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BDSwiss Alternatives 2020 - 3 brokers with top conditions

BDSwiss Alternative 2020: Unsatisfied with the broker BDSwiss?. 3 binary options brokers with top conditions. Compare now & switch brokers.

It is rarely the case that a trader spontaneously chooses a specific broker after a binary options broker comparison. Usually several brokers are shortlisted and then "screened" again. Anyone who has had BDSwiss experience may stay with this broker, but some traders may want to test another broker to determine whether there are advantages or disadvantages here or there that can only be seen in the operational business of trading. We would like to support you in choosing a broker and would like to introduce two brokers as BDSwiss alternatives that we would shortlist alongside broker BDSwiss.

  • BDSwiss Alternative: Anyoption and OptionFair
  • Good trading platform in German
  • App for mobile trading

A BDSwiss alternative would be Anyoption!

Anyoption is a broker with a long binary options experience. The trading platform is logically structured, in German, professionally and securely using SSL encryption. The broker is based in the EU, regulated by the Cypriot financial regulator CySeC and is registered with financial regulators in 30 countries. With a huge selection of underlyings, traders can find exactly the values ​​they prefer to trade. There are various currencies (including Bitcoin / USD), 27 indices, gold, silver and oil as raw materials, as well as a large number of international stocks. You can choose between different forms of trading, you get constant stock exchange news, the current trading trends and the best five trades of the previous day are published.

Conclusion: Der Broker anyoption is particularly convincing with its logically structured trading platform and EU regulation. In addition, a large number of base stocks are available, which offers traders maximum flexibility.

BDSwiss Alternatives 2020 - 3 brokers with top conditions

Another BDSwiss alternative is Option Fair!

The broker OptionFair is also an "old hand" "in binary options trading. In 2010, OptionFair is said to have been the first broker to start "one-touch trading" and to develop it into a successful and now very popular form of trading. The broker may have a in Germany a high level of awareness in the trader scene and is classified as serious everywhere. The trading platform is available in German and even support is offered in German. The broker used to offer a free demo account, but this is no longer the case. Alternatively, traders can use the IQ Option demo account. A possible loss hedge of up to 15 percent should be emphasized at OptionFair. For high-speed trading, the broker has offers in the area of ​​60-second trades, two minutes and five minutes. The binary options broker OptionFair has an exceptional offer for beginners in trading. The first five trades are completely risk-free - guaranteed by the broker.

Now to the exclusive demo account of IQ Option


IQ Option as BDSwiss Alternative

Probably the best alternative to BDSwiss is definitely the broker IQ Option. This is mainly due to the high average returns that traders can achieve with the provider. Values ​​of up to 91 percent are absolutely standard. In addition, more than 100 underlyings can currently be used for trading - an absolute top value in the industry that few other brokers can match. In addition, the support knows how to convince, which can be contacted completely in German and around the clock.

In addition, IQ Option offers a demo account. This is neither the case with BDSwiss nor with anyoption, so there is a clear unique selling point here.

Conclusion: IQ Option offers traders high returns and good support. In addition, a variety of underlyings are available so that traders can spread their capital widely.

BDSwiss Alternatives 2020 - 3 brokers with top conditions

The IQ Option demo account as a sensible BDSwiss alternative

Although BSWiss is one of the market leaders in trading with binary options, the broker does not currently offer a demo account. It is not possible to test the provider's platform. It's different with IQ Option. The broker convinces with a non-binding and completely free demo version of its trading offer. The most important facts at a glance:

  • Start-up capital of EUR 1,000
  • Real trading conditions
  • Unlimited term
  • No obligations

Especially the unlimited term is a huge advantage for traders. There is no time pressure to open a normal trading account at some point. Beginners can gain initial experience in dealing with binary options. It is possible to develop your own strategies and make typical beginners' mistakes - without losing any money. When you finally trade with real money, success is much quicker. These high learning effects are possible, among other things, because the platform works entirely with real-time trading courses. In addition, all features are available that can also be used in the live version. Only the number of available base values ​​is limited to 13 in order to relieve the server somewhat.

It is also important to mention that the demo account can be opened absolutely without obligation. Traders do not have to provide account details or even deposit money into a live account. The later live account will be opened separately so that both accounts can be managed in parallel. This offers experienced traders the opportunity to develop and test new trading strategies without risk.

Conclusion: The IQ Option demo account is a real BDSwiss alternative, because the market leader simply does not offer a demo account. At IQ Option, traders benefit from the absolute free of charge and the unlimited term of the account. Beginners in particular can achieve high learning effects and later actively apply their specialist knowledge in their live accounts.

Now to the exclusive demo account from IQ Option

In 3 steps to the IQ Option demo account - the BDSwiss alternative

The IQ Option demo account can be opened within 4 minutes:

  1. First, the company's website is called up. A corresponding registration form can be found here.
  2. This form will now be filled in completely and truthfully by the trader. The broker only asks for three pieces of data: a fictitious user name, a valid e-mail address and a freely selectable password. The opening form is then sent to the broker with a simple click of the mouse.
  3. IQ Option now automatically sends an email to the trader. In this there is an activation link through which the account is fully activated. The IQ Option demo account is already fully usable, a first trade can be carried out directly.

Conclusion: Opening the IQ option demo accounts hardly be. Registration can be completed in just a few minutes and without providing sensitive data.

BDSwiss Alternatives 2020 - 3 brokers with top conditions

Conclusion on a BDSwiss alternative!

Every trader prefers different aspects of a broker's offer and makes its broker choice according to very individual needs. Basic things like the cost of trading are of course often in the foreground, but also the number of underlyings can be an important criterion for some traders in a binary options broker comparison, as well as the free demo account or the help, which is particularly inexperienced Trader sometimes needs. Based on our experience, we have selected two very good and well-known brokers for you as BDSwiss Alternative, who have a long broker experience and which many traders consider to be reputable.

BDSwiss Alternatives 2020 - 3 brokers with top conditions

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