Act successfully at GKFX from the start - tips and tricks

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In the GKFX webinar "From 0 to 100 - The Trading Quickstarter" on December 6, 2017, Driton Thaqi again teaches the basics of trading. In four chapters the most important basics of trading and the peculiarities of the tradable products as well as typical beginner mistakes in trading are dealt with. The webinar also includes an overview of GKFX's trading platforms. Thaqi teaches the basics of trading using practical examples. "From 0 to 100 - The Trading Quickstarter" quickly and easily introduces beginners to CFD trading.

Four-part series

In the first part, traders learn, how to place the first trade. The experienced speaker explains how to open an account at GKFX and explains the first steps on the MT4 trading platform. It also deals with the functioning of CFDs and technical terms from the world of trading such as pip or stop-out.

In the second part, Thaqi deals with order types and market entries. He explains where traders can find market analysis and market information as well as the importance of the economic calendar for trading. In the third chapter, Thaqi presents the GKFX trading platforms MT4 WebTrader and Sirix WebTrader and explains mobile trading on the go. At the end there are trading strategies and tips for further videos and tutorials.

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Traders use price fluctuations

Traders want the Use fluctuations in financial markets, but do not invest directly in stocks or commodities. Since the introduction of online trading, this has also become increasingly attractive and easier for private investors, because they can easily open an account with a broker via the Internet. This then opens up access to the international financial markets.

Trading is usually understood to mean short-term trading in financial instruments such as shares, currencies or CFDs. A distinction is often made between short-term trading in trading and long-term investments by an investor. In intraday trading, for example, you buy and sell a share within one day. Traders generally bet on the price rise or fall of a financial instrument. The difference in value between the buy and sell price then forms the trader's profit. From this, however, transaction costs are deducted, which vary from broker to broker,

Act successfully at GKFX from the start - tips and tricks

acquire knowledge before starting trading

But in order to be able to recognize in Which direction the market is developing requires some skills that a trader has to learn first. Therefore one should not start trading without knowledge. Otherwise you only need a fast and stable internet connection to start trading. So traders can have numerous options that until a few years ago were reserved for professional investors only.

On the Internet, traders can also find lots of information about trading, but brokers like GKFX prepare these in a clearly understandable way in their webinars. When choosing the right broker, the training courses also play a role. In addition, one should consider the costs of account management and the transaction costs per order. In addition, trading software is required, which you should also be familiar with before you start trading. A demo account from his provider usually helps here.

Be familiar with markets and financial instruments

Traders should also be familiar with what is going on in the financial markets. They mostly make their decisions for a trade after a comprehensive analysis. Technical analysis works with indicators, charts and historical market values, while fundamental analysis includes information and news from companies, central banks, governments or authorities.

Furthermore, traders have to be well acquainted with know the financial instruments that they trade. This can be, for example, shares, currencies or CFDs. In addition to CFDs, there are other financial instruments that work with derivatives, for example certificates or options.

Use CFDs to set rising and falling prices

You set with CFDs or certificates always on rising or falling prices of an underlying, but does not acquire it. If the value of an underlying increases, the trader receives the difference between the entry and exit price as profit. Forex trading is about the relationship between two currencies. With CFDs and currencies, the personal capital investment is often very low, because here you work with levers.

Develop strategy

In addition, personal strategy always plays a role in trading. This can depend on the investment horizon, for example. Risk management is closely linked to the strategy. Traders can set up a kind of set of rules according to which they act. Traders who have been active for a long time often have a very precise plan when and how to trade. This includes determining the appropriate time to buy and sell and setting loss protection via a stop-loss order. This automatically exits a position if the course of the price falls below a predetermined limit. You can also protect yourself if you only invest a certain amount.

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Interesting broker for beginners

In addition to webinars and other training materials tailored to beginners also the good conditions GKFX to an interesting broker for newcomers to trading. The numerous training courses also include live trading sessions and seminars with experts on site. Here, traders can also direct their questions about trading directly to the speakers.

The parent company GKFX Financial Services Limited is based in London. In addition there are around 20 branches around the world. Due to the German branch in Frankfurt am Main, the broker is also regulated by BaFin. Like all UK brokers, GKFX also offers deposit insurance of up to £ 50,000. Corporate funds are kept separate from customer funds.

Forex and CFD trading

GKFX offers, among other things, trading in forex, indices, commodities, stocks and CFDs. The underlyings are tradable at around 400 international trading venues. The broker offers MetaTrader 4, a WebTrader and a Multi Terminal. Especially on MetaTrader 4, newcomers can usually find their way around quickly, as the platform is very clear and well structured. Here traders have access to real-time courses and analysis tools. Additional functions are available via MyFX.

GKFX offers levers of up to 1: 400. However, this varies depending on the currency pair and CFD. A trade can already be carried out with a minimum trade size of 0.1 lot. The spreads that the trader pays to the broker as a commission vary depending on the currency pair or CFD as well as the chosen account model. In total, traders can choose from three account types, which differ among other things in terms of spreads and tradable financial instruments.

Act successfully at GKFX from the start - tips and tricks


In "From 0 to 100 - The Trading Quickstarter" Traders quickly learn the basics of trading and can place their first trade. Another episode of the GKFX webinar will run on December 6th at 6pm. GKFX expert Driton Thaqi explains, among other things, how CFDs work and explains the trading platforms of GKFX.

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Act successfully at GKFX from the start - tips and tricks

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