AvaTrade download software experiences 2020 - platforms tested

AvaTrade download software experiences 2020: Which trading platforms are available? AvaTrade Trading Software Test Trade now at AvaTrade.

In order to be able to trade via online brokers like AvaFX, customers need so-called trading platforms through which trading takes place. These trading platforms should be as user-friendly as possible by being characterized by an intuitive user interface - however, the functions of the platform should not go unnoticed: numerous available indicators, charting tools, prices in real time and one-click trading are just as hot coveted like automated trading. The trading platforms are divided into browser-based platforms and download software - we reveal how the Irish online broker AvaFX, which is now known under the name AvaTrade, manages its range of trading platforms and how the AvaFX download software performed in the test.

The available download trading platforms at AvaTrade

  • MetaTrader 4
  • AvaTrader
  • AvaOptions
  • Mirror Trader

MetaTrader 4 at AvaTrade under the magnifying glass

First of all, we should probably not only present the oldest, but also the most popular AvaFX download software: The AvaTrader was published in 2005 by Metaquotes and was able to start its triumphal march around the world within a short time. Of course, the popularity of the well-known platform is no coincidence: MetaTrader 4 enables user-friendly trading with a comprehensive user interface, which can be optimized using numerous available indicators and charting tools.

Also automated trading by Expert Advisors, the Even laypeople can use the specially developed MQL programming language, which has many advantages for many traders that make everyday trading easier. As AvaFX download software, MetaTrader 4 is characterized by a broad market spectrum with over 60 tradable currency pairs, raw materials, indices, stocks, bonds and more, as well as by the variable leverage of up to 400: 1 and the trading of micro-lots to specially programmed or pre-made Expert Advisors.

MetaTrader 4 is the most popular trading platform for traders

MetaTrader 4, published in 2005 by Metaquotes, is characterized by its own programming language, which makes it easier to create your own Expert Advisors for automated trading. In addition, MetaTrader 4 comes with numerous indicators, additional tools and an extensive user interface that allow trading in over 60 different currency pairs, raw materials, indices, stocks, bonds and the like. v. m.

Forex. Real earning

For all those who prefer in-house platforms: the AvaTrader

In addition to the proven MetaTrader 4, the Irish company AvaTrade also provides its customers with an in-house trading platform, the is also characterized by various advantages. Here are the advantages of the AvaTrader at a glance:

  • Ease of use: The AvaTrader is intuitive to use by both beginners and professionals
  • Flexibility: Traders can put together their own trading screens according to their wishes
  • Selection: With AvaTrader, customers have more than 60 currency pairs, raw materials, indices, stocks, bonds and more at their disposal.
  • Additional functions: access to new feeds, integrated technical analysis, market research and one Economic calendar
  • Charts: Extended charting packages for real-time trading from the chart with numerous technical indicators and the possibility to create your own indicators
  • Automated trading: Own trading strategies can be Technology to be developed without external VPS
  • Speed ​​and reliability: Finally, the AvaTrader is constantly monitored for maximum reliability and a to be able to guarantee immediate order execution

If you prefer in-house trading platforms to the MetaTrader 4, the AvaTrade trader has the AvaTrader at his disposal, which is characterized by ease of use, flexibility, speed, reliability and a large Selection of different financial products. In addition, the AvaTrader enables the user to benefit from numerous additional functions, extended charts and automated trading.

Why should one trade via the AvaFX download software?

  • Download software is characterized by a larger range of functions
  • Downloadable platforms can be started quickly and easily from the desktop
  • Browser updates and plugins have no influence on the function of the platform

AvaOptions for trading forex options

In addition to regular forex and CFD trading, the Irish broker's customers have an additional option with the AvaFX download software "AvaOptions" Trading platform for trading currency options available. Traders can use OTC vanilla buy and sell options to express their market assessments, create their own risk and reward profiles and reduce the risk of stopping out in the event of a potential profit by placing risk limits. In addition, options strategies are available for customers to benefit from overnight rates by minimizing the risk of loss - but before traders take advantage of all these benefits, they should ask themselves why they should trade through AvaOptions - here are the answers:

  • 24 hours access to the latest offers
  • spots and options are tradable via an account
  • 20 different currency pairs can be traded as options
  • A free demo account allows you to gain experience
  • expiry dates between months and a year
  • trading platform is characterized by clarity and numerous functions
  • With the strategy optimizer Honing traders on promising trading strategies
  • what-if analyzes with the risk manager
  • historical charts

although CFD trading with an h Without risk, high profits can sometimes be achieved. For this, however, traders must keep an eye on the prices and can e.g. For example, use a real-time financial chart.

With the "AvaOptions" trading platform, traders benefit from 24-hour access to current offers, a base catalog of over 20 different currency options and when trading Forex options long terms from one month to one year. If you want to convince yourself of the advantages of AvaOptions, you should use the free demo account from AvaTrade to gain experience.

The mirror trader for simple social trading

Die The last AvaFX download software is the well-known Mirror Trader. This trading platform enables the customer to "mirror" the trades of other traders - ie to transfer them to their own trading account. Exactly the same positions are opened and closed in the follower's trading account that the signal generator opens and closes - the signal recipient is completely dependent on the signal generator's talent and trading strategy and, in the best case, can benefit from his successful strategy. Traders can still choose whether they want to automatically mirror the trades of the experienced traders or prefer manual trading - alternatively, semi-mirroring is also an option. Although the positions of other traders are mirrored with the Mirror Trader, only the usual AvaTrade spreads are generated here, which are collected by the broker when trading via real-time prices.

With the Mirror Traders can use AvaTrade's customers to pursue social trading.

Social trading has been enjoying increasing popularity for a while and is now also possible with various online brokers, including the Irish company AvaTrade. Here, customers pursue social trading via the mirror trader, which allows the follower to mirror or copy the trades of his signal generator one to one on his trading account.

Conclusion: Trader can use four different AvaFX download platforms

AvaTrade's customers have a wide range of different trading platforms at their disposal with the Irish online broker. This includes primarily the proven MetaTrader 4, as well as the in-house AvaTrader, AvaOptions for trading forex options and last but not least the Mirror Trader, which allows social trading by "mirroring" the positions of successful traders. You have to decide which of the AvaFX download platforms is right for you - however, the company's demo account may be useful when making decisions.

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