24option experiences 2020 - The broker 24option in the current test

24option experiences 2020: Can the broker convince? In the test different accounts, high returns, now trade on 24option & binary options.

Brokers are increasingly recognizing the different desires of potential traders for the trader account. The Cypriot broker 24Option also got this insight, which in comparison not least catches the eye with a whole range of different account models. Thus, through deposits, merchants can influence the maximum returns and extras they can receive on the account. The 24Option test report lists the conditions for all accounts and explains which requirements have to be met for access to the trading platform and the start of trading.

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- These features stand out positively in the 24 option rating:

  • Regulation by Cypriot CySEC within the EU
  • Standard account from as little as EUR 500.00
  • in total 5 account models with various minimum deposits
  • Mobile trading via Android and iOS app
  • Return of 88% with 60-second options
  • Trading from a minimum bet of € 24.00
  • good German-speaking customer service

10/10 points The 24option test report

24option experiences 2020 - The broker 24option in the current test

Traders have a lot of scope for payment transactions with 24option

2010 the broker 24Option first appeared and quickly made a name for itself. From a trader's point of view, the broker is in the middle of the comparison with a minimum deposit of EUR 500.00. A number of possible means of payment appear in the test report, so that the broker basically offers every trader a suitable way for deposits and withdrawals. Proven methods such as credit card payments and bank transfers are represented as well as the modern providers Neteller, PayPal and the service provider Skrill. The minimum deposit requirements of EUR 500.00 apply to all payment methods mentioned. Traders have access to a free demo account to get to know the platform before investing real capital. There are no time restrictions for the demo account. Deposits are always free, but some of the payment services may incur costs if money is deposited into or withdrawn from the accounts there.

Now go directly to 24option and open a trading account

The minimum requirements for payments after Depending on the payment method, the first deposit is in the range of 100.00 and 1,000 euros. The minimum deposit mentioned generally refers to the standard account. However, the 24Option rating lists four other account types with which the provider addresses customers who are planning more extensive trading activities with a higher investment volume. The "Silver" account is available from a minimum deposit of EUR 3,000, an account with "Gold" status is available from a deposit of EUR 5,000. The broker grants the "Platinum" account from a minimum deposit of 25,000, "Diamond" accounts from a minimum deposit of EUR 75,000. The fees for withdrawing merchant accounts vary. Standard account holders withdraw money once only after opening the account free of charge. Silver and gold customers can do this once a month.

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Good 24option rating on customer service and advice

If you ask traders which aspects are particularly important to them in the binary options broker comparison support always ends up in one of the front places. In addition to the opportunity for a personal conversation with a consultant, 24option offers a hotline in the fixed network of the North Rhine-Westphalian metropolis of Cologne and a 0800 number. It is also possible to contact us via email and the live chat via the broker website. The latter support route proves to be particularly fast during trading hours. Customers from Germany are served in their mother tongue. If there are major problems in the live chat, the broker can offer a callback service for a personal conversation. In this way, some things can simply be explained in a better and more understandable way.

In the case of the Cypriot broker, customer service still does not only include answering customer questions. Customers regularly receive additional offers and information about innovations in the portfolio of the provider.

24option experiences 2020 - The broker 24option in the current test

Simple operation of the trading platform and trading types

The so-called call - and put trading experienced traders already know from other brokers. At 24option, the name for this classic is "High / Low trade". In addition, the test report shows some other types of trading. These are called "limit" and "hit". In addition, short-term options with terms of 60 to 120 seconds can be traded via the TechFinancials trading platform. The trade can be started web-based - especially beginners appreciate this in many ways. The download of special software is therefore superfluous. In the 24option test report and according to the broker, short-term trading proves to be particularly suitable for brokers who already have experience in binary trading, because here, in addition to a good understanding of the market, you need to be able to react quickly to the situation. The platform is easy to use, so that traders can react quickly to favorable opportunities and execute new trades.

If trading on the PC is not enough, you can use the broker's website to find the right mobile app, depending on the operating system have it forwarded in the Apple App Store or on Google Play. Both apps for smartphones and tablet PCs are free of charge and can be installed quickly after downloading. Constant updates not only improve the overall app quality, but also ensure that detected errors in the system are remedied. The test report makes it clear that users should find out before downloading whether their devices meet the current app system requirements. The information in the download portals explains the minimum technical requirements that mobile devices have to meet.

For example, it is announced that the current iOS version of the application has been optimized for the iPhone 5. Both programs for trading via a mobile platform version offer the full range of trading types, basic values ​​and functions that many traders already know from trading on a PC. The broker 24option uses the real-time data from the stock exchange for the price setting. Mobile or stationary - in both cases, traders can use the "early closure" functions to close open positions in order to minimize losses or take profits before the expiry date.

Fair minimum bet for all types of trading and terms

Die Trading -Interests when it comes to trading types and underlyings are quite different. The 24option test report shows that the provider knows the customer's wishes. The trading platform in turn provides information on the various types of trading, from which use underlyings are traded with which expiry times, uses and maximum returns. There are a total of 24option stocks, currencies, commodities and indices, whereby the group of internationally traded stocks is the largest. The time spans for trading are in the range of 60 to 120 seconds for the short-term Trades up to several months with longer maturities.

A maximum of 88 percent return beckons in the area of ​​high or low options via the TechFinancials trading platform. Other types of trading are short-term trades and 100% payment options. However, traders should always be aware that if they make a wrong prediction, they will lose all of their invested capital. The minimum stake is generally € 24.00. Traders should keep in mind that despite the prospect of profits, there is always a risk involved. An advantage is the free demo account, which the broker's new customers secure with a minimum deposit of EUR 500.00. Depending on the account and deposit amount, the broker gives his customers even more credit for the demo account.

24option experiences 2020 - The broker 24option in the current test

No bonus with 24option

No bonus is available with 24option, however traders benefit from fair trading conditions and can also use a demo account. If you don't want to forego a deposit bonus or similar offers, you can, for example, take a look at the bonus offer from the Maltese broker Binary.com.

Since December 2016, bonuses have been officially prohibited by CySEC! Binary.com is not regulated by the CySEC, however, and can therefore continue to offer bonus payments.

The broker 24option in the final rating:

Although profits can be made, it is Trading also always involves a risk. With 24option, however, traders have a solid broker at their side, whose terms and conditions they should familiarize themselves with beforehand. Several account models, a whole range of tradable base values ​​and the option to use the most used trading types offer traders a wide range of options Opportunities to develop when trading with binary options.

Now go directly to 24option and open a trading account

24option experiences 2020 - The broker 24option in the current test

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