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anyoption demo account FAQ 2020 - The answers to the demo account

Anyoption demo account FAQ 2020: Are you looking for the Anyoption demo account? None was available in the anyoption test. Now switch to anyoption without a demo account.

The binary options are on the rise and of course the public interest in the various providers is increasing, some of which have very different advantages and disadvantages. Which broker offers what? How do the platforms of the different providers differ, apart from the name? These are just a few of the questions that cannot always be answered 100% by pure research.

The best anyoption alternatives

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Demo account to try out

Many investors who have previously traded foreign exchange or contracts for difference (CFDs) are used to a large range of free demo accounts from forex brokers. In the area of ​​binary options, the offer is unfortunately not so good, play money accounts are the exception rather than the rule.

Most of the few providers also require a deposit into a real money account. As soon as this is done, there is an additional demo account with which you can practice trading binary options without risk. Of course, this is relatively cumbersome and also requires a lot of commitment. It is much easier to fall back on one of the providers who offer a free demo account without additional conditions. You can find a list of all brokers that do this in our free demo account overview.

Why is a demo account useful?

Just as simple and clear as the property of a binary option is The rule also applies to the trading platform through which these financial derivatives are traded. Even if most binary options brokers use one of the three major trading platforms such as Spotoption, Techfinancials or Tradologic, new customers feel more secure when a demo account is available. Every trader who has ever made a loss because a button hides a different setting than previously assumed knows the feeling: how nice it would be if you could carry out the first trades risk-free. And even if the trading platforms of the individual brokers are structured very similarly, for example, the names of the trading types differ from one another.

In short - a demo account is used by new customers so that they can easily deal with the broker's trading platform. Many brokers offer webinars or video tutorials on how to use and operate the trading platform, but trying them out is more easily flesh and blood than what you see.

Conclusion: Although almost all trading platforms are structured identically and clearly, a demo account to get to know the software is worthwhile.

Anyoption Demo Account

Risk-free testing of strategies is only possible in the demo account

Another large one The advantage of demo accounts is the testing of strategies. Brokers and stock exchange gurus repeatedly point out that emotions are best avoided completely when trading. "The head is useless as soon as a position has been opened" is a famous stock exchange saying. Therefore, the consideration must be completed before entering a position, so that hope and greed do not take control of the trader. The best way to rule out emotions is to follow a particular strategy or rigid trading system. But how big does a trading account have to be so that one can test a strategy in peace without the losses causing excessive damage? With a free demo account, you can therefore test the strategy that best suits your trading style, risk-free and with little emotion.

Conclusion: You can only test a strategy effectively and long enough if it can be tried with little emotion and without risk.

anyoption without demo account

But what about the anyoption demo? As you can quickly see in this list, there is unfortunately no anyoption demo account. Unfortunately, the more cumbersome payment option is also not offered. At anyoption, you strongly believe that the only trade should be real money trading. Admittedly, this step is not difficult either.

With a minimum deposit of just € 100, almost everyone can afford to venture into real money trading and with anyoption nothing is wrong, as is clear from our detailed anyoption experience report.

Conclusion: The broker sees no need for a demo account and tries to attract new customers with low deposit amounts.

Regulated and safe

Some things you can't test it in the demo account anyway. For example, whether the broker is really serious. Only a look at the experiences of other users and the regulation helps here.

As an established provider of binary options, anyoption usually gets good grades. The broker was also one of the first to be regulated by the Cypriot financial regulator CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission). This ensures that the legal conditions are complied with.

The latter largely correspond to those in other EU countries, because many national laws have their origins in European directives, for example Directive 2004/39 / EC on markets in financial instruments (MiFID). Among other things, this stipulates that traders must be adequately informed about the risk. Other European rules also make anyoption a safe partner. All customer deposits must be kept separate from the broker's assets in separate accounts, so that they are secured even in the event of the provider's bankruptcy.

Conclusion: anyoption is a resident of Cyprus Broker who is monitored by the CySEC according to the regulations of the country.

View without deposit: The trading platform

Even without a first deposit you can get a good one at anyoption Get an impression of the trading platform. It is web-based and can be viewed without registration. You can even try out the different options, for example calling up a different term or a different underlying. An overview of all base values ​​can be found in the value index - also without registration. You can't just buy options. Overall, interested parties can get a good overview of the trading platform without making a deposit or demo account.

Conclusion: Even without the trader making a deposit, they can visit the website of the Keep brokers fully informed. The basic functions of the trading platform can also be tried without a demo account.

Our recommendation as an alternative - the demo account from IQ Option

IQ Option is one of the few brokers to offer a real free demo account without If and but on. Many other brokers require a real money account to open a demo account. If a demo account is offered at all. Not all tradable base values ​​are available to the user of the IQ Option demo account, but the underlyings offered are also sufficient to test a method. If you want to get a quick overview of the functionality of the trading platform, you can register for a demo account in just a few steps. You can use the registration form or log in via Facebook or Google+ account.

You can access the IQ Option demo account within a very short time. The demo account section contains a whole range of information on competitions and education, as well as a comprehensive FAQ section. By the way, it starts with a sum of $ 1,000 virtual credit.

Conclusion: Even if the $ 1,000 start-up capital is not intended for an infinitely long deficit series, you can still do one or test another method. It is also worth registering to gain access to the training courses mentioned.

Now trade binary options with the test winner IQ Options

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