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24option demo account 2020 - open test account in 3 minutes!

24option demo account (2020): Test Forex and CFD trading in the free demo account Access to all tradable assets Learn more and start.

The broker 24option wants to enable its customers to invest in contracts for differences on a user-friendly trading platform. Likewise, the broker based in Cyprus is constantly expanding its range to meet the needs of its customers. The friendly customer service is particularly noteworthy. For example, every trader who registers at 24option is provided with an account manager. The large area of ​​further education is particularly interesting for beginners. With the 24option demo account, all instruments available from the broker can be traded for training purposes. Read below how you can open and use the test account.

  • Traders can open a free demo account with the Cypriot broker 24option.
  • The demo version gives users access to all of them the provider tradable assets.
  • Trading via the demo account is also possible with the 24option app.
  • For questions, a personal account manager is available to traders.

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Register with 24option with a demo account

It is always advisable to test the trading options first in a demo account. The broker 24option enables its customers to open a free demo account. Setup takes just a few minutes. The test account is available to users for an unlimited period of time. If you also use a real money account from 24option, you can switch between the two accounts at any time. This is particularly interesting for experienced traders who want to try out new trading strategies in their 24option demo account before using real money.

Open the 24option demo account in just a few steps:

  1. Click on the "Register" button on the broker's website.
  2. Enter personal data (full name, telephone number, email address) in the registration form under "Demo".
  3. Confirm the terms and conditions and accept the handling of cookies.
  4. Click on "Start trading!" Click.
  5. Receive confirmation of registration by email.
  6. Log in with the login details noted in the email and use the 24option demo account free of charge and without time limit.

The free demo account offers a trading simulation under realistic market conditions. All trades, opportunities and strategies can be fully tested. In this way, traders can learn about the functions of the platform and train their own knowledge and skills. It is also worth taking a look at the further education area on the 24option website, which contains a lot of useful information, including regular webinars.

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Web-based trading platform and MetaTrader 4

As a trader, you first have the option of trading directly via your browser using the 24option web-based platform. If you open the 24option demo account, you can access your test account from any computer with an Internet connection. It is not necessary to download and install the platform. The trading platform offers all necessary functions for trading with CFDs.

The MetaTrader 4

With the MetaTrader 4 (short: MT4) the broker also provides traders with a globally known and popular trading platform, It is possible to download the software free of charge and install it on the computer. Installation on multiple PCs is also possible without any problems. The MT4 offers users a wide variety of different functions and tools. Experienced traders can analyze prices with the MetaTrader, and even beginners can find their way around quickly thanks to the intuitive usability.

The 24option app

Traders who would like to act flexibly can use the 24option app for this Use Android, iPhone and Blackberry smartphones. Of course, this also works with the 24option demo account. In terms of functionality, the mobile application is in no way inferior to the broker's web application. The user can manage his account intuitively and easily, view real-time prices and call up charts.

The most important things summarized:

  • Complete access to live account or Demo account
  • All trading types available
  • Flexible trading, at any time and from any location
  • Large selection of charts at real-time prices

The app from 24option can be downloaded free of charge from the respective app stores. The links to this can be found on the website of the broker.

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The trading offer from 24option

Since 2017, traders can also use 24option trade Forex and CFDs. The broker constantly adapts its portfolio to the needs of its customers. Over 300 underlyings from the categories

  • indices (22),
  • equities (183),
  • commodities (22),
  • Forex ( 46 currency pairs) and
  • cryptocurrencies (41 pairs)

are available, which are traded with the broker in the form of contracts for difference. 24option would like to offer customers greater scope with CFD trading. CFDs have a lever with which the profits can be multiplied, and at a comparatively low stake. However, it should be noted that the losses can also be correspondingly high. Especially in volatile market phases, numerous traders rely on the leveraged financial product, which they can now also use with 24option. The fees for trading in CFDs keep 24option low. Depending on the underlying, it is possible to trade at spreads as low as 0.1 pips.

Since their establishment in the early 1990s, CFDs have become increasingly popular. Because more and more traders want to benefit from the low capital requirements. The contracts for difference enable trading in markets to which many investors previously had no access. For example, you get the opportunity to go long and short for the products, i.e. to bet on rising and falling markets.

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Numerous further training opportunities with 24option

The offer is rounded off by extensive training opportunities. The broker is aimed at both experienced and aspiring traders who first have to deal with the topic. The training takes place through the following media:

  1. Adviser: Informative texts help to understand the trading of Forex and CFDs. The broker also deals with leverage and the associated opportunities and risks. However, further topics, such as technical analysis, are also explained in the guides.
  2. VOD: It is also possible to watch videos on the 24option website that have been created on specific topics. The provider clearly explains how traders can use the trading platforms. In further videos, order types or basic terms from Forex and CFD trading are explained. The videos are available free of charge.

In addition to the extensive content and videos, webinars are also held at 24option at regular intervals. These allow traders to gain insight into where Forex and CFD sit in the range of financial instruments. The webinars cover the basics, so that traders have a certain knowledge of the financial markets with which they can then trade in a targeted manner. The aim is that users develop a good understanding of the financial world and are able to carry out promising trading.

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Regulation and Deposit Protection

Behind the 24option brand is Rodeler Limited, which is based in Cyprus. The broker has been active on the market since 2010 and has been able to convince numerous traders of its service during this period. Since 2017, customers have also been able to trade CFDs at 24option. The company is licensed by the Cypriot Financial Regulator under license number 207/13 and is regulated accordingly. In addition, the Cologne branch is registered with the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

The extensive regulation within the EU also guarantees that customers' funds are kept and managed separately from corporate assets. The accounts are only kept with European banks where statutory deposit insurance applies in the event of insolvency. 24option is also a member of the Cypriot deposit insurance fund ICF, which secures deposits of up to EUR 20,000 per customer.

Easily accessible, German-speaking customer service at 24option

The broker offers its service internationally and provides for the different countries each have a free phone number at which traders can reach 24option customer service. Customers from Germany can reach support via an 0800 number. Another way to get in touch with customer service is through live chat. Support is available around the clock from Monday to Friday. As a rule, a German-speaking employee is always available. During off-peak times, however, users may be redirected to English support. The service employees can of course also be contacted by e-mail.

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What is CFD trading?

At 24option, the traders trade the assets as CFDs. What does that mean? In CFD trading, so-called contracts for difference are traded. These are derivative products in which the investor trades the difference between the initial value of a product and the closing price. In principle, it is a contract between the buyer and the seller. The contract for difference specifies a certain purchase price and the trader can make profits or losses in a certain period of time based on the price change of the respective financial product. This makes it possible to trade on the markets with comparatively small bets.

Speculate on the price movements of financial products

Those who trade CFDs basically predict the movement of the respective financial instrument on the market. If the trader predicts an increase in the product, he buys and if he sees a decline in the future, he will sell. However, he does not buy and sell the financial product in physical form. Rather, by purchasing the CFD, they acquire the right to benefit from the price movements of the product. CFDs can certainly generate high profits. However, it should be noted that such an investment can also result in high losses if the product price changes in the direction other than the one forecast by the trader.

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CFD trading in the 24option demo account

The website is modern and is characterized by simple menu navigation. Thus, even beginners should find their way around the site quickly. The first menu item "Trade" leads users directly to the trading interface. All assets available at 24option can be traded there. Under "Forex / CFD" you will find important information and tips on forex and CFD trading. Under "Further education", users will find the Trading Central, the economic calendar, the learning videos and the webinars offered.

Trading according to plan

Before you start trading in the 24option demo account, you should do a trading - Create a plan. For example, it is important that the daily analysis has been carried out beforehand. You should also have made up your mind whether to go long or short. You should also note in the plan how much money you want to use per trade and where you get in and out. If you decide on these points beforehand, you can avoid a high risk of loss.

Furthermore, you should first concentrate on a few markets. Beginners in particular often tend to trade all available markets. However, those who limit themselves to two to three markets have more time for market analysis and can start with small trades.

The time factor

Another important factor is time. While one trader prefers a shorter time frame, it is too stressful for the other to make decisions within minutes or even seconds. Therefore, before trading, it is advisable to consider whether you are a short-term trader who focuses on daily or minute trades or a long-term investor who prefers weekly or monthly sections.

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Conclusion: Open the 24option demo account online

The forex and CFD broker 24option based in Cyprus was founded in 2010. Trading in contracts for difference (CFDs) has been possible since 2017. At the start, traders were able to trade around 50 currency pairs and another larger selection of underlyings at 24option. In the meantime, the broker has expanded its range of offers and offers more than 300 underlyings for CFD trading, including products from the categories stocks, indices, raw materials, cryptocurrencies and forex.

Particularly noteworthy is the extensive training area, the 24option to its customers. This contains numerous guides, videos and webinars that deal with CFD and Forex trading. Interested traders can also set up the 24option demo account free of charge. Accounts are opened online via the broker's website. There is little information (full name, telephone number, email address) to be entered in a pre-made registration form. The broker then sends all the important information for using the demo to the new customer by email. The confirmation email contains the login data with which the trader can then log into his personal account. The demo account is equipped with a virtual trading capital, which can be used for the trial trading.

Trading takes place at 24option on the website under the menu item "Trade". The trading platform specially designed for trading with CFDs has all the necessary functions. Alternatively, it is possible to trade via MetaTrader 4, which can be easily downloaded to your own computer. Mobile trading is also possible with the 24option app. You can download the mobile application for free from the online store.

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