24option Strategy 2020 - learn, use, cash in

24option Strategy 2020: What is important? Current trading guide clarifies now to use the broker & 24option strategy when trading.

The dream of an unbeatable 24-option strategy will always remain. But there is still a long way to go. With the help of the 24Option Education Center, traders can learn a few tricks and thus expand their trading experience. You can find out what the education center of the binary trading platform has to offer in the following guide!

The best 24option alternatives

The most important information about "24option strategies" at a glance:

  • There is no one 24option strategy
  • 24option presents several strategies in the education center
  • There are the trend signal, tunnel, fractal and fishing strip strategy presented
  • The traders can test the strategies on the demo account
  • The 24option education center also teaches a few trading tricks

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How to trade binary options?

The essence of binary options is that they can make a predetermined profit when the price falls or capital can lose even if the price goes up. With this type of trading, the trader only has to predict the correct price movement in advance. In addition to the normal high / low, other trading instruments have developed over time, such as "Touch" and "Boundary". Not only the direction of the course must be predicted here, but also a specific course to be taken.

Binary options are indirect and short-term trading options. Binary options can also be traded as 60 second trades. There is a high maximum return of up to 88% per successful trade. These can be achieved by trading the different underlyings such as the over 40 stocks, 31 currency pairs, 8 raw materials and almost 20 tradable indices. The "early closure" function can be used to minimize risk. After a minimum deposit of € 500, trades can be closed with a minimum bet of € 24. Please note, however, that investors invest all their capital in binary trading Options may lose.

Even if the trend describes an increasing price, a short-term price reduction may occur, which is probably the reason why trading in binary options is still considered a game of chance from a tax perspective, without a certain understanding of the market chances are 50:50 that the price will move in the forecast direction for a short time.

Trading binary options is possible for both rising and falling prices. The art is short or also make medium-term predictions about the price development. The return increases with higher risk. In addition to high / low, touch and limit can be traded.

5 steps to the first trade - binary options trading

Trading binary options is relatively easy to understand and therefore also suitable for beginners. Nevertheless, binary options are highly speculative financial instruments that are always associated with risk. Traders are often faced with a veritable flood of information when it comes to the most important steps in trading. Therefore, we have summarized the most important things in the following slideshow and show you the way to the first trade in just five steps.

24option Strategy 2020 - learn, use, cash in

What trading strategies are there?

A trading strategy should be tried identify a regularity in the course of the course and recognize it in good time. Every time a similar pattern is seen, the price will go down or up. There have been numerous theories and strategies in the past that have been used more or less successfully. The 24option strategies presented in the education center are:

  • Trend signal
  • Tunnel
  • Fractal
  • Fishing-Strip

So-called candles are observed with the trend signal. Here it is important to have the chart view set as candle sticks. The trend signal strategy assumes that after a course correction of three candles, the price rises or falls sharply.

With the tunnel strategy, it is assumed that the course of the course is in a kind of sideways trend, This trend can be tilted slightly up or down. Signals are drawn above and below the chart, so that the price moves in a tunnel. If the tunnel boundaries are broken in the opposite direction, a corresponding position can be opened.

The fractal strategy, on the other hand, is a more complicated calculation process. Here averages are formed above, below and in the middle of the chart. If two lines approach each other, it is important to pay attention to possible outliers, which can indicate a change in trend. These can then be visually highlighted using the "Fractals" setting.

The fishing strip strategy is a further development of the trend signal strategy. The goal is to identify a signal from which a change of course can be read. In addition to candles, the fishing strip strategy will also use so-called fishing lines. In combination, trend changes can be recognized and predicted at an early stage.

At 24option strategies, the trend signal, tunnel, fractal and fishing strip strategies are presented. These are not the option broker's own developments, but rather general regularities that have emerged over the years.

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Can you make money with the 24option strategy?

In a nutshell: there is no perfect strategy for trading binary options! The topic is far too complex to summarize all influences and circumstances in one strategy. Thus, the above-mentioned trading strategies also make a clear distinction as to whether they are more suitable for short or medium-term trades and whether they would rather be used for currency pairs, indices, commodities or stocks.

Of course, these strategies also adhere some 24option tricks, which can make it easier for the trader to earn money. So traders will react immediately to such striking patterns, but the patterns are rarely so clearly visible as listed in the examples. However, whether the fishing strip or fractal strategy is more suitable should never be generalized and is always dependent on the situation.

Of course you can earn money using the strategies and 24option tricks presented. But the strategies are not a guarantee of a profit. Strategies must also be used and applied skillfully. Each strategy has its own optimal sphere of influence.

24option Strategy 2020 - learn, use, cash in

Learn tips & tricks at the 24option training center

24option divides its training offer into three parts. These are basics, intermediate and advanced. In the area of ​​the basics, beginners learn what binary options trading is all about, which basic terms the world of trading has in store and which art tricks are often used in trading.

In the area of ​​the intermediate level, the above are described Strategies presented in more detail. The strategies are clearly illustrated by means of short videos. The videos only last a few minutes and do not go beyond basic knowledge. The advanced area then deals with the distinction between passive and aggressive strategies. In addition, the first market analyzes are brought closer and in-depth information on the topic of trend is provided. Depending on the type of trading account, participants can take part in free webinars here. Basic customers only benefit from an introductory course, while Platinum and Diamond customers can count on several webinars per week. Topics for advanced users, such as scalping, are also discussed in more detail.

The 24option training center offers various courses and further training courses. In addition to the basics in the form of videos, customers of silver to diamond accounts can also take part in various webinars. In this respect, 24option offers a balanced education program.

Further information on the 24option strategy

What factors influence the course of the course?

That is from Trading instrument different from trading instrument. There are economic factors, political factors, but also environmental factors that can influence the course of the course. The environment is an important factor, especially for commodities, while currencies are more influenced by political decisions.

When should you switch from a demo account to a live account with a strategy?

There will never be an optimal time. But even a sophisticated strategy is of no use if it is not applied to the live account. Of course, you should first subject them to a stress test and discard them if in doubt.

What can go wrong when switching from a demo account to a live account?

The most fickle factor is the trader himself, When using real money, there are often unnecessary delays that upset the entire strategy.

Why are market analyzes important for strategy development?

The market analyzes help to react to unforeseen events.

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Why is there strategy advice?

The development of strategies is Often overwhelming, especially for beginners. In this respect, it is helpful if a consultant is at your side to point out weaknesses and point in the right direction.

24option Strategy 2020 - learn, use, cash in

The trading options from 24option

The 24option experiences have shown that the broker values ​​the training of its traders. He seems to have understood that traders can be motivated more with knowledge offers than with a 24option bonus code. Before claiming the bonus, traders should find out about the current bonus conditions on the broker website. The educational program is currently only available on the PC and not yet for the smartphone. A 24option iPhone & Android app is missing. Even if 24option specializes in binary options, some strategies can be applied to forex trading (24option Forex). You can find out whether the broker can outperform the competition with its educational program in the large broker comparison on this page!

Conclusion: 24option helps you to learn about and apply strategies

Although profits can certainly be achieved trading always involves a risk. Even if the optimal strategy does not exist, 24option traders can learn some basics. The broker even gives tips on when which of the strategies presented is best to use. Of course, the patterns in a real chart history are rarely so clearly recognizable. To learn how to recognize and apply the strategies, the broker even offers a 24option demo account. You can even develop your own strategies there and use the 24option tricks. Perhaps you will develop the optimal strategy if you open a trading account with 24option!

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24option Strategy 2020 - learn, use, cash in

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