AvaTrade Payouts 2020 - The most important information at a glance

AvaTrade Payouts 2020: What do traders have to consider? Important facts at a glance Get information now & correctly request AvaTrade payment.

Broker AvaTrade offers traders the opportunity to devote themselves to the world of trading on the AvaTrade, MT4 platforms and via the trading app as a silver, gold, platinum or Ava Select customer. Payments can be made using Ava Debit MasterCard®, credit cards, global bank or bank transfers. For the latter, the use of the payment form is necessary.

The most important things at a glance:

  • regulated by the Irish Central Bank
  • Platforms Ava Trader, MT4, trading App for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone
  • Training through webinars or video seminars
  • Mirror Trader on social trading platform
  • Silver, gold, platinum and ava Select customers
  • Payouts directly from the MetaTrader trading account to Ava Debit MasterCard®
  • Verification of accounts and credit cards before the first payment, or deposit
  • Payouts by credit card, Global Bank or bank transfer
  • Print out, fill out, sign and send the payment form

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AvaTrade Payouts 2020 - The most important information at a glance

Account opening and minimum deposit

Opening an account with AvaTrade is possible in just a few steps. New customers must provide their name, place of residence and age, as well as the desired trading platform and account currency. In addition to the euro, currencies are also US dollars and British pounds.

There are two ways to deposit money:

  1. Via credit card,
  2. by bank transfer.

Payment by credit card is preset. You can choose between MasterCard and VISA. The minimum deposit is EUR 100. If you want to receive a bonus, you must transfer at least EUR 200 (see "Bonus and Bonus Conditions"). A maximum of 5,000 euros can be deposited by credit card.

If you want to use the "bank transfer" payment method, you even have to deposit 500, - euros. It is behind "Wire Transfer". You can choose between an account with Danske Bank and the payment service provider ingenico group. The transfer to the bank account is easier, however, there is also a maximum deposit of 50,000 euros when depositing via ingenico.

As soon as the money has reached the account, you can start trading

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AvaTrade - Mirror Trader for Social Trading

The broker AvaTrade is an Irish financial service provider , which is operated by the Irish Central Bank is regulated. AvaTrade was founded in 2006. As a trading platform , the broker offers its customers the Ava Trader and the industry-standard Meta Trader 4 . There is also a trading app from Ava Trade, which is designed for the operating systems of iPhone, Android and Windows Phone . As training measures , AvaTrade offers webinars followed by a question and answer session. Under video seminars you can find tutorials for multiple sessions on the main topics

  • training for beginners
  • MetaTrader
  • Trading strategies and
  • Advanced trading tools.

As a special development, AvaTrade offers the Mirror Trader in the field of . Behind this development lies the idea of ​​"mirroring" trading strategies hundreds of experienced traders and benefiting from them. It can be used as manual trading, automatic mirroring or semi-mirroring . Initial attempts can also be made here on a demo account.

AvaTrade distinguishes its customers into four classes, the silver, gold, platinum and Ava Select customers , This also applies to the payment conditions . While silver, gold and platinum customers are paid free 5 days a week - the working days - Ava Select customers can order withdrawals 24 hours a day, seven days a week and have them processed as quickly as possible.

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<13 3>The Irish broker AvaTrade offers its customers the platforms AvaTrader, MT4 and a trading app that is compatible with the operating systems of iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. AvaTrade also offers the so-called MirrorTrader in the area of ​​social trading. AvaTrade also differentiates in terms of payment terms for silver, gold, platinum and Ava Select customers.

AvaTrade Payouts 2020 - The most important information at a glance

Ava Debit MasterCard®

Using the Ava Debit MasterCard® you can Payouts can be made directly from MetaTrader trading account .

To receive the card, you only need to request it from AvaTrade. Each payment can then be booked on the Ava Debit MasterCard® . The card can then be used for money transfer wherever the MasterCard is accepted.

AvaTrade offers its customers the Ava Debit MasterCard® as an uncomplicated payment method. Withdrawals can thus be made simply with a click of the mouse and the card can then be used normally as a MasterCard payment method.

Three further options for depositing and withdrawing at AvaTrade

At AvaTrade it takes time usually five working days until a payment is made. Depending on the financial service provider, the payment can be delayed again by a few days. AvaTrade needs 24 to 48 hours to verify the withdrawal form (see below). It should be noted that Saturdays and Sundays are not working days.

The verification of the accounts takes place before the first payment . A copy of the ID card and proof of address in the form of a max. present three months old telephone, gas or electricity bills. To protect against misuse of credit cards, a copy of the front of the credit card must be presented when using it. Here the two middle blocks of numbers have to be blackened.

AvaTrade offers its customers 3 payment methods:

  • 1. Payment by credit card

It should always be noted here that the payments only in the amount can be made as previously deposits . If larger profits have been made, the excess must be transferred to a verified bank account , which has the same owner as the trading account.

  • second Disbursement via Global Bank

Here too, as with disbursement by credit card, the amount that can be returned is only as much as was previously deposited. The maximum transfer amount per transaction for both deposit methods is 5000 €.

  • third Payment by bank transfer (wire transfer)

When paying out by bank transfer, there are in principle no restrictions . Only the duration of the money transfer can be greatly delayed in this way.

AvaTrade enables its customers to pay out by credit card, global bank and bank transfer. Before the first payment, the verification of the accounts and credit cards is necessary. It can take five working days to pay out.

AvaTrade Payouts 2020 - The most important information at a glance

Bonus and bonus terms

There are no high bonus payments with payments in the amount of 100 percent of the first deposit or more at AvaTrader. The broker offers a maximum of a fifth of the deposit as a bonus. However, the conditions for a payout are also high here.

Unlike many competitors, the bonus at AvaTrader is not calculated as a percentage of the deposit, for example 20 percent. Instead, there are different levels at which the bonus increases. Anyone who deposits at least EUR 200 but less than EUR 500 will always receive exactly EUR 40 bonus, regardless of whether they have deposited exactly EUR 200 or EUR 499.99. The premium only increases to EUR 100 if the first deposit is EUR 500 or more.

Deposit Bonus 200, -40, -500, -100, -1,000, -200, -2,500, -500, -5,000, -1,000, -7,500, -1,500, -10,000, -2,000, -50,000, -10,000, -

From a deposit of € 10,000, traders can also try to get a bonus of Get 25 percent. To do this, they have to call support and negotiate directly with the employees there. When paying by credit card, customers first have to select the desired amount that will later be collected from the card. Here the trader is also shown the expected bonus. Anyone who has read the bonus list carefully will experience a surprise here. From € 2,500 deposit, the bonus is 25 percent of the respective level, i.e. € 625 from € 2,500 deposit and € 1,250 for the maximum deposit of € 5,000 by credit card.

Explain this can be done with different bonus payments for credit cards and transfers. However, if you would like to transfer your money, you should point out this difference to the support and also request a 25 percent bonus, not only from a deposit of 10,000 euros, but already from 2,500 euros.


The AvaTrade bonus can only be used to cover trading fees. It cannot be used for trading, instead one third of the spread is financed from the bonus for each trade. The spread is the difference between buying and selling prices. The broker is financed from this, because he always charges the buyer a slightly higher fee than he pays sellers at the same time.

However, in order to have the bonus paid out, traders must meet several conditions. The most important is the minimum turnover of 10,000 basic instruments per euro bonus. A basic instrument corresponds to the invested capital multiplied by the leverage.


A trader pays 500 euros. For this he receives a € 100 bonus. He must therefore trade 1,000,000 basic instruments. If he buys a currency pair with a leverage of x200 for EUR 200, then he has traded 40,000 basic instruments. If you always traded with a leverage of 200, traders would have to convert a total of 10,000 euros with a bonus of 200 euros.

The minimum turnover must be reached within one year, otherwise the bonus will expire. In addition, the bonus cannot be combined with other promotions and does not apply to floating spread accounts.

Again and again AvaTrade also offers bonus payments for existing customers. General statements can not be made, however, because the campaigns are always started again and under different conditions.

Without payment: The demo account

If you want to try out trading without risk, can only open a demo account at first. Nothing has to be paid in for this, instead of real money, only play money is used.

Losses are only on paper, but profits are of course also. Therefore, a demo account is useful to try out your talent as a trader first - and to determine whether you enjoy trading.

If you like speculative trading, you can convert your demo account into a real money account relatively easily.

AvaTrade Payouts 2020 - The most important information at a glance

In three steps to payout

AvaTrade customers must complete a payment form in order to be able to request a payment. The prerequisite is, of course, that the details of the account holder have been verified (see chapter "Three other payment options").

  • This can be found on the AvaTrade website under " My account ". At the top right is the button " Payout " or "Withdrawal", depending on the language setting of the account.
  • The page contains instructions to be followed, Under "Print template" or "print preview" the form can be printed out and signed
  • The scanned form can either be attached to an email to [email protected] or in "My account" under "Upload document" or "Upload documents" uploaded

To make a payment at AvaTrade, all you have to do is print out, fill out and send a payment form to AvaTrade. The verification of a withdrawal form takes 24 to 48 hours.

The Irish broker AvaTrade offers all its customers the possibility to make withdrawals in the most common ways. Except for the payment by Ava Debit MasterCard, a payment form must first be completed. The Ava Debit MasterCard saves this time and reduces the processing time to a few minutes.


AvaTrade offers only two deposit options. That is little, especially when you consider that transfers are only accepted from 500, - euros. Also from a bonus point of view the payment by credit card is better. However, the minimum turnover for paying out the bonus is very high - and the credit can only be used to finance the spread. AvaTrade also offers its own credit card for payment.

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