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Banc de Swiss Carefree weeks 2013 - half the risk, full return

Banc de Swiss Carefree Weeks (04/2013): Information about the broker campaign Again and again trading advantages with the well-known broker Register now with the broker.

There are more and more traders who are interested in a relatively new type of options, namely the so-called binary options. These options are not traded through a "normal" bank, but through special brokers, which are also known as binary options brokers. With Banc de Swiss, one of the leading brokers is now launching a campaign under the motto Banc de Swiss Carefree Weeks.

Above all, the binary options have increased significantly in popularity since last year (2012), so that more and more traders are opting for this transparent and speculative form of options trading. With binary options, the trader only has to choose three things: an underlying, a term and the direction of the expected price development. Since no other factors, such as leverage, key figures or current value, have an impact on the option, the binary options are very easy to understand and are therefore certainly very popular. There are now more than 20 special binary options brokers on whose platform the options can be traded. Banc de Swiss is one of the leading brokers.

The Banc de Swiss Carefree Weeks

The Banc de Swiss Carefree Weeks are currently running under the motto "Half risk - full return". The campaign started on April 8 and will continue until April 21 of this year. According to the Banc de Swiss advertising, within this period the traders only have to think half as much about a possible loss. Banc de Swiss halves the risk for traders within the specified period. How this works is illustrated by the following case study:

If, for example, the trader Max Mustermann speculated from April 8th to 21st with a total of 1,000 euros on a falling dollar exchange rate (against the euro), but the euro due to of the negative reports from Cyprus decreased in value, a total loss could have occurred. If Mr. Mustermann lost 1,000 euros, he would get 500 euros back due to the carefree weeks. However, if Max has speculated on a rising euro exchange rate and won an amount of 2,000 euros, he can of course keep it in full.

In order to be able to take part in the carefree weeks, traders must explicitly register, It should also be noted that the "cashback" can only be paid out after it has been used at least 15 times.

Banc de Swiss Carefree weeks 2013 - half the risk, full return

Further information on Banc de Swiss

The founding of the broker Banc de Swiss only took place last year (2012), so the broker is still relatively new to the market. Despite this fact, the broker quickly became one of the leading binary options brokers. In this context, there is also no reason for a Banc de Swiss warning that should be read every now and then. Most of the time, it is only disappointed traders who issue such a Banc de Swiss warning or a warning to another broker. The broker can convince, for example, with a very low minimum trading amount of only 5 euros and a German-speaking support, which is of course very important for traders from Germany or Austria.

Banc de Swiss Carefree weeks 2013 - half the risk, full return

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