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Anyoption autotrader 2020 - is trading with robots possible?

Anyoption autotrader 2020: is automated trading possible? All information about the trade offer Use tips & tricks for car traders now.

In this article we want to deal with the question whether autotrader systems can be found at anyoption. We look at whether you can trade automatically with anyoption and if so, how the anyoption robots work. We also take a closer look at the broker's overall range and answer the most important questions about trading at anyoption.

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Quick facts about trading at anyoption

  • No anyoption Autotrader trading possible
  • Classic trading with binary options possible
  • Around 100 underlyings from four asset classes tradable
  • Five option variants available and these include option +, Binary 0-100 as well as long-term options
  • trading possible from an amount of 25 euros
  • the minimum deposit is 250 euros
  • maximum return 94% and 1000% for bubbles
  • Uncomplicated, simple trading platform, which was specially developed for trading with binary options
  • No demo account available
  • New customer bonus was granted on request

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automatic signals and robot s: We explain Autotrading

Today, life in all areas is getting easier. We do the banking on the bus to work, we read our daily newspaper very comfortably on our smartphones and buy our clothes from the sofa at home. Binary options trading can nowadays also be carried out without much effort on request. Gone are the days when you had to watch the markets around the clock to not miss a good trade opportunity and the search for promising trends is over. With so-called robots or with automatic trading systems, you can save a lot of time and effort and implement an individual strategy.

In automated trading, the corresponding program acts completely independently and makes trading decisions according to the requirements of the user. The user defines certain signals and includes indicators. These signals can be used to define the entry price, to set stops and limits and to determine your own pain limit for the amount of loss.

There are templates that have already been defined that can be used in auto trading, or you can define your own criteria. Your own settings can be tried out and optimized using backtesting. You can let the systems run over the past few days and thus determine whether your own anyoption strategy works. Even if automatic trading may sound very complicated for the inexperienced trader, with a little patience and experience, basically anyone can successfully trade with robots.

In auto trading, special trading systems execute the trades while doing so the user specifies individual signals according to which the robots act. There are autotrading templates or the user sets their own indicators. All in all, autotrading is more straightforward than it seems at first glance and you can automate your trading strategies very soon.

Anyoption autotrader 2020 - is trading with robots possible?

Does anyoption have autotrader functions?

After testing the trading offer at anyoption, we can determine that there are no anyoption autotrader functions available. The broker offers classic and manual trading with binary options and always makes his own decisions. The broker trades five types of options and the more than 100 underlyings include values ​​from four asset classes. So you can trade any options on foreign exchange, stocks, indices and commodities.

The trading platform is web-based and specially designed for binary options. Up to four options can be displayed on one screen and a new position can be opened with just a few mouse clicks. Analysis tools and different chart displays are not available, the platform is only equipped with the most necessary trading functions. A demo account cannot be found. But that's not a bad thing, because it doesn't take much to familiarize yourself with the handling of the trading application.

With anyoption, auto-trading is not possible and the broker offers classic independent trading with binary options on. There is a fairly large selection of underlyings available and even beginners will quickly become familiar with the simple trading application.

How can you spend a minute?

Consumer checklist: FAQs on trading at anyoption

Is registration with anyoption complicated?

No, if you want to open an account with anyoption, you can do it in a few minutes and in a few steps. Simply fill out the short registration form and make a deposit in the second step. After the customer conversation, the account is activated.

How can I deposit at anyoption?

Deposits starting at 250 euros are possible and you can use payment methods such as credit card, Select GiroPay, SofortÜberweisung, GiroPay or UnionPay. All deposits are free of charge on the part of the broker and the credit is usually issued within a few minutes.

Is the entire bet always gone in a losing trade?

No, at The broker offers many options so-called cashbacks and this means that the trader gets part of his bet back, even if he was wrong with his assessment in advance.

How much capital investment is required for trading?

Whoever wants to trade with anyoption pays at least 25 euros for an option.

How can I cancel my anyoption account?

Anyone who has decided to close their own trading account with the broker does not need a special application. It is sufficient to contact customer support with the appropriate request and, if necessary, to debit the account. Once the account has been closed, you will be informed by email.

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Anyoption autotrader 2020 - is trading with robots possible?

More offers at anyoption

As part of our Broker reviews, we were able to gain good anyoption experience in most areas of the offering. For example, there is a diverse selection of underlyings and you can choose from five option variants, although rare variants such as Option + or binary 0-100 are also available. As far as the minimum stake in trading is concerned, you can invest amounts from 25 euros for one option. These are very high capital requirements and therefore the inexperienced investor will have to look for another alternative, because the stakes are simply too high to try. As far as the possible returns are concerned, this of course depends on the underlying option, but profits of up to 86 percent are possible.

Deposits can be made from 250 euros and include payment methods such as Skrill, GiroPay, Sofortüberweisung or credit cards to choose from. Deposits are always free and, depending on the payment method, usually take a few minutes at most. Payouts would then be the corresponding returns, which are 94% and 1000% for bubbles.

As far as the educational offer is concerned, anyoption can convince. The in-house trading academy teaches the basics and advanced knowledge in the form of webinars, training videos, tutorials and advice. Most of the offers are free of charge and are also available in German.

With anyoption, trading is possible from 25 euros and the returns amount to up to 86 percent. There are numerous deposit options to choose from and account capitalization is always free, no matter which payment method you choose. The minimum deposit amount is 250 euros. As far as the basic values ​​are concerned, there is plenty of choice and there are five types of options tradable.

Conclusion: No robots can be used with anyoption

The customer of anyoption cannot use any Autotrader functions and does not meet them the trading decisions alone. With the broker "ordinary" independent trading is possible and anyoption offers a diverse range of underlyings and option types. Trading is possible from 25 euros and there is a simple web-based application ready for trading. Account capitalizations are allowed from 250 euros and you have a fairly large selection of free payment methods. There was also a new customer bonus, but this had to be requested after opening the account.

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Anyoption autotrader 2020 - is trading with robots possible?

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