BDSwiss costs at a glance 2020 - the broker's trading fees

BDSwiss costs at a glance 2020: What fees are charged for trading? BDSwiss Guide explains now to broker & trade cheaply & flexibly.

The BDSwiss costs are in a fair, manageable range. Every binary options broker comparison is always about the cost of trading. The trading costs are of course important for every trader, because they reduce the income and those who start trading with binary options on a small budget pay particular attention to the costs for the trading account and the trades. Traders with BDSwiss experience know that the trading account at BDSwiss is completely free and that no transaction costs are charged for the trades. Unfortunately, the broker did not include the cost question in the FAQs, but you can only find out if you enter the search term in the question box at the bottom right of the website. Although the basic mask appears in English, the answers are also available in German.

  • BDSwiss costs: no costs for the trading account
  • None BDSwiss transaction costs
  • Costs can arise in the event of inactivity and the BDSwiss payment

BDSwiss costs for the account are NULL!

When registering with the binary options broker BDSwiss, you do not have to enter a credit card number or issue a direct debit authorization for bank details. Opening an account at BDSwiss is initially completely free of charge and you don't have to pay any fees for an account if you have an active account. However, if you want to start trading binary options, you must have made a first deposit into the trading account. The first deposit is recommended to be made by credit card, because the amount of the first deposit into the trading account will then be paid out again free of charge.

BDSwiss costs at a glance 2020 - the broker's trading fees

There are no BDSwiss costs for binary options trading!

For BDSwiss does not charge any costs for trading binary options. So there are no transaction costs, such as exchange fees, brokerage fees or other costs. There are also no spreads or commissions for the purchase of binary options, but when buying a binary option the trader knows beforehand the possible profit and the conceivable loss of the trade. There is also a BDSwiss loss limit, which can be up to 10 percent in the case of an unsuccessful trade. Anyone who has previously bought shares or funds must first get used to trading in securities free of charge, because buying shares always incurs trading fees that are calculated for the purchase or sale of shares. Investment funds are known as the front-end load. This front-end load is a fee for the purchase of a fund that is added to the price as a percentage. In this way, funds have a spread between the buy and sell prices.

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You have to look at the two BDSwiss cost traps!

There are, however, two cost traps at BDSwiss Costs on which the trader should definitely pay attention to. One is the inactivity costs for the trading account and the second point is the BDSwiss payment costs. Anyone who no longer trades in their BDSwiss trading account should make sure that the account is not motionless for six months. After this time, an account management fee of 10 percent of the account balance or at least five euros per month will be charged. The other point concerns the BDSwiss disbursement costs. Only the BDSwiss credit card payment is free if you have paid with a credit card and only the amount that was paid as a first credit card payment. Another condition for the free BDSwiss payment is that the amount paid in must have been fully used for trading at least once. BDSwiss transfers generally cost EUR 25.00.

BDSwiss costs at a glance 2020 - the broker's trading fees

Conclusion BDSwiss related costs!

Binary options are risky and are not suitable for every investor. If you want to trade, you have a serious broker at your side with BDSwiss. Opening a BDSwiss account is free of charge and no fees are charged for account management. All transactions in the trading account are also free of charge. The only exceptions are an account management fee for accounts that have not been used for more than six months and when paying out BDSwiss you have to deal with the BDSwiss payment conditions very carefully.

BDSwiss costs at a glance 2020 - the broker's trading fees

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