ 1,000, traders can test whether they have the offer of the broker agrees and then open a real money account. In addition, no registration is required to use the IQ Option demo account. So the trader can first test the trade in peace and familiarize himself with the broker and the trading platform.

The account opening itself takes 3 short steps and within 2 minutes:

  1. The website of the provider IQ Option is called up. Here is a form through which the demo account can be applied for directly.
  2. Traders fill out this application completely. Only three data are requested: email address, user name and password. The provider does not require any further information, in particular no account data is required.
  3. IQ Option automatically sends an email to the applicant. This contains a link that can be used to activate the account.

After just these simple steps, the account is fully usable and can be traded for an unlimited period of time.

Trade binary options with the test winner IQ Option

Why open an IQ Option demo account at all?

The main reason for opening the account is that registration is completely free of charge is. The account is explicitly not bound to the opening of a live version or the like. This means traders remain completely independent and flexible. In addition, other aspects speak in favor of an opening:

  • Binary options trading can be learned, provided the investor has no experience with the financial product. Of course, there is a risk of being somewhat careless with virtual capital. However, there is also the possibility of achieving high learning effects. Those who are really focused can get started with binary options trading quite quickly. The later "move" to the live account will be much easier.
  • Of course, the broker himself can also be subjected to an individual test. Although extensive online reports on all major providers such as BDSwiss or IQ Option can be found, only active trading can create a personal opinion. Due to the non-binding and uncomplicated registration, traders can carry out this test very easily via the demo account. In addition, the account runs completely under real conditions. This means that prices are displayed in real time.
  • Advanced and experienced traders have the main advantage of being able to develop new trading methods in the demo account. This is possible thanks to the real trading environment. In addition, the term of the account is unlimited, which is why the methods can be tested, adapted and optimized for any length of time.

BDSwiss demo account experiences 2020 - act risk-free now

Conclusion: It is not possible to open a BDSwiss demo account!

Binary Options are risky and are not suitable for every investor. If you want to trade, you have a serious broker at your side with BDSwiss. Although many beginners in trading would certainly like it, the binary options broker BDSwiss does not offer a demo account. On closer inspection, one can certainly understand the arguments, because trading in binary options is relatively easy and quick to learn. The non-existent risk when trading on a free demo account may lead to the beginner in trading becoming accustomed to careless handling of the money and an excessive willingness to take risks. Perhaps IQ Option's approach of offering a free demo account is not a bad idea to get new customers who have no trading experience.

Trade binary options with the test winner IQ Option

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