24option paysafe experiences 2020 - deposit & withdrawal in the test

24option paysafe experiences 2020: Is the code variant possible? Here's the big test. Now you can make cashless payments with 24option paysafe.

Traders can also make a 24option paysafe deposit. It is a financial service provider that specializes in online payments. You can find out which principle is behind the 24option paysafecard and what else you should know about the topic in the following guide!

The most important information about "24option paysafe" at a glance:

  • The paysafecard provides the customer with a pin
  • The pin is sold at the points of sale for cash.
  • The pins have a value between 10 and 100 euros
  • Three different pins are required for the 24option minimum deposit
  • No payment can be made via paysafe
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How does the paysafecard work?

Paysafe was founded in Austria in 2000. The company's goal is to make payments on the Internet as anonymous and secure as possible. The provider used the principle of prepaid phone cards for this. It is possible that payments can be made on the Internet without having to reveal any sensitive information.

There are 500,000 sales outlets worldwide. Pins for paysafecards are sold there. These can be purchased for a value of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50 or 100 euros. Now you can enter the pin in different web shops or at 24option and pay with it. The advantage is clearly the anonymity of the buyer. No account information is disclosed over the Internet. Settlement takes place in a sales point using cash. Paysafecards can be refilled at any time.

The paysafecard can be purchased in various sales outlets for amounts up to EUR 100 for cash. Each card has a pin. This is specified when paying and the purchase can be processed anonymously.

24option paysafe experiences 2020 - deposit & withdrawal in the test

Is there the option of the 24option paysafe?

Yes, 24option, like other brokers, also offer the possibility Make deposits with paysafecard. For a 24option paysafe payment, all you have to do is enter the PIN when making a deposit and the money goes directly to the binary options account. However, it must be noted that the minimum deposit is 100 euros and the maximum paysafecard amount is 100 euros. Therefore, three pins have to be entered for a minimum deposit.

While a deposit with 24option paysafecard is still relatively easy, a withdrawal is much more difficult. This can only be done on verified accounts. This is done to protect against money laundering and corruption. However, since the use of the 24option paysafe is aimed at anonymity, a bank account must be verified before a payment is made.

A deposit via 24option paysafe is possible. However, three cards must be used for the minimum deposit amount. In addition, payment as a 24option paysafe is not possible. A reference account must be set up here.


You should pay attention to these 3 things!

The transaction fee:

24option takes no fees for deposits themselves, but for withdrawals. The fees range from 25 euros as a lump sum or two to 3.5 percent of the transfer amount. In addition, there are possible fees from the financial service provider as well as possible conversion fees. The payment is made in the same way as the deposit, which is why these conditions should be considered before the first deposit.

The transaction duration:

There are differences in minutes up to a week. These have administrative reasons. It is striking that deposits are generally made faster than withdrawals. Even withdrawals using eWallet services can take a day.

The minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts:

As already mentioned, paysafe can only be used for a maximum amount of EUR 100 be paid in per pin, but the minimum deposit amounts to 100 euros. There are similar problems with many brokers and financial service providers. However, it may also be that the minimum deposit by the options broker is set at 10 euros, but the financial service providers require a deposit of 100 euros. It may also be that the payments by the financial service providers are limited per payment, per day, week or month.

When looking for the appropriate payment and withdrawal method, you should pay attention to the conditions. This does not only mean the transaction fee, but also the transaction duration and the minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal amounts.

24option paysafe experiences 2020 - deposit & withdrawal in the test

Which 24option paysafe alternatives are there?

Is a 24option If paysafe deposit is not desired, twelve alternative financial service providers can be used. These are providers of credit card payments, eWallet services and bank transfers. Each deposit option has its own advantages and disadvantages. In principle, eWallet services are faster, but are often associated with additional fees for payments. Withdrawals to Skrill accounts are billed at 2 percent at 24option and 3.5 percent at Neteller accounts.

Credit card payments pose a problem similar to that of paysafecard. Although it is possible to instruct withdrawals to credit card accounts, the withdrawal amount must not exceed the deposit amount. This means that winnings cannot be paid out to credit card accounts and verification of another reference account is necessary. Bank transfers, on the other hand, have the disadvantage that both deposits and withdrawals take a long time and can take up to five days to be credited to the receiving account.

24option enables its traders to choose between 13 different financial service providers from the credit card sector to choose eWallet service and bank transfer. Different characteristics of the should be considered.

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Five questions about the 24option paysafecard

Which currencies are with the paysafecard possible?

The paysafecard can be purchased in any currency. However, 24option only accepts euros, US dollars, British pounds, RUB, CHF and Japanese yen.

Where can the paysafecard be topped up?

At all participating petrol stations, Supermarkets, kiosks and so on. The nearest point of sale can be found quickly and easily using a smartphone.

Where can the paysafecard be redeemed?

The paysafecard can be redeemed on the Internet wherever one Cooperation with Paysafe exists. This is especially the case with online shops, games and brokers.

Why do many brokers only offer Skrill?

Paysafe was bought by Skrill. Both systems are still on the market, but many brokers do not offer paysafecard.

What is Skrill?

Skrill is an eWallet service, Here the customer has an internet account which is filled up via a current account. When making payments, only the Skrill data and no account details are given.

24option paysafe experiences 2020 - deposit & withdrawal in the test

PayPal, paysafecard and platforms: What else does 24option have to offer?

Although profits can be made trading always involves a risk. If you choose this broker, you have a reliable partner at your side. The 24option experiences with paysafecard reveal that the first complications can already arise due to the minimum deposit amount of 100 euros. But 24option offers numerous alternative deposit and withdrawal methods. So nothing can stand in the way of developing your own 24option strategy and the subsequent endurance test. Mobile trading is also possible with 24option. A 24option iPhone & Android app are available. A comparison with the competition is made on this page!

Conclusion: Paysafecard is a serious form of payment

The paysafecard enables traders to make deposits without having to disclose account details. However, no payments can be made through this provider, which is why verification of a bank account is necessary anyway. Nevertheless, the principle of the paysafecard is highly recommended. By entering a pin, the deposit is made and is even immediately visible on the account at 24option.

If you would like to try out the 24option trading account and the paysafecard, you can open a trading account with 24option!

Now go directly to 24option and open a trading account

24option paysafe experiences 2020 - deposit & withdrawal in the test

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