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AvaTrade PayPal Experience 2020: You want to pay via PayPal. Payment methods from AvaTrade at a glance. Get information now & top up your trading account.

Can the online broker AvaTrade use PayPal as a payment method? We ask this question because there are only a few online brokers who offer this opportunity. When AvaTrade was founded in Dublin in 2006, the company was still called AvaFX and was later renamed AvaTrade. It is an online broker that is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and specializes in trading CFDs and Forex. The company now has over 20,000 customers worldwide and its services are represented in Germany, Austria and Dublin. Other AvaTrade locations are in Frankfurt am Main, Paris, Milan, Tokyo and Sydney. We take the test and check whether AvaTrade PayPal accepts deposits.

The facts about AvaTrade:

  • Founded in 2006
  • Based in Dublin
  • Services in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Free demo account for testing
  • Over 20,000 customers worldwide
  • Forex and CFD trading
  • For beginners and experts

What does AvaTrade offer?

AvaTrade is an online broker specializing in trading with CFDs and Forex. Its services are available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He currently has more than 20,000 customers. The trading platform is not only aimed at experienced traders, but also at beginners, for whom a lot of information and experts are available. Trading on the financial market is risky and CFD trading in particular is very risky due to the highly speculative transactions. It can lead to leverage. This means that someone who uses a lot of capital can make a high profit from it, but can also lose everything. The worst case is the total loss, which may result in a CFD margin requirement.

CFD trading vs. Forex trading

Trading CFDs means trading with Contracts for Difference, which are financial instruments. The CFD market deals with e.g. with stocks, indices, commodities and interest. Here, two parties agree to exchange the performance and income of an underlying for a payment of interest during the term. We recommend interested parties to deal with the subject of CFD brokers with PayPal.

Forex trading is the trading of foreign currencies (foreign exchange), that is, foreign exchange. In foreign exchange trading, the trader buys or sells one currency for another in order to ultimately benefit from it. For those interested in Forex, a Forex broker with PayPal can be considered.

AvaTrade is a broker for trading in contracts for difference and foreign exchange. It focuses on this trade and enables even inexperienced traders to deal with this type of trading and test-test trading using a demo account before setting up their own trading account to trade CFDs and Forex.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of PayPal?

PayPal offers many advantages for its customers. The special thing about PayPal is that customers create a one-off account with which they can enter their personal data and then make payments very conveniently online. You no longer have to provide all of your sensitive data in the payment process for online shops or brokers, but only provide your data for PayPal. All you have to do is enter your email and password. This shortens the process and there is the advantage that the recipient immediately receives the money in his account.

PayPal is also one of the safest Means of payment. It offers seller and buyer protection. Residential customers must be careful with phishing emails. In addition, there are always shops or brokers that do not provide PayPal. The payment system is now very popular with buyers, so that it can currently count around 16 million private customers.

The main disadvantage is for business customers. There is a fee for every transaction that you receive through PayPal. It is a maximum of 1.9 percent + EUR 0.35 per payment. The more sales the company makes each month, the lower the percentage. From 25,001 euros it is 1.5 percent + 0.35 percent for every domestic transaction.

PayPal therefore has more advantages than disadvantages for private customers. 7 million business customers work with the popular payment system because many customers want to use it. For some online shops and brokers, however, the fees can be a hindrance and then rather switch to other payment alternatives.

Which forex broker accept paypal

Are there PayPal payment options available at AvaTrade?

With the AvaTrade trading platform, customers can use credit card and bank transfer as a payment method. Unfortunately AvaTrade does not provide PayPal. Trading with PayPal is not yet very common among online brokers. Traders should think carefully about which payment option is right for them. Payments by credit card may also incur fees and the bank transfer takes a few days. You should weigh this up in advance.

The reason why AvaTrade does not offer PayPal could be the fees for the payments received. Many brokers do not want to pass the costs on to the traders and prefer to offer alternatives. This saves you the fees. For the first deposit at AvaTrade, every trader receives a bonus, which can be up to 50 percent of the deposit amount. The minimum deposit is EUR 100.

Our test showed that AvaTrade does not use PayPal as a method of payment. The fees for merchants deter some brokers, so that only a few offer PayPal. PayPal customers therefore have to choose a different payment method at AvaTrade, either for the credit card or bank transfer. You will receive a bonus at AvaTrade for the first deposit.

FAQ: 5 important questions about AvaTrade with PayPal

What trading does AvaTrade offer?

AvaTrade focuses on trading CFDs (contracts for differences) and Forex (foreign exchange).

Can I create a demo account with AvaTrade?

If you want to test whether the AvaTrade trading account suits you, you can create a demo account for 21 days free of charge.

What means of payment does AvaTrade accept? Bank transfer.

Why does AvaTrade not offer PayPal in the first place?

Presumably, traders at AvaTrade cannot use PayPal because the broker charges that are received for everyone Would incur payments, would like to avoid.

What is Mistrades?

When trading, Mistrades is the act of trading e s losses. This is everyday life for traders.

The further offer

According to our AvaTrade PayPal experience, the broker does not offer the popular payment system, but instead the credit card and transfer. Beginners and advanced users can trade Forex and CDFs via this trading platform. Especially for the CFD market, we recommend getting more CFD tips and CFD trading hours. Many brokers can use apps so that they can trade on the go. In addition, PayPal also offers an app that can be used to control payments at any time.

Conclusion: Good service & alternative deposit methods

Even if AvaTrade does not provide PayPal as a means of payment, the Broker a good service for traders. The platform is aimed not only at experienced traders, as one might think due to the demanding CFD and Forex trading, but also at beginners, who are supported by experts in trading. AvaTrade offers the choice between depositing a credit card or transfer. Traders should always be aware of the risk involved in highly speculative deals and leverage. Trade today with AvaTrade!

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