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Anyoption advertising 2020 - deposit protection & mobile apps

Anyoption advertising 2020: does the advertising deliver what it promises? Broker's security information Convince yourself now & open an account.

It is also important for this broker to offer appealing Anyoption advertising. Advertising is the be-all and end-all in all industries. It doesn't matter whether the Anyoption advertising contains videos or advertising placed on social media.

You can find out what kind of advertising is Anyoption in the following Advice!

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The most important thing about "Anyoption advertising" at a glance:

  • Anyoption advertising is rather reserved
  • Anyoption advertises with certainty customer deposits
  • Anyoption advertises with the trading app for iOS and Android
  • Anyoption has training videos in the academy ready
  • Anyoption provides a lot of information via its blog

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The broker Anyoption: Apps, Akademie & Blog

Anyoption is an options broker with less aggressive demeanor. He specializes in binary options trading. Traders enjoy the convenience of being able to carry out their trades on the go using the trading app. Both iOS and Android users get their money's worth. If you are just at the beginning of your trading career, you can acquire the basic knowledge at the Anyoption Academy. The Trading Akademie differentiates between beginners and advanced, but also offers experienced traders interesting information.

There is also a blog at Anyoption. In addition to daily market analyzes, numerous other topics are also examined here. These topics can all influence market events and are therefore also prepared accordingly for inexperienced traders. It is mostly about business news, which is commented on in an understandable way to break down the whole context.

In addition to the normal trading options for binary options, Anyoption offers a trading app that enables trading on the go. Beginners, advanced and professionals can continue their education in the Anyoption trade academy. In the Anyoption Blog, the news is broken down in a way that is easy to understand even for beginners.

The tasks of advertising measures

No matter what industry you are in, on In the end, advertising is an indispensable means of getting customers to buy or use. The focus is increasingly on addressing customers. This means that advertising experts first have to be aware of which target group they should and should address before they can put together a suitable advertising concept.

Of course, it is not only useful to address customers and find the right medium for this. It must also be made clear how the company, in this case Anyoption, differs from other companies. The unique selling point is one of the most important advertising media. By trying to stand out from the crowd, many companies can put the competition in their place. This remedy is mainly used when the quality alone is no longer sufficient.

Advertising has the aim of drawing the customer's attention to a certain product. On the one hand, the customer must be addressed and, on the other hand, the unique selling proposition must be worked out. The combination of these tasks can then lead to advertising success.

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Anyoption advertising under the magnifying glass

Anyoption is one of the less intrusive binary options platforms. Here, customer advertising is less aggressive, but with a discreet reference to the advantages of the broker. In contrast to many competitors, Anyoption does without signal colors such as red and orange or attention-grabbing color combinations such as black and gold. The homepage is in blue and signal colors are used only occasionally.

Also, Anyoption does not advertise that it is the best, fastest, cheapest or most profitable broker on the market. Rather, it indicates its advantages in terms of collateral. Anyoption means above all the security of the deposits. These are managed in trust accounts. The registration form is also rather unobtrusive on the side of the page and is not pushy in the foreground as with other providers or pops up from scratch for a long time.

The Anyoption advertising is rather reserved and unobtrusive. So both the choice of colors and the positioning of the registration mask are subtly structured. The customer does not feel pressured here, but courted.

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Anyoption advertising: videos or services?

As already mentioned, Anyoption advertising is primarily based on the security of customer deposits. But there are other points with the broker that can be commended. There are a few things that could be mentioned in the Anyoption advertising: videos, mobile app and the blog. You can already tell that the company does not use the classic advertising media, such as bonus payments or other performance promises.

In various videos, the trader is taught the basics, strategic tools, but also more in-depth information. These can be found not only in the Anyoption trading academy, but also on the Anyoption blog. Daily video conferences are held there to explain the current market situation. This way traders learn to filter important messages from others.

Customers can also place their trades from anywhere, as Anyoption has a well-developed trading app. This is made available to users of iOS and Android devices. The traders can carry out all functions on the smartphone that are also possible via the web version. Anyoption hereby even advertises on the homepage, while the videos and the blog are not actively advertised.

Anyoption runs a very passive advertising campaign. Only the mobile trading app is actively advertised on the homepage. Other services, such as the learning videos or the blog, are not advertised, although in combination they represent a kind of unique selling point.

The Anyoption Check in five questions

What is the minimum deposit for Anyoption?

The minimum deposit amounts to 250 euros. At the same time, you can expect a maximum return of 94%. The maximum profit that can be made with bubbles is 1000%.

Which currencies are still accepted by Anyoption?

With Anyoption, deposits can be made in euros, US dollars, Russian rubles, Swedish kronor, pound sterling or Turkish lira.

What bonus promotions are there?

No bonus is available at anyoption. Traders can find deposit bonuses and other bonus offers alternatively at broker Binary.com.

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What is a trading academy?

Beginners and advanced learners can learn a lot about binary options trading here. These are mostly videos that can be viewed by traders.

Which trading accounts are available with Anyoption?

With Anyoption there is only one binary option Account.

Products, offers and anything else that Anyoption has to offer

The Anyoption experience shows that advertising is not everything. The broker offers its customers a serious offer, starting with the anyoption mobile app to helping them develop an anyoption strategy. Even if Anyoption specializes in binary options and refrains from automatic strategies such as anyoption copytrading or anyoption social trading, traders can still successfully trade. Traders can test their own strategies on the anyoption demo account. You can read about how well Anyoption performs in this broker comparison page on this page!

Conclusion: Anyoption advertises with seriousness, protection & security

The Anyoption advertising is rather reserved in itself and does not attack the customer. There is no Anyoption advertising video in this sense. Tutorials on YouTube have been put online by traders for traders, but not by the company. However, there are some instructional videos in the Anyoption Academy. The purpose of these is less to promote Anyoption than to introduce traders to binary options trading. Anyoption focuses on the security of the company in its advertising concept. If you feel like an Anyoption trading account, you can register for free with the broker!

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