AvaTrade app for iPhone & Android 2020 - 5 advantages for traders

AvaTrade app for iPhone & Android 2020: is mobile trading possible? Current AvaTrade experiences Act now to AvaTrade & on the go.

For some years now, more and more investors have been trading on the go. Brokers can use mobile apps to continuously monitor and open positions. This is only logical, because the markets change around the clock. It is almost imperative that professional traders have access to their securities accounts from anywhere.

That's why the Irish CFD and forex broker AvaTrade has developed a mobile trading app. If you have a iPhone or a Android smartphone, you can download the free application from the relevant stores. We took a close look at the apps and share our experiences with the AvaTrade app below.

The functions of the AvaTrade app for iPhone and Android

  • More than 250 Underlyings can be traded on the go
  • Free and easy download
  • Available for iPhone, Android and Windows
  • Trading either via MetaTrader 4 or AvaTrader
  • bonuses of up to 5,000 euros

About the broker AvaTrade - regulation and security

AvaTrade was founded in 2006 and is therefore one of the oldest Broker at all. CFD and Forex trading are offered in particular, although some currency options are also available. The provider is aimed at both beginners and experienced traders with its portfolio.

Of course, AvaTrade has its headquarters within the EU, more precisely in Ireland. While this may be a somewhat unusual location for financial service providers, it does not have any disadvantages for traders. On the contrary, the company is fully regulated and monitored by the Irish Central Bank. This means that there is just as strict a control as it is common in Germany, for example.

Further security ensures that the company keeps customer funds and corporate assets strictly separate from one another. Even in the unlikely event of AvaTrade's bankruptcy, customers' money would not be at risk. Because creditors have no access to special funds - and that is exactly what customer funds are.

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AvaTrade as a forex broker under the magnifying glass

AvaTrade therefore offers trading in Forex and conventional CFDs, Because the two aspects are very different from each other, forex trading is first presented in more detail below.

The broker offers more than 60 currency pairs here. This is an above-average value that only a few competitors can surpass. The majority of the currency pairs come from large and well-known currency areas. These include:

  • Euro area
  • USA
  • Japan
  • Great Britain
  • Switzerland

The five associated currencies are the most in demand worldwide and have a high level of liquidity. Accordingly, they can be traded cheaply by investors at AvaTrade. Already from a spread of only 0.8 pips it is possible to trade US dollars, euros and Co. during normal trading hours. In the industry comparison, AvaTrade can position itself as one of the cheapest providers.

In addition to the major currency pairs, the product range also offers some lesser known values. A basic distinction must be made between two categories:

  1. Cross-pairings One speaks of a cross-pairing when traders trade a majo currency and a less well-known motto. For example, this is the case when exchanging US dollars for the Norwegian krone.
  2. Exotics At AvaTrade it is also possible to combine two lesser known currencies with each other. The offer here is of course comparatively small, because traders hardly ask for these pairs. The combination of the Norwegian krone and the Australian dollar can serve as an example.

Overall, traders therefore have numerous opportunities to trade with Forex. Of course, all positions are leveraged. Values ​​from up to 1: 400 are possible, which is a fairly common lever in industry comparison. starts with a leverage of 1: 2, so that traders have enough leeway depending on the market situation.

The Forex offer from AvaTrade is one of the best on the market. This is mainly due to the high number of currency pairs available. Traders are offered a high degree of flexibility that pays off in the form of returns. At the same time, the maximum leverage of 1: 400 is very appealing, so that the return can be increased further.

AvaTrade as a CFD broker under the magnifying glass

As announced we are now devoting ourselves to CFD trading at AvaTrade. Here, too, the company can basically cut a good figure and offers around 200 values. The basic values ​​in detail:

  • Raw materials In this category AvaTrade can fully convince. There are only a little more than 15 underlyings available for trading, but more is difficult to achieve in the area of ​​raw materials. After all, the number here is limited due to the natural circumstances. Gold, silver and oil are particularly popular. But agricultural products are also enjoying increasing popularity because their performance correlates less strongly with other financial products.
  • Equities Traders can also find a very diverse range of underlyings in the equity area. Traders can use a large number of assets for trading, especially in the American region. Of course, this primarily includes large corporations such as Google, Apple and Amazon. But up-and-coming companies such as Netflix or EA can also be found in the product range. Those who prefer to trade in German underlyings can choose from a total of 11 of the 30 DAX groups.
  • Indices In addition to stocks, the associated indices can also be traded. With the exception of China, however, there are no emerging markets in the product range. AvaTrade makes up for this deficit by offering all major indices on the major world markets. For example, traders can trade the Dow Jones, the DAX or the Nikkei.
  • ETFs AvaTrade offers some remedies for the problem of missing emerging markets by offering ETFs. These self-created indexes mainly refer to emerging companies, but they do not only come from Asia or South America. Young German companies can also be traded using CFDs.
  • Bonds A total of five bonds offer the possibility of taking out CFDs at interest rates. However, no corporate bonds are tradable, only government interest rates. Three variants of the US bond, the euro bonds and a Japanese bond are tradable.

Of course, the breadth of the product range is not the only thing that matters with CFDs. It is also important to consider the costs. Just like with Forex trading, with CFD trading they are settled purely via the spread. The range here is significantly larger than in the Forex area. In general, CFDs can also be bought at spreads of around 1 pip. However, it should be completely clear that CFDs on the DAX are significantly cheaper than on a less well-known ETF.

In addition, investors always trade with CFD trading with one lever. How high this is depends not only on the broker, but also on the respective underlying. For example, commodity trading is usually only possible with a leverage of 1:10, whereas indices are usually 1: 100. At AvaTrade, the leverage for CFD trading is generally between 1: 2 and 1: 200, which is a wide range that gives traders a lot of flexibility.

In the CFD area, AvaTrade is also an absolutely convincing one Broker who can provide his clients with around 200 underlyings. For example, ETFs, commodities, indices, stocks or bonds are traded. AvaTrade can offer its traders a wide range of different assets in all categories. The CFD offer is rounded off by flexible leverage and comparatively low costs.

What is a mobile trading app useful for?

From the beginning it was announced that trading at AvaTrade was also complete can be done mobile. The AvaTrade app for the iPhone, Android and Windows can be downloaded free of charge from the associated shops. But what does such an app actually bring? All advantages at a glance:

  • Convenience In the first place, of course, mobile trading is very convenient for the trader. Using the mobile apps, for example, you can trade on the train, during lunch break or in the waiting room at the doctor. The mobile applications also work smoothly from the comfort of your home, so that you can check a number of positions at the same time.
  • All positions at a glance at all times Of course, not every trader is a full professional from trading lives. On the contrary, most investors are likely to have traditional employment. It is perfectly clear that there is not always a computer nearby that can be used for trading. On the other hand, a quick look at the cell phone to check the positions is (almost) always possible. Whenever there is a suitable exit time, positions are quickly closed with a simple finger press. So profits can be taken with you at any time, because the prices change relatively quickly within a few minutes.
  • Ease of use Even the conventional trading platforms from AvaTrade are particularly convincing due to their functionality. With the mobile app, it looks even better because of the smartphone. Because users simply tap on the function they want to use right now. In addition, the most important thing is always in focus when it comes to applications: the chart and its analysis options as well as buy and sell orders.

Mobile applications generally offer a number of advantages for traders. Investors have access to their trading account anytime, anywhere, which can sometimes result in high returns. Because the courses sometimes change within a few hours or minutes. Traders can use the mobile app to view these price changes directly and to sell positions accordingly. In addition, mobile apps are simply convenient because annoying waiting times on the train or at the doctor can be bridged with trading.

The 5 biggest advantages of the AvaTrade app

  • Open positions can be surveyed
  • Simple and user-friendly operation
  • Optimal entry and exit options can be used
  • Available for iOS, Android and Windows
  • New trading strategies can be tested on the go.

The AvaTrade apps in focus

The advantages already mentioned can of course also be used thanks to the AvaTrade app for smartphones. For this purpose, the broker relies on an app for MetaTrader 4 as well as for a version that belongs to AvaTrader. All important features at a glance:

  • Touch-Trading In the app everything works of course with a simple finger base - including the creation of positions. Of course, order additions such as stops and limits can also be placed directly via the app in order to do justice to risk management. It is also possible to switch between several accounts at the touch of a finger.
  • Realtime Of course, all courses are also displayed in real time in the mobile version. The only condition: The internet connection must be stable enough to be able to update the prices every second.
  • Interactive Chart Of course, not only the pure prices, but also the charts are displayed in real time. In addition, there is a large number of different charts, including multiple time intervals, so that traders can carry out chart analyzes while on the go. This is ensured by the 30 technical indicators, which are only included in the Meta Trader 4 version.
  • Account management Traders can see the most important information about all key figures in the app at a glance. These include the account balance, net liquidation value or the margin. An auto sync function can also be used to synchronize with the desktop platform.
  • Processing open positions As mentioned briefly, traders naturally have access to all open and current positions, Entry orders are also clearly displayed at all times. But of course not only opening, closing positions is of course also possible.
  • Trading reports Traders also have access to all positions created so far via the mobile applications. This is helpful in that the analysis of past strategies can start directly on the go. The trade reports are not only prepared superficially, but give a really detailed overview of the positions.

If you want to use the mobile app, you must of course create a trading account with AvaTrade. What is particularly special here is the bonus that is available from the company. Depending on the deposit, a premium of up to € 5,000 for all traders is included. Hardly any other broker offers its customers such high special payments for the first deposit into the trading account.

The AvaTrade app is as extensive as trading platforms with other brokers for the PC. Above all, the intuitive usability always convinces beginners as well as advanced traders. At the touch of a finger, practically all functions are possible, from creating a position to viewing important key figures and calling up trade reports. Of course, the apps are absolutely free of charge despite this high level of user convenience and can be downloaded from the respective app stores.

Trading platform on the PC

Traders will of course not only trade on the go. Some things on the PC are much easier to do due to the screen size alone. But AvaTrade can also convince on the computer with its trading platforms, which are available in several versions. Basically, all stationary applications are characterized by a high level of ease of use and flexibility. The features at a glance:

  • More than 250 financial instruments
  • Different platforms for different financial instruments
  • Open, manage and close positions, some directly on the chart
  • Often browser-based applications to avoid downloads

Of course, it is also worthwhile to take a closer look at the platforms in this context. The different software solutions are therefore presented in more detail below.

MetaTrader 4

It is the best-known and most popular platform for trading in Forex. Hundreds of thousands of traders use the software because it is customizable and easy to use. In addition, switching from one broker to another is easier if both trust the basic structure of MetaTrader 4. The features in detail:

  • Immediate trading, pending and stop orders
  • Charts can be displayed in a variety of ways and customized
  • Automatic trading strategies are direct via MQL5 / EAs integrable
  • The chart analysis is carried out using numerous tools and analysis instruments

As already explained in detail, this platform is available for mobile trading.

AvaTrader The AvaTrader was developed by the broker himself and is primarily aimed at traders who trade both with Forex and with conventional CFDs. Beginners and advanced users alike benefit from the fact that the user interface is deliberately simple and clear. Nevertheless, the numerous functions leave nothing to be desired:

  • One-Click-Trading
  • Trading directly from the chart
  • Setting various order additions such as stops or limits
  • Easy switching between different accounts

This version can also be used for mobile trading as described.

Mirror Trader and ZuluTrade

For some time now it has been possible to do social trading at AvaTrade. Traders follow other traders and copy their positions in order to benefit directly from the expertise of experienced signal providers. Social trading is possible both via the self-developed mirror trader and via a connection to the social trading platform ZuluTrade. Especially the connection to the well-known platform has many advantages because ZuluTrade has specialized in social trading. But even with the specially developed software it is possible to follow traders and copy their positions.

AvaTrade can also convince with the trading platforms that were developed for trading on the PC. Above all, the ease of use coupled with the rather high functionality is convincing. Traders can use practically all functions that are necessary for efficient trading, from simple chart displays and more complex chart analyzes to the creation of automated trading strategies.

Conclusion: Mobile trading apps like the AvaTrade app bring numerous advantages

AvaTrade was founded in 2006 and has grown a lot since then. The high number of underlyings in the Forex area is particularly impressive. More than 60 currency pairs from different currency areas can provide returns. In addition, another 200 assets can be used when trading with classic CFDs, which offers the necessary portion of flexibility. In addition to this rather high quantity, AvaTrade knows how to convince with quality. This primarily affects the trading platforms that are available for both the PC and smartphones. Traders can use the AvaTrade app for iPhone, Android and Windows to view current prices, open positions and even view an order book at any time - free of charge.

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