AvaTrade cryptocurrencies 2020 - trading in digital currencies

AvaTrade cryptocurrencies 2020: More options in trading digital currencies Bitcoin & Ethereum high volatility Open an account now.

AvaTrade customers now get additional options in digital currency trading such as Bitcoin and Etherum. AvaTrade CFD customers have been trading on Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin for years. AvaTrade is now expanding its range. The Irish broker recently also offers currency pairs with cryptocurrencies.

Initially, the ether / US dollar and Bitcoin / euro pairs were included in the range of tradable assets. Further digital currencies are to follow.

Digital currencies - high volatility

Digital currencies are currently very popular due to their high volatility. This also increases the prospect of high profits. In addition, the trading volume increases. The Bitcoin price is currently at an all-time high of $ 2,900. Etherum also grew strongly in the first half of 2017. Since 2013, traders have been able to trade AvaTrade cryptocurrencies as a single asset. Currency pairs are now also available. This is another milestone for AvaTrade in trading with this innovative funding.

AvaTrade as a pioneer in cryptocurrency trading

AvaTrade is a pioneer in cryptocurrency trading. The situation is therefore particularly interesting for Dáire Ferguson, the CEO of AvaTrade. In his opinion, trading is changing particularly strongly. AvaTrade plays an important role in this change. Ferguson sees cryptocurrencies as the future of trading. AvaTrade was one of the first brokers to start trading Bitcoin & Co. in 2013.

AvaTrade cryptocurrencies 2020 - trading in digital currencies

Bitcoin as the currency of the future

Bitcoin is the digital currency of the future. In 2009 it was developed as an anonymous and secure alternative to traditional currencies. The system behind Bitcoin is completely decentralized and is not controlled by any government, central bank or any other authority. Bitcoins and transactions in the digital currency are generated exclusively within the user network.

Since the maximum number of Bitcoin is limited to 21 million and new Bitcoins can only be generated with complex computing processes, the currency is one similar to precious and finite commodity like gold or oil. It also minimizes the risk of inflation, but at the same time drives an increase in value. The awareness boost that Bitcoin has experienced in recent years also makes the currency an interesting asset and is an ideal opportunity to diversify its own portfolio.

Trading in Bitcoin since 2013

AvaTrade already offered derivatives on Bitcoins with levers in 2013, long before the current boom. Even then, private investors and institutional customers of Bitcoin exchanges were able to participate in the Bitcoin market. At that time, AvaTrade obtained its prices from the Mt.Gox bitcoin exchange, which went bankrupt in 2014 after serious security errors. As an alternative, AvaTrade subsequently cooperated with the second largest Bitcoin exchange BTC-e. This made AvaTrade one of the pioneers in Bitcoin trading. In 2014, Litecoin derivatives were added and since summer 2016, traders have also been able to trade CFDs on Etherum with AvaTrade.

Bitcoin -Trading via own trading platform

Bitcoin trading at AvaTrade takes place via MetaTrader 4 and the AvaTradeAct trading platform. Here, one-click trading is also possible. The very volatile currency can be traded in a trading pair with US dollars five days a week. Traders at AvaTrade can start from EUR 100 in Bitcoin trading. The CFDs on bitcoins can be traded with levers of up to 20: 1.

In addition to bitcoins, the offer also includes CFDs on Litecoin and Etherum, which can be traded with levers of up to 10: 1. Trading cryptocurrencies is supported with live rates from BTC-e and Polinex. AvaTrade customer service is always available to answer questions about trading cryptocurrencies.

Underlyings in CFD trading

In CFD trading, bitcoins are considered underlyings. Trading cryptocurrencies with AvaTrade is legal, easy and secure. Levers ensure that the prospect of lucrative profits is increased again. The potential in trading in cryptocurrencies is far from being exhausted and the price development will probably continue to rise.

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AvaTrade - licensed Forex and CFD broker

AvaTrade is a licensed Forex - and CFD broker with a lot of experience in trading cryptocurrencies. The company was founded in 2006 by experienced financial experts. Several government agencies, including the Central Bank of Ireland, control the broker. Irish broker AvaTrade has been active in more than 150 countries for over ten years. Customer service is provided in twelve languages. Each trader is provided with a personal account manager. At AvaTrad, traders can enjoy leverage of up to 400: 1 and can trade more than 250 instruments from foreign exchange to equity CFDs.

Offers for beginners and professionals

AvaTrade is geared towards beginners and professionals. Traders have the choice between different trading platforms like the AvaTradeAct or the MetaTrader. The automatic trading systems ZuluTrade and Mirror Trader, which supports copy trading, also have numerous functions. AvaTrade was founded in 2006 by experienced traders who have set themselves the goal of improving online trading. Today, over 200,000 traders are active with AvaTrade, who execute more than two million trades with a volume of $ 60 billion per month. In addition to the headquarters in Dublin, there are branches in Paris, Dublin, Milan, Tokyo and Sydney.

AvaTrade cryptocurrencies 2020 - trading in digital currencies


While some brokers - and traders - are just starting to trade cryptocurrencies for themselves AvaTrade has been offering bitcoins as assets in CFD trading since 2013. Ether and Litecoin were added later. The Irish broker is now expanding its range to include currency pairs with cryptocurrencies. This is another milestone in cryptocurrency trading at AvaTrade.

AvaTrade cryptocurrencies 2020 - trading in digital currencies

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