Admiral.MAC experiences 2020 - Admiral Markets Social Trading

Admiral.MAC: Social trading from Admiral Markets 2020 A new way for professionals and beginners Hiring Admiral Markets.MAC CFD & Forex trading.

Admiral Markets is one of the established brokers from the forex and forex sector. The provider from the Estonian capital Tallin has branches in more than 30 countries around the world in addition to the actual headquarters. Also in Berlin since 2011. An important prerequisite for many traders who want to trade CFD and Forex products and value good German support. The broker is also regulated within the EU and guarantees its investors deposit protection of 20,000 euros per account. Different account models, offers for mobile trading and different approaches in the area of ​​automatic trading make the broker from Estonia an interesting partner for so many traders in addition to the favorable trading conditions.

A new way for professionals and beginners

To ensure that this remains the case in the future, the experts at have come up with something new. The "Admiral Markets.MAC" or "Admiral Markets Multi Account Copier" model is a completely new approach that allows traders to learn from each other. With the innovative extra, Admiral Markets Germany appeals not only to traders who are basically interested in the activities of other traders. Even experienced account users benefit from the product, which in a way can be described as a social trading route for Admiral Markets CFD trading. once again succeeds in asserting its international role as one of the leading providers in the CFD and Forex trading sectors.

Admiral.MAC experiences 2020 - Admiral Markets Social Trading

Exchange of ideas with profit prospects for managers

The idea behind the Service Admiral.MAC model is actually explained relatively quickly: If you invest in Admiral Markets CFD as an investor, you now have the chance to either let others participate in your own investment measures or to trade in other account yourself. Participate managers. This explains the title of the new "Admiral Markets Multi Account Copier" function. Admiral Markets Germany is helping at the beginning with the new trading instrument. Learn something from the experience of experienced traders and earn money? Exactly this is now possible without any problems.

Noob or pro?

Extra earnings through help for other investors

Admiral Markets.MAC is divided into the model for "account managers" and "investors". Investors can not only use the copying concept if they do not have their own experience. If there is not enough time to take care of trades yourself, a look at the product from Admiral Markets Germany is also worthwhile. For all those who have been trading with Admiral Markets CFD and other underlyings with great success for some time, the Admiral.MAC service is an opportunity to turn past trading experience into cash. Account managers can release self-developed trading signals for copying so that investors can emulate them or generally the orders placed by managers. To this end, the managers can expect a share of the turnover or a commission related to the profit from the Admiral Marketes CFD.

The account managers from whom trading signals are obtained are decided by the holders of an investor account themselves. As with "normal" "Trading through the broker the minimum deposit is 10 euros. The leverage is 1: 100, the order sizes range from 0.01 to a maximum of 50 lots. Even users of a demo Admiral.MAC-Manager account can make orders and trading signals available to holders of an investor account via the Admiral Markets Multi Account Copier service.

Admiral.MAC experiences 2020 - Admiral Markets Social Trading

Setting the Admiral Markets.MAC

After consultation with the responsible Admiral Markets customer service, the account form has already been canceled by the operator. The Admiral Markets Multi Account Copier is no longer available to users. Too little use of this tool has removed it from the repertoire.

As compensation, Admiral Markets offers various other account models that can be recommended to customers as a good alternative. These include the Admiral.Market, Admiral.Prime and Admiral.MT5. These differ in terms of the minimum deposit, the trading instruments used and the possible forex leverage. With leverage in particular, care must be taken to ensure that it depends on the existing trading account balance. The named account forms contain additional tools that can be used by the investor. Admiral Markets offers a one-click trading function.

Additional functions are also available to simplify trading activities for all users in the live and demo versions. There are other order types to choose from, real-time news is issued in German and improving risk management are just a few of the many functions that Admiral Markets offers investors.


Also Without the Admiral Markets.MAC tool, beginners and experts can rely on a safe and professional provider. The owners of the investment accounts can contact the customer service provided at any time with information on the forms of investment or legal questions. An answer can be expected in a few minutes in German and in an understandable form. With the 4 trading platforms offered by Admiral Markets, the investor is able to intervene in market events anywhere and at any time. The extensive analysis tools, which can be found updated on the Admiral Markets website, help profit traders and beginners in the decision-making phase. By trading on the Admiral Market, investors receive additional bonus points. These can be exchanged for money and credited to the investment account.

Admiral.MAC experiences 2020 - Admiral Markets Social Trading

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