AvaTrade app for iPhone & Android in the test 2020 - trade now mobile

AvaTrade app for iPhone & Android 2020: want to trade on the go? Test the AvaTrade app now convince yourself & use mobile trading.

In the meantime, it is completely normal to be networked with friends, acquaintances and work colleagues at any time on the go and not only to chat with other people at any time, but also to be able to play and work mini-games. Traders have also been able to benefit from this networking over the past few years, as more and more online brokers have developed so-called mobile trading apps that enable traders to trade via bus and train. Irish CFD and Forex broker AvaFX, now known as AvaTrade, also offers these mobile trading apps - we have taken a close look at them and now let you share our experience with the AvaFX app for iPhone and Android.

The functions of the AvaTrade app for iPhone and Android

  • Free download
  • Trading via MetaTrader 4 or AvaTrader
  • Over 200 currency pairs and CFDs too Trade mobile
  • Bonuses of up to € 5,000
  • Available for iPhone and Android

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AvaTrade app for iPhone & Android in the test 2020 - trade now mobile

AvaTrade's offer under the magnifying glass

AvaTrade was founded in 2006 in the Irish capital Dublin under the name AvaFX and still maintains its headquarters from there from under the regulation of the Central Bank. This ensures that when trading over 200 different currency pairs and CFDs everything is done correctly and controls, for example, the spreads that AvaTrade collects: EUR / USD can become a fixed spread from 3 pips to a maximum leverage of 400: 1 via AvaTrade trading platforms such as the MetaTrader 4 or the provider's in-house trading platform, the AvaTrader.

Although CFD trading involves a high level of risk, high profits can sometimes be achieved. For this, however, traders must keep an eye on the prices and can e.g. For example, use a real-time financial chart.

Finally, profits can be transferred in various ways with the AvaTrade payout.

However, the trader is still undecided about which trading platform to choose, or if he would like to gain some experience in Forex or CFD trading, the free and non-binding AvaTrade demo account may be useful to him: Here the trader has a virtual credit of 10,000 € is available, with which he can test risk-free trading platforms or collect first steps in exchange trading. Under certain circumstances, he can also use the extensive educational offer that the broker has at hand for the customer: Written guidelines, webinars, video courses and an eBook are part of the educational offer of the Irish online broker - beginners should therefore find their way around in any case.

Traders can trade on their home PC via AvaTrader

AvaTrade was founded in 2006 in the Irish capital Dublin under the name AvaFX and is therefore subject to regulation by the Irish Central Bank, which ensures the smooth trading of over 200 available financial products via trading platforms such as AvaTrader or MetaTrader 4 in a live or demo account.

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What is a mobile trading app useful for?

A mobile trading app like the AvaTrade app for iPhone basically only has one advantage - but this is all the greater: Traders can use the apps the broker can trade from on the way. That means you can keep an eye on your open positions at any time and close open positions whenever there is a suitable exit point. A precise overview of current courses is always an advantage: Entry opportunities can be taken at any time, which is why missed entry opportunities, which are only noticed on the home PC, with mobile trading apps such as the AvaTrade app for iPhone and Android belong to the past. After all, these apps offer the trade numerous other advantages by enabling them to test new trading strategies on the spot - with almost every indicator and trading tool that is also available to them at home.

With a so-called mobile trading app, traders can keep an eye on open positions on the go, identify suitable exit points directly and use optimal entry opportunities at any time. The mobile trading apps enable successful and profitable trading on the go.

AvaTrade app for iPhone & Android in the test 2020 - trade now mobile

The 5 advantages of the AvaTrade app for iPhone and Android

  • Open positions can be surveyed
  • Optimal entry opportunities can be used
  • Simple and user-friendly operation
  • Available for Android and iOS
  • Trading strategies can be tested on the go

The AvaTrade apps in focus

Customers of the Irish online broker AvaTrade can trade mobile either via MetaTrader 4 or via the broker's own trading platform, AvaTrader. These apps, which are available for both Android and iPhone, are characterized by a variety of different advantages:

  • Stops and limits can be placed
  • Prices are streamed in real time
  • Realtime-Charts
  • Different time intervals
  • 30 different indicators with the mobile MetaTrader 4
  • Access to open positions and trading reports

With the AvaTrade app for iPhone and Android, traders can pursue touch trading with market and entry orders across multiple accounts and place various stop and limit orders. The trader benefits from live quotes with prices streamed in real time and interactive real-time charts, which are characterized by a variety of different chart types, multiple time intervals and, with the mobile MetaTrader 4, also by over 30 technical indicators. In the area of ​​account management, the Mobile Trading Apps bring information about the trading account or about several accounts with an auto sync function with the desktop platform. With the trading reports, traders also always have a full overview of their closed positions and the resulting profits and losses, even when they are on the go.

AvaTrade customers trade either mobile via AvaTrader or via MetaTrader 4 - both trading platforms are available for both iOS and Android and promise a successful trading with real-time charts, various indicators, stops and limit orders and various other functions.

The AvaTrade app for iPhone and Android was in the Google Play Store Fairly well rated

Mobile MetaTrader instead of AvaTrade app?

In addition to the AvaTrade app, the broker also offers its customers a second option for mobile trading, namely the MT 4 app. This is a version of the well-known forex trading software MetaTrader 4 that is optimized for mobile devices and is also offered by AvaTrade (see software for stationary systems).

The application is a slimmed-down and clearly clearer version of the MetaTrader 4 for desktop devices, which can also be conveniently operated with the small screens of smartphones. Both the Android and the iOS app have received very good marks from users and are rated much better than the AvaTrade app.

The app is especially a good choice if MetaTrader is also used for stationary retail be used. Because both systems can be linked well, for example push notifications from MetaTrader 4 for desktop PCs can be sent to smartphones.

The MetaTrader app also offers numerous analysis options that can be used to obtain information from charts or technical indicators

The only disadvantage is that the app was not specially developed for AvaTrader. That is why the broker is not already preset. However, since AvaTrade supports and even advertises MetaTrader both in the mobile variant and as a stationary system, setting up an AvaTrader account on MetaTrader is not a big problem.

Alternatives for alternative operating systems

Both AvaTrade App and the MetaTrader 4 for mobile devices are only available for the operating systems Android and iOs, i.e. for Android smartphones as well as for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Even for Windows Phone and Blackberry OS there is currently no app, especially not for alternative operating systems such as Ubuntu Touch, the mobile version of the Linux operating system Ubuntu.

The only alternative is to use the webtrader via the browser of the smartphone. However, this only partially replaces the app, an app for Windows Phone and Blackberry OS or an improved mobile version of the page would be desirable.

Software for stationary systems

Which app is the best, also depends on the software used on the desktop computer. Because only mobile trading is usually not enough. With individual strategies such as news trading, an economical interface may be sufficient, but in most cases more is required.

Better tools and a larger screen are required for more extensive analyzes and evaluation of charts. A stationary computer is also an advantage in automated trading. Who would like to program their Expert Advisor (EA) using the cell phone keyboard?

AvaTrade therefore offers various platforms that can also be combined. So, for example, first trade via a permanently installed software from the home computer, then with the help of the web trader and a tablet PC with keyboard from the ICE and from the smartphone on the way home from work on the bus.

In fact, AvaTrade offers In addition to an app, both a web trader and programs for free download - and several can be used at the same time. In most cases, the heart of the app is still an extensive trading platform that is downloaded and permanently installed. Here AvaTrader offers two programs, namely

  • the Ava Trader and
  • the MetaTrader 4.

The Ava Trader is, as the name suggests, a trading platform specially developed for AvaTrade. It is easy to use and at the same time offers extensive options for chart analysis.

MetaTrader 4 has been the most popular tool for Forex and CFD traders for many years. Although the MetaTrader 5 has been on the market for several years, most brokers and most dealers still swear by the MT 4, for which AvaTrade offers an app for Android and iOS in addition to the desktop version (see chapter Mobiler MetaTrader instead of AvaTrader App).

In addition, AvaTrade also offers a web-based trading platform that does not have to be installed but is used directly via the browser. This is also the first choice for users of alternative operating systems, because AvaTrade also offers trading software for the Max, but none for Linux or Chrome OS.

Conclusion: Mobile trading apps like the AvaTrade app bring advantages with

The Irish online broker AvaFX, founded in 2006 and now known as AvaTrade, not only enables its customers to trade more than 200 financial products on the desktop at a maximum leverage of 400: 1 and a spread of 3 pips on EUR / USD, but also provides its customers with mobile trading apps for iPhone and Android. With these mobile trading apps, traders always keep an eye on their open positions and current prices and can react accordingly by taking advantage of the numerous different functions of the AvaFX app for iPhone and Android.

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