ActivTrades Seminar 2020 - trading with small accounts

ActivTrades Seminar 2020: How do retail investors get started with trading? ActivTrades Seminar Secure seminar place now & start trading.

The well-known CFD and Forex broker ActivTrades recently organized a live seminar on the topics "Trading with small accounts" and "Trading signals" with Thomas Struppek and Peter Seidel as part of the stock exchange day in Dresden speakers. ActivTrades attaches great importance to the training and further education of its traders. Events with experienced experts take place regularly on the ActivTrades tour. Newcomers to trading can find just as interesting information here as experienced traders.

Knowledge for small investors from professionals

Especially CFDs and forex trading are becoming increasingly popular with small investors. Therefore ActivTrades is particularly interested in educational work. At the beginning of the stock market career, capital is often scarce and unnecessary mistakes are often made. The ActivTrades seminars on the exchange day were a helpful starting point for all participants. Thomas Struppek introduced the participants to strategies on how to survive on the market even with small trading accounts. After the lunch break, Peter Seidel gave a lecture on trading signals and presented concrete trading strategies. At the end, the participants had the opportunity to ask the experts their questions.

ActivTrades Seminar 2020 - trading with small accounts

Successful trading

It is not as difficult to start trading as it may appear at first glance like. Those who are ready to familiarize themselves with the topic will soon be able to get started successfully. And the topic is also becoming increasingly interesting for small investors, because profitable stock exchange trading is now also possible with small trading accounts. Before you start trading, you should first familiarize yourself with the most important terms, get to know the tradable financial instruments and be familiar with the basics of the rules and laws of the global markets.

Get started with a demo account

However, it does not make sense to trade directly with real money. If you want to be successful in the long term, you should first invest time to acquire trading knowledge. The next step is to select a suitable broker and first get to know the trade with a demo account and some "play money". Since the number of interesting brokers is very large, a broker comparison is helpful first. The offers are quite different and the providers should also be compared in terms of costs and services.

Get to know financial instruments

A wide range of different financial instruments are traded on the world's stock exchanges. Shares, commodities and bonds, which are also referred to as underlyings, are traded on the cash market. On the futures exchange (also called derivatives exchange), transactions are carried out that must be fulfilled in the future. The financial instruments traded here include futures and options. Traders speculate here on the price development of an underlying and could benefit from rising prices as well as falling prices.

Whoever decides to trade in shares ultimately becomes a co-owner of the assets of a public limited company and can receive dividend payments benefit. Bonds, on the other hand, are interest-bearing securities. In contrast to a share, the buyer does not acquire a quantity here, but a nominal amount, which is shown in percent. Indices are a group of stocks that reflect the total value of all the stocks they contain.

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CFDs and Forex trading attractive for small investors

Also increasingly interesting for small investors CFDs. In these contracts for difference, transactions are concluded on the price change of an underlying. An underlying also belongs to Futures. Here, however, there is a predetermined time at which the futures contract expires. Options are similar to futures. And in Forex trading you rely on the development of a currency. Warrants and Certificates are also very interesting for private investors, because here, speculation on underlying assets is possible. These underlyings can, for example, be stocks or currency pairs.

ActivTrades Seminar 2020 - trading with small accounts

Find a personal trading strategy

If you have become familiar with the different trading instruments and have perhaps already made a first selection, it is about finding your personal trading strategy and figuring out your own trading style. Only with a strategy in mind is it possible not to be guided by gut feelings or other emotions when trading, even if this cannot always be completely eliminated. But to find your personal trading strategy, you should first familiarize yourself with the different styles and strategies.

Different investment periods

The work of traders differs, among other things, in the period in which they make their investments. Some think long-term in months or even years, other traders only invest their money for a few days or weeks. Daytrader can even do their business in one day. Very active traders open and close many positions at short notice within one trading day. You can make very high profits here in the short term, because you often work with leverage products and can achieve disproportionately high returns with relatively low stakes. However, this can quickly lead to high losses. Anyone who decides to act as a day trader needs a lot of experience and enough time to deal with the course analysis.

Further strategies

With Swing Trading you rely on short to medium-term investments. The entry and exit are not placed at the low or high points of the current trend, but one uses the recovery phases of an overarching trend. So the trader acts counter-cyclically. Scalping, a sub-category of day trading, is about only gaining a few points. In order to still make attractive profits, traders work here with very large position sizes. With News Trading, the trader is always up to date on economic and political developments. He includes these in the course analysis. While it always makes sense for traders to know what is happening in the world, even more emphasis is placed on news trading. If a particular piece of news is going to have a major impact on the markets, the news trader is always well informed.

Knowledge of analysis techniques

In addition, you should take a deep look at technical analysis ( Chart analysis) or fundamental analysis. Both techniques are about being able to better assess the market development. Fundamental Analysis is about analyzing the causes of price fluctuations and thus determining key figures that are important for price development. Often, company turnover figures, the current economic development or current monetary policy are also taken into account. Anyone who decides to use a chart analysis primarily uses the price history of a specific product and analyzes price developments, sales and general market dynamics in this context.

ActivTrades Seminar 2020 - trading with small accounts

Dare to start trading

Every trader should try both analyzes once to find the best one for themselves. This also applies to the trading method of choice. Beginners are welcome to try something out first. At the beginning it can be helpful to create a checklist and define the criteria that are important for you. The trading method of choice also depends on how much time and capital you want to invest. Only when you have acquired sufficient knowledge about trading should you start in "real" trading. Many brokers support their traders with extensive information material, webinars and live seminars. An important focus of many providers is on the training and further education of traders.

ActivTrades with a lot of experience in the financial world

ActivTrades was founded in 2001 and is primarily an independent broker for Forex and CFDs known. The company's headquarters are in London, but traders all over the world are now customers. Competitive spreads, continuous innovations, a very good infrastructure and effective risk management characterize the trader. At ActivTrades, the customer service and the focus on the further development of the traders stand out. In addition to 24-hour customer service in several languages, the broker always offers live seminars and webinars on very different topics, where experienced experts speak as speakers.

Trading platforms for different trader types

ActivTrades appeals to different types of traders with its trading platforms and products. In addition to the well-known platforms MetaTrader 4 and 5, the ActivTrader Web and Mobil are also offered. Here traders have access to over 50 currency pairs, commodities, indices or CFDs. Traders who want to use automated trading can access the Molanis platform and use it to develop their own personal strategy. If you want to use the technical analysis more, you have access to Autochartist, TradingCentral or the indicators SmartForecast and SmartTemplate. In addition, numerous add-ons can be used.

Interesting conditions

Traders have profit opportunities even with small price movements. For this, the broker offers very competitive commission profiles. In Forex trading, prices can be set to 5 digits, spreads from 0.5 pips for EUR / USD and USD / JPY and leverage up to 1: 400. When trading mini-lots and micro-lots, traders in Forex trading are provided with very thorough money management. Order execution is completely automated here. The reason for this is that there is no dealing desk. The market access is direct, so the so-called "full brokerage" services are also available to private investors, who can then also trade commodities, shares or currencies 111>ActivTrades is headquartered in London and is one of the most experienced brokers. The customer deposits are covered by the capital threshold guaranteed by the FSCS, since there is free insurance for customers by Lloyd's of London. Each private customer is covered under this supplementary insurance with up to £ 500,000. ActivTrades also uses the services of PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC) to perform independent reviews of the control processes. The broker's goal is to meet more than the minimum requirements of financial supervision and thus to offer customers a secure and transparent trading environment.

ActivTrades Seminar 2020 - trading with small accounts


Who is willing to engage in this Introducing the topic of trading and acquiring the necessary knowledge about trading and its financial instruments has a good chance of becoming a successful trader. Trading has also become attractive for small private investors with a small trading account. Many brokers like ActivTrades like to share their knowledge and experience with their traders. ActivTrades offers numerous webinars and live seminars with experienced experts such as recent ones on the stock exchange day in Dresden. In addition, ActivTrades is a reputable broker who wants to protect its customers beyond the minimum legal requirements.

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