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AvaTrade Download Software 2020 - Overview of trading platforms

AvaTrade Download Software 2020: Does AvaTrade offer social trading? AvaTrade Experience Now benefit from social trading via MirrorTrader.

AvaTrade is an emerging broker in the Forex and CFDs trading sector. The company is also popular because it gives its customers practically free choice on the trading platform. In addition to MetaTrader 4, traders can use the Mirror Trader, the AvaTrader and AvaOptions to trade highly professionally and efficiently. Numerous indicators, real-time prices and automated trading are just a few of the features that the broker's customers can use. In addition, AvaTrader also cuts a fine figure. For example, traders have more than 250 values ​​available to trade with. The regulation from Ireland is also completely convincing.

Die Overview of available download trading platforms at AvaTrade

  • MetaTrader 4
  • AvaTrader
  • AvaOptions
  • Mirror Trader
  • ZuluTrade (external Social Trading Platform)

AvaTrade Download Software 2020 - Overview of trading platforms

Regulation and security at AvaTrade

Before the broker and in particular its advantages for traders are discussed in detail, the regulation must be examined carefully. After all, this forms the basic framework for AvaTrade to be a recommended broker for investors.

In this case, it is clear to the provider that he is based in Ireland and thus within the EU. The company must therefore comply with all laws that also apply to German financial service providers. Although Ireland is a fairly unusual location for online brokers, the company is still monitored here, of course. AvaTrade is fully monitored by the Irish central bank, which has emerged as a strict authority in recent years.

Another argument in favor of the security of the broker is that this client funds and company assets are strict kept separate. Even in the unlikely event of AvaTrade's bankruptcy, creditors would therefore have no access to customers' money.

Security is absolutely guaranteed at AvaTrade. Customers can rest assured that the broker is fully and very strictly controlled. This is ensured, among other things, by EU laws, which the company has to comply with due to its headquarters in Ireland. In addition, customer funds and corporate assets are kept strictly separate from one another, so that creditors have no access to them in the event of insolvency.

Technical Analysis of Live Market Action by AvaTrade

MetaTrader 4 at AvaTrade

MetaTrader 4 is one of the oldest and most popular platforms among traders. Hundreds of thousands of Forex traders use the software to trade currencies efficiently. MetaTrader 4 was developed over 10 years ago and can point to an unprecedented success story. One of the reasons for this success is that the software can be flexibly expanded by the respective broker. The manufacturer practically only provides a basic framework, but that AvaTrade has greatly upgraded. The most important functions at a glance:

  • Fully customizable All windows, toolbars and designs can be designed flexibly by the investor. So it is possible to create your own trading environment. As a result, traders can find all the important functions even faster to keep an overview even in hectic market phases.
  • Comprehensive analysis In total, more than 30 analysis tools are available that can be used to analyze current charts. These include the well-known Fibonacci levels or trend lines. The back-test trading strategies can be used to calculate good future opportunities based on historical data.
  • Automated trading The MetaTrader 4 is fully compatible with EAs. This allows traders to create complex and, above all, fully automated trading strategies. Thousands of automated trading signals can be integrated into the software free of charge via the MQL5 community.
  • Flexible trading conditions Another positive aspect is the feature of being able to choose between fixed and variable spreads. With a simple click of the mouse the trader switches to choose the right model depending on the market situation. In terms of predictability, fixed spreads are of course suitable, although variable spreads can be significantly cheaper, especially during peak trading hours.

In addition, there are of course numerous other tools and features such as the extreme wide market range. Despite the high number of functions, the MetaTrader 4 never seems overloaded. On the contrary, thanks to the individual adaptability and sensibly designed menus, all functions can be called up in a fraction of a second. This is an enormous advantage over other brokers, especially in hectic market phases.

MetaTrader 4 was developed by Metaquotes in 2005. Since then, numerous innovations have been integrated into the platform, making MetaTrader the most popular trading platform today. At AvaTrade, investors can access numerous features such as the individual adaptability of the platform in order to trade efficiently with Forex. In addition, the creation of automated trading strategies is easily possible. Via a directly connected community, traders can use thousands of free trading signals for their own strategies, which guarantees maximum flexibility and professionalism.

AvaTrade Download Software 2020 - Overview of trading platforms

Forex trading at AvaTrade in detail

The entire Forex trading at AvaTrade takes place via the MetaTrader 4 just presented. In this respect, of course, it is also worthwhile to look at the general trading offer in this area.

When looking at the sheer quantity of the trading offer, it becomes clear that AvaTrade is an experienced broker. Over 60 currency pairs from different currency areas can be used for trading. In particular, the so-called major currency pairs can be found in the product range:

  • US dollars
  • Euros
  • Swiss Francs
  • British Pounds
  • Japanese Yen

Almost all combinations of these pairs are tradable. In addition, so-called cross pairs, i.e. combinations of major and a lesser known currency, can also be traded. In addition, some exotics are available for trading, which, however, incurs quite high costs.

In general, the conditions at AvaTrade are very acceptable. Already from 0.8 pips can be traded with the best-known currency pairs, which is an absolute top value in the industry comparison. Especially during the main trading hours, this value is not just a marketing gimmick, but actually the rule. AvaTrade always offers its customers the best possible conditions without just advertising.

When considering the conditions, it is also important to take a closer look at the lever. This is generally higher in Forex trading than in conventional CFD trading - also with AvaTrade. A maximum of 1: 400 is possible, whereby traders have the free choice from a leverage of 1: 2. Depending on the market situation and type of trade, it can be flexibly decided which leverage is suitable for trading.

Forex trading at AvaTrade is not only worthwhile due to the MetaTrader 4 presented. It also convinces with regard to the general trading conditions Broker. More than 60 currency pairs from different markets ensure that traders can spread their capital widely. On the positive side, AvaTrade not only focuses on well-known majors, but also offers less popular currencies. Customers also benefit from the high leverage that can be set at up to 1: 400. The forex trading is rounded off by favorable conditions that start at 0.8 pips.

AvaTrader: The broker's own platform

Those who prefer to trade with CFDs become MetaTrader can not use for this. Therefore, AvaTrade has also developed an in-house platform that can be used to trade underlyings other than foreign exchange. But: Forex trading is also possible with AvaTrader. In this respect, there is a free alternative for all forex traders who do not want to trade with MetaTrader.

AvaTrader also works very user-friendly and has many special features. For example, the complete interface can be designed individually so that traders can find all important functions directly here. Additional features are also available, some of which are similar to those of MetaTrader 4:

  • Trading on one screen All currencies, stocks, indices, commodities, bonds and ETFs can be traded on a single page Screen page can be traded. So investors always have an overview and can open several positions within a very short time.
  • Trading on the chart On the positive side, one-click trading in the chart is possible via AvaTrader, Positions are configured with a simple click of the mouse and then sent to the chart screen. Alternatively, you can trade with dealer prices or a toolbar via a separate window - just as the trader finds it personally most comfortable.
  • Professional trading tools Overall, investors have more available as 30 integrated trading tools. These include indicators and analysis tools, in particular, which can all be integrated directly into the real-time charts.
  • Automated trading Based on historical market data, strategies can be developed that enable automated trading. Just like with MetaTrader 4, hundreds of indicators are available for this. Entire strategies can even be adopted by other traders, so that you don't have to develop your own.

Thanks to this mix of advanced analysis tools and ease of use, both professionals and beginners will get their money's worth. As additional functions, AvaTrader offers traders an economic calendar, an integrated technical analysis and market research. The platform is as extensive as with only a few brokers. However, it can still be used completely in the way without having to download it. There are also no costs for use.

The in-house AvaTrader is also absolutely convincing in the test. This is not least due to the fact that trading is possible with a simple click of the mouse. All positions can be created within a few seconds, which is an advantage in every market phase. It is even easier to create automated trading strategies directly. Then the system automatically opens positions if certain conditions are met.

AvaTrade Download Software 2020 - Overview of trading platforms

CFD trading at AvaTrade in detail

Of course, a look at the general one is also worthwhile below Trading offer in the field of CFD trading. Currency pairs are explicitly disregarded here, because they have already been presented under point 4. As mentioned, they can also be traded via the company's own AvaTrader.

In general, AvaTrade offers access to all common asset classes in the area of ​​CFD trading. A detailed look at the underlyings:

  • Indices More than 15 different indices can act as assets at AvaTrade. Primarily, these are well-known indices such as the DAX, the Dow Jones or the Nikkei. In general, there is a strong focus on large economic areas in North America, Europe and Japan. The only emerging market that can be traded is China. Otherwise, some traders mainly lack indices from South America. However, this should only affect a small proportion of investors, which is why this deficit can be overlooked.
  • Equities AvaTrade clearly focuses on the provision of individual equity CFDs. Of course, well-known values ​​such as Google, Amazon and Co. are also found here. After all, these are in high demand from traders and should therefore be offered by any good broker. But: For example, less well-known values ​​can also be traded, for example from the Italian or French region. In addition, a total of 11 of the 30 DAX companies can be found at AvaTrade, which is quite a high number.
  • ETF ETFs are practical indices that were created by fund companies themselves. Here AvaTrade definitely fixes the small deficit of the indices and also offers emerging markets. Positive: This applies not only to Asia, but also to Germany, for example. Young and emerging companies can also be traded here.
  • Bonds AvaTrade can use bonds for CFD trading. These are the interest rates of US bonds, the Japanese government bond and the new euro bond.
  • Commodities The range of underlyings in CFD trading is rounded off by commodities. Oil, gold and silver in particular are in demand from traders in this category. AvaTrade offers a lot more than these standard raw materials. In particular, the numerous agricultural products are to be mentioned here, which allow a lot of flexibility in trading and allow scope for new strategies.

In CFD trading, settlement is also carried out using pips that differ greatly from asset to asset. Basically, AvaTrade is one of the cheapest providers on the market in all categories. As with forex trading, the maximum leverage can be chosen comparatively freely by the trader. Typical values ​​here are between 1: 2 and 1: 200. In particular on the volatile commodity markets, the company limits the leverage much more so that customers do not have to suffer high losses.

The conditions when trading with CFDs are also impressive. The range of underlyings is really large at over 200, even if some other brokers offer a little more depth. But because all common and important assets can be found, AvaTrade is definitely recommended in this regard. Especially since trading with CFDs at the broker is inexpensive and can be carried out with a leverage of up to 1: 200.

AvaOptions for trading forex options

In addition to CFD and Forex trading customers can also trade so-called currency options at AvaTrade. The financial derivative brings with it even more options for trading, so that traders can use a total of three different financial products.

The options are traded using the download software "AvaOptions". Using the software, for example, it is possible to make your own market assessments known by OTC vanilla buy and sell positions. You can also create your own independent risk and reward profiles without any problems. Additional features:

  • Trade spots and options via an account
  • Free demo account that is used to gain experience
  • Placement of risk limits
  • Option strategies which can be used to benefit from overnight interest rates
  • expiry dates between one month and one year
  • what-if analyzes
  • historical charts

In addition, promising trading strategies can be created. This is possible with a so-called strategy optimizer, which is very easy to use. The basic conditions of a strategy can be entered here in no time at all. Then simulations can be carried out and fine adjustments made.

The trading platform AvaOptions serves to trade forex options. Traders have access to over 20 different basic options around the clock, some of which have very long terms. You can also create your own strategies at any time without any problems, which is due to the integrated strategy optimizer. In addition, traders can choose from numerous other features such as what-if analysis or the placement of risk limits.

AvaTrade Download Software 2020 - Overview of trading platforms

Social trading via ZuluTrade or Mirror Trader

Social Trading is a new trend in investing. Of course, AvaTrade download software is also available for this. The so-called Mirror Trader makes it possible to mirror other traders. Their positions are then simply carried out in your own trading account. In this way, the “followers” ​​benefit from the expertise and experience of the signal generators. Alternatively, semi-mirroring is also an option.

In addition, an account with AvaTrade can also be connected to the social trading platform ZuluTrade. The company has completely focused on the offer of social trading and offers traders numerous advantages:

  • Uncomplicated connection and registration
  • Own trading platform for social trading
  • thousands Top-Trader
  • Numerous filter options with which top-traders can be found
  • Trading costs as with the connected broker

ZuluTrade itself is deliberately limited to its offer the provision of software for social trading. This makes the user interface very clear. Mainly top traders and important key figures for social trading are listed. On the other hand, no analysis or chart tools can be used - but this is not necessary either. After all, traders can always open their own trading positions via the software presented at AvaTrade.

AvaTrade absolutely keeps up with the times and offers social trading. This is possible either via the own AvaTrade download software Mirror Trader or a free registration on the well-known social trading platform ZuluTrade. The provider has specifically focused on the offer of social trading and cooperates with AvaTrade.

Conclusion: Different financial products and software solutions at AvaTrade

Hardly any other broker offers its traders this way many trading platforms like AvaTrade. For example, traders can use the well-known MetaTrader 4 software for Forex trading. There are numerous tools available for analyzing charts and automated trading. On the other hand, if you would rather use the CFD offer, use the in-house AvaTrader. This also convinces with many indicators, individual adaptability and high ease of use. The offer at AvaTrade is rounded off by the possibility of social trading. This can be done either via the AvaTrader download software, the Mirror Trader, without being connected to the social trading platform ZuluTrade.

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