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ayondo Bitcoin-Trading [(mm / yy)]: Broker extends Bitcoin offer to an all-time high Open an account now & trade CFDs on Bitcoin.

With ayondo, another broker enters Bitcoin trading. Due to the great demand in the past months, CFDs on bitcoins are now tradable on the provider's TradHub platform. From now on, trading with Bitcoins is also possible via the social trading platform WeTrade from ayondo. Signal providers can also use bitcoins here. Other brokers have been successfully trading bitcoins for a long time. Bitcoin is still the most successful digital currency. Here, the greatest income for traders is possible.

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Only a few fluctuations on the Forex market

Generally there was a market on the Fore little fluctuation this year. However, cryptocurrencies can show high volatility compared to other currencies. The two largest cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ether, saw significant growth in the first months of the year. Bitcoin in particular is currently at an all-time high. Nevertheless, events such as the failures on Bitcoin exchanges can also lead to price drops and thus too much volatility. So it's no surprise that digital currencies are becoming increasingly interesting for traders. Especially in times of low volatility on the financial markets, traders find an ideal alternative in bitcoins.

Bitcoin trading via the in-house trading platform

At ayondo , no e-wallet is necessary. An e-wallet is an account with Bitcoin that is used, for example, to make transfers within the network. In future, traders will be able to trade with spread betting and CFDs with bitcoins via the TradeHub platform. With this offer, ayondo is responding to the demands of its customers. Digital currencies are very susceptible to fluctuations, but are increasingly being perceived as a serious investment instrument.


Bitcoin price at all-time high

Since March, the Bitcoin price has been rising. In January the value was still below $ 800 and in early March there was another setback. At the moment, however, a bitcoin is more than $ 2,000 - and thus even more than a troy ounce of gold. Hardly any other funding has grown as fast as Bitcoin in recent years. Nevertheless, Bitcoin is constantly subject to major fluctuations. After its invention in 2008, a Bitcoin was worth less than $ 0.01 and for a long time the value was in the single-digit dollar range. But over the years the currency grew steadily and increased in value and awareness. The exchange into traditional currencies takes place via specialized online exchanges. There, supply and demand determine the exchange rate.

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Innovative technology

The process by which bitcoins are generated, is called Mining. This process is based on complex computing processes. The technology behind Bitcoin is called blockchain. The blockchain acts as a central register, in which all transactions are stored. The users themselves are responsible for controlling the currency. So far, bitcoins have not been subject to government control.

The current development was preceded by two key factors. Japan recently declared bitcoins an official form of payment. In addition, the SEC had the opportunity to develop an index fund based on bitcoins. The digital currency would have finally arrived on the financial market.

Serious alternative currency

Bitcoin has developed into a serious alternative currency. More and more companies are also accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. Furthermore, Bitcoin is understood to mean digital money that is only available virtually as a mathematical formula. There are no coins or banknotes. If you want to use bitcoins as a means of payment, download special software and open an e-wallet that can be used as a digital wallet. This shows how many bitcoins you have. The e-wallet is public in the network, so that other users also know how many bitcoins there are in the e-wallet. However, Bitcoin is still very anonymous. Other users cannot draw conclusions about names or addresses. It is also possible to open several Bitcoin wallets.

Means of payment and investment

Meanwhile, Bitcoin is no longer just a means of payment for anonymous payments, but also interesting as an investment. Some experts already compare Bitcoins with gold and rate Bitcoin as a "safe haven" for investments. The enormous increase in value becomes clear when you realize that a Bitcoin was still available in May 2015 for around 200 euros. Those who bought a Bitcoin at the time can now look forward to a eightfold increase in their deposit. This means that despite all the risk of loss, more and more investors want to invest in Bitcoin.

If you trade bitcoins via ayondo, you do not need a wallet and therefore do not have to download Bitcoin software. The choice of a Bitcoin marketplace on the Internet is also eliminated. There is a great risk that they will go bankrupt or be hacked.

Traders and followers at ayondo

At ayondo you can trade or become a follower, If you follow top traders and automatically copy their trades, you can make big profits without spending a lot of time. This is also very interesting for beginners. Ayondo was one of the pioneers in social trading a few years ago and is constantly expanding its range with interesting innovations.

The top traders at ayondo rise in a defined success system. The better and more successful they are, the higher levels they can reach. A higher level promises more followers and thus more additional income. If their followers win by copying successful trades, they will participate in that success. However, top traders at ayondo can also lose their status. This creates additional risks.

Find top traders

If you want to start social trading as a follower at ayondo, you can find top traders via a search mask that fit their specifications. Each follower can follow up to five top traders and exchange them at any time. This is easily possible with just a few clicks. Newbies can initially test ayondo's offer using a demo account.

Ayondo is part of the Swiss holding company NextGFI, but is itself based in Frankfurt am Main. The tasks as broker are performed by Ayondo Markets from London. Therefore, Ayondo is regulated by the British FCA in addition to BaFin. As a member of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), customers' funds are also protected. In addition to social trading, CFD trading is ayondo's second mainstay. For a while now, ayondo has waived the obligation to make additional payments in CFD trading, which has since been banned by BaFin. This means customers cannot lose more money than they have invested.


Ayondo offers CFD trading and spread betting on bitcoins. Top traders in the ayondo social trading network can also provide signals for Bitcoin trades. In this way, ayondo is expanding its range with an extremely popular, young financial instrument. Digital currencies are currently becoming increasingly popular because , unlike traditional currencies, are highly volatile. In addition, the value of Bitcoin in particular has risen significantly in recent months.

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