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2020 cryptocurrency ranking - coins & tokens like Bitcoin in the test!

2020 cryptocurrencies ranking - the method to track developments. Which factors influence a ranking. Get informed now.

At the latest since the course hype at the end of 2017 and the shortly following crash, Bitcoin & Co. has been discussed in the general public and much has been written and disputed in the business media about the meaning and nonsense of digital coins. In the meantime, investors in digital coins are no longer just people who consider themselves to be outspoken fans of cryptocurrencies.

The market is constantly changing. Meanwhile, almost the crypto market has more than 2,400 coins and tokens. Bitcoin has expanded its leading market position. At least none of the other altcoins has even ventured anywhere near the Bitcoin market capitalization.

Anyone who is interested in investing in a cryptocurrency due to the generally positive overall statement is looking for answers to the question: Which one is the best and most suitable cryptocurrency? It is not easy to find out, also because certain personal requirements play a role here. A cryptocurrency ranking offers good help in any case. The ranking gives users an overview of developments to date from Bitcoin & Co.

  • Bitcoin is the world's leading cryptocurrency
  • Track developments in cryptocurrencies with
  • top coins Relevance in terms of market capitalization and trading volume
  • Daily exchange rate of cryptocurrencies alone No recommendation to buy

Table of contents

  • Cryptocurrencies Ranking 2019: Track coin developments
  • Daily trading volume
  • Liquidity of the cryptocurrency
  • Market capitalization & daily exchange rate
  • Activities related to coin development
  • What role does the so-called withe paper play
  • Cryptocurrencies Ranking 2019: The best coins to invest in
  • The current state of the cryptocurrency markets
  • These are the top 5 cryptocurrencies (as of August 2019)
  • Reasons for current ones Price developments at Bitcoin and Co.
  • Interest of speculators to Bitcoin & Co. 2019 increases
  • Cryptocurrencies as currency alternatives in crisis countries
  • Number of Bitcoin acceptance points increases
  • Conclusion: Be informed about developments at any time with cryptocurrencies ranking

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Cryptocurrency ranking 2019: Track coin developments

The cryptocurrency ranking is one sensible method when it comes to tracking developments of Bitcoin & Co. The position depends on the daily trading volume, market capitalization, liquidity, active further development and the price or price.

Those who deal with the prices of cryptocurrencies on a daily basis will be among the first to know about them when there are strong price breaks up or down. This makes it easy to observe price fluctuations. Up to 5,000 cryptocurrencies (coins and tokens) are listed on platforms such as Coinmarketcap.com, coingecko.com or crypto exchanges such as Bitcoin.de or Binance. These factors are important for a current value of a coin:

  • 24-hour trading volume
  • cryptocurrency liquidity
  • market capitalization of the coin
  • daily exchange rate digital currencies
  • developer activities & future prospects

2020 cryptocurrency ranking - coins & tokens like Bitcoin in the test!

daily trading volume

The trading volume shows the trading activities during a 24 hour period. The volume is expressed in Bitcoin and US dollars (BTC / USD). A large trading volume during a trading day is an indication that the coin is well positioned and that there is a solid basis. The volume traded also shows that trading is working. It is also clear to the viewer how trading participants reacted to the price developments.

Investors should only choose a coin with a minimum trading volume of USD 10.00 or higher. This order of magnitude is proof that the coin is actually positioned in trading and market participants believe in a positive development. Even if the recent past knows some success stories, where investors with a few cents per coin became crypto millionaires, these are the exception rather than the rule.

Traders shouldn't take these success stories too much as a model. The evolution of cryptocurrencies has shown that focusing on averages has been more successful than investing in digital miracle coins, which ultimately turned out to be more than appearances.

Particular caution is required with low-capitalized coins, whose increase was purely artificial and which at some point fall back to the bottomless. Artificial increases in value include occurs when coin developers buy large quantities themselves and drive the price in the desired direction. When the value has reached its zenith for them, they reject the coins with big profits. The result is a significant drop in prices with a dramatic impact on late-entry investors.

This "pump-and-dump" system becomes clear with a view to the course of trading and price movements, where larger price fluctuations can be seen. If you follow this pattern for a certain period of a few weeks, you will usually see how the coin knows only one direction (downward) and suddenly goes completely out of the market.

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Top 10 Cryptocurrencies In 2020

liquidity of the cryptocurrency

The measure of the liquidity of a coin is volume share and Bitcoin (BTC) volume. Quite a few coins have a low BTC volume, so the purchase of a few hundred coins has a major impact on the market value. Such coins are not suitable for risk-conscious investors. It is better to invest only in exchanges with large trading volumes. The stock exchanges with greater market acceptance include Binance, Coinbase. Kraken and Bitfinex.

Sometimes exchanges have a direct impact on coin liquidity, using either high or low coin volumes for their artificial intervention. The stock exchange will artificially increase the trading volume in order to present itself as more attractive to investors. Investors are usually looking for a trading venue with high liquidity because they can trade here on favorable terms.

If you are not familiar with the stock market performance or use a rather unknown stock exchange for your trading purposes, you should always go for a strong one Look for increasing trading volume without a simultaneous price increase.

What is the reason why exchanges artificially influence trading activities? Whenever cryptocurrency rates do not go in the direction they want, they do activities to direct trade and not lose customers. It is not just small exchanges that are affected by such influence. It is not uncommon for there to be major problems at the trading center. The stock exchange could suffer from reduced economic resources. It is better for traders to keep a distance from such a trading center.

2020 cryptocurrency ranking - coins & tokens like Bitcoin in the test!

Market capitalization & daily exchange rate

The market capitalization is easy to calculate. By multiplying the number of coins by the price, the market cap comes out as a result. Everyone will understand that such a bill can only be made with the mined coins. Future coins to be mined are left out.

The developers of coins are often very generous when it comes to issuing them. They spend a large number of coins to suggest a higher value that is not actually there.

Each daily rate is an indicator that indicates a perceived value. Investors should not look at price alone when making decisions. The important moments for a decision are the underlying potential from technology application and future prospects.

Some of the new investors on the crypto market primarily want to buy a cryptocurrency at low cost. When making purchasing decisions, more than just market capitalization has to be taken into account. Basically, market capitalization can reflect a price that is too high. If a coin presents itself with a low daily volume with a high market capitalization, it can certainly be the result of a market manipulation.

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Activities related to Coin development

Developing cryptocurrencies and bringing them to the market can be done by anyone who can create a code. Unfortunately, quite a few fraudsters have this ability. Many of the new and successful or promising coins are announced in forums or made available to the public via a software database.

When a developer releases a new digital coin, a history of this person should be available. No serious investor will put his money in any coin whose developer is completely unknown and has no history.

It takes time to successfully implement a cryptocurrency concept. During this phase there are a number of activities that are understandable. If you do not have the skills and experience to develop code yourself, you cannot in any way assess whether a complicated algorithm is legitimate or not. Several factors help in the assessment. These are:

  • Regular updates
  • Underlying concept
  • Activities of the developer
  • Core wallet

Regularity is given when there are constant updates to the coins and new functions are regularly added.

Knowledge of the original concept is necessary because many of the new altcoins appear with little meaningful improvements to the bitcoins. It is not apparent to the investor whether it is worthwhile to get started with money with the new coin. The situation is different when something really new is created and really enriches the crypto market.

A good developer who is convinced of his product will present himself to his audience openly, answer questions or provide other assistance.

If a new altcoin is introduced on a stock exchange, it will first be kept on one of the large wallets. An investor's wallet account is not suitable for permanent storage by an investor, for example because he hands his coins into the hands of the exchange operator. Therefore, the developer must ensure the possibility of storage on a specially developed wallet.

2020 cryptocurrency ranking - coins & tokens like Bitcoin in the test!

What role does the so-called withe paper play?

In short, a withe paper is a list and Explanation of the innovations of a new coin. An investor should take a look at the Wihepaper at least before making an extensive investment in the Bitcoin or one of the Altcoins. This applies even more when coins have just been launched onto the market.

In the withepaper, developers present the idea of ​​the digital currency. What is important for the reader is not just explanations of the code, but hints about what is really new behind the concept. Information about current restrictions and future developments is also of interest.

White papers are considered to be fairly forgery-proof. There are many experts who recognize counterfeits and would become a coin fraud. For the investor, the main purpose of the Withepaper is that he gets all the important information, answers to questions and the future of the coin. A Withepaper, which is updated and supplemented regularly, is a good sign for existing developer activities and real future opportunities.

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Cryptocurrency ranking 2019: The best coins to invest in

As with other risky investments in stocks, funds or gold, it is also a decision-making process "Investing in cryptocurrencies: yes or no?", In any case, the decision should be well prepared and not forced out of a sudden mood or news. In principle, the investor is responsible for the losses that occur.

Interested new investors wonder in which coin they should invest money in. Bitcoin is certainly always an option, but there are a variety of other digital currencies with future potential. A professionally developed crypto ranking offers investors good opportunities to learn more about the best cryptocurrencies. Everyone has to decide how much, where and when to invest in a cryptocurrency.

2020 cryptocurrency ranking - coins & tokens like Bitcoin in the test!

The current status of the cryptocurrency markets

The cryptocurrency markets are based on a certain one Time of general stagnation on the move again. Bitcoin tripled its value in the first eight months of 2019. New coins and tokens are constantly entering the market. Market capitalization and daily trading volume are constantly increasing compared to the end of 2018. These and other facts were available at Coinmarketcap.com from the figures published there at the end of August 2019:

  • Cryptocurrencies: 2,490 (thereof around 1,450 tokens)
  • Markets: 20,279
  • Market capitalization: 241,836,863,165 euros
  • 24 h: 48,678,736,621 euros
  • Bitcoin dominance: 69.1 percent

At the coingecko.com portal, there are currently even more listed as 5,000 coins in a cryptocurrency list. How many of them will appear in the next annual coin ranking cannot be said exactly. Of the digital currency projects launched since 2015, over 92 percent have already left the market. For many new future coins, project failure is more likely than successful market placement and direct competition to Bitcoin.

Your promise to be better than Bitcoin has not yet been able to redeem a new Altcoin. With so many coins, investors have to think carefully about which crypto project to invest money in.

These are the top 5 cryptocurrencies (as of August 2019)

Name Symbol Market capitalization Price / current price 01/2020

1 Bitcoin BTC 166 billion euros 10,500 euros 3,300 euros

2 Ethereum ETH 18 billion euros 169 euros 130 euros

3 XRP XRP € 10 billion € 0.24 € 0.30

4 Bitcoin Cash BCH 4.9 billion euros 275 euros 130 euros

5 Litecoin LTC 4.1 billion euros 65 euros 26 euros

Bitcoin (BTC) grew by more than 58 percent over the year. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) loses around 39 percent in relation to 01/2020 - 01/2020, but, like other coins, gains significantly in value in the months to August 2019. The second Bitcoin hard fork Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is not among the top 25 crypto coins. In most cases, strong upward movements in Bitcoin can be seen to a similar extent in other crypot coins. Even stronger price swings than with Bitcoin occur with rather unknown digital coins.

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Reasons for current price developments at Bitcoin and Co.

The cryptocurrency ranking of the past two years knows only a few major changes. Certainly the number of new coins on the market has increased. At the same time, there are not a few of the digital coins that go out of the market more or less without a sound.

Due to the small market capitalization, cryptocurrencies are considered to be very volatile. Few messages about a larger purchase order or a new partnership are enough to virtually explode a crypto course. If this happens at Bitcoin, it pulls up the prices of many other coins. That's something that works the other way too.

In August 2019, the market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies traded on exchanges is around $ 245 billion, of which Bitcoin alone holds around $ 166 billion. The top 10 cryptocurrencies have a market cap of one billion and up.

Compared to the $ 100 trillion market cap for stocks, this amount is very small. Amazon stocks alone are worth over $ 870 billion. At SAP, one of the DAX heavyweights, it's around $ 134 billion. Lufthansa, last in the DAX ranking of the 30 leading German stock corporations, has a market value of around 6 billion euros.

The numbers in the 2019 cryptocurrency ranking make it clear that only a few digital currencies succeed with market capitalization of a DAX company. These are primarily Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP, which represent a market value of more than ten billion US dollars. Of course, other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Monero, Dash, Binance Coin or Stellar also benefit from rising Bitcoin prices.

Speculators' interest in Bitcoin & Co. 2019 increases

None of the cryptocurrencies has so far been able to establish itself as a decisive means of payment on the market, even if the number of transactions has increased continuously in recent years. The well-known digital payment service Bitpay.com processed Bitcoin payments worth around one billion US dollars worldwide in 2018. The two well-known credit card companies make a multiple with more than 20 billion (VISA) and more than 15 billion euros (MasterCard) in Germany alone. All credit card sales together amount to more than $ 85 billion.

In the 2019 cryptocurrency ranking, exchange rate developments in particular can be tracked well. It cannot be said absolutely whether these are the result of a benefit valued higher by investors. In any case, a ranking among the top cryptocurrencies means that the coins or tokens play an important role in the area of ​​digital currencies.

There are sensible and absolutely valid explanations and analyzes of why Bitcoin 2019 saw sudden price increases is. At the beginning of the year, the value per Bitcoin was around $ 3,500 and in August of the same year, the value more than tripled. The benefits of bitcoin have not tripled, but rather the interest as a speculative object.

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Cryptocurrencies as a currency alternative in crisis countries

There is great enthusiasm for digital means of payment, especially in technology-savvy countries. The country with the strongest cryptocurrency acceptance is Japan. Great Britain, the USA, India, South Korea, Brazil, Germany and China follow. Bitcoin & Co. are also very popular as alternative currencies in countries with weak national currencies such as Venezuela, Iran, Zimbabwe and Argentina.

The communist-ruled country of North Korea is known for its cryptocurrency access to the UN to procure sanctioned markets. Bitcoin has established itself as a second national currency, particularly in countries with hyperinflation and strong currency restrictions. For people with foreign exchange reserves, switching to Bitcoin is the only way to get hold of an inflation-free payment method.

Decentralized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can be easily exchanged for coveted US dollars or euros worldwide. A fortune invested in Bitcoin always finds a safe way out of the country to protect it from access by corrupt or poorly performing governments. In China there are strict regulations for the export of foreign exchange. The restrictions can be circumvented with Bitcoin. Transfers abroad can easily be made past the Chinese banking system.

Confidence in paper money currencies is also declining in Germany. Regardless of whether US dollars or euros, the so-called Fiat Money (currency without intrinsic value), banknotes are printed as much as you like and brought to the people.

The next financial crisis is certain to come. The pensions are safe since Norbert Blüm, or not? Nobody knows how long the current financial system will be able to cope with the increasing debt mountains. Anyone who invests in Bitcoin or gold wants to protect themselves against the consequences of constant currency devaluation, a forced exchange of money or the Bitcoin crash.

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Number of Bitcoin acceptance points are increasing

Even if it does not become clear at first glance, there is an increasing number of goods manufacturers and service providers online and offline, where payments with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are accepted, Compared to the 20 million Visa credit card acceptance points worldwide, Bitcoin payments are still rather modest. There are currently around 10,000 acceptance points worldwide. Customers without a credit card or bank account can use Bitcoin & Co. to pay here, for example:

  • com - online retailer
  • Rakuten - online retailer
  • Mozilla - Internet browser provider
  • Microsoft - software company
  • Expedia - travel platform
  • i-Pmart - e-Commerce Gigant
  • Dell - computer giant
  • Alienware - Gaming Systeme
  • airBaltic - Latvian airline
  • Greenpeace
  • MunchPak - Snack song service
  • LOT - Polish airline
  • Mozilla - Open source software Firefox
  • Hotel Schani - Modern hotel in the heart of Vienna
  • Peach - Japanese airline

With China and Facebook, two world players are intensively concerned with the development and early introduction of their own cryptocurrency. A Facebook coin in particular would provide a boost at acceptance points worldwide.

Numerous small and medium-sized companies in Germany also accept Bitcoin payments outside of the big brands. There are all kinds of companies, from doctor's offices to lawyers to music schools.

For some companies, the Bitcoins offer ends after a more or less long advertising phase. Bitcoin, with its high volatility, makes it very difficult to determine tradable prices in Bitcoin.

Most Bitcoin owners accept cryptocurrencies as an investment product because they speculate on further price gains. A certain part of the transactions in Bitcoin surely has the purpose of escaping access by state authorities.

Conclusion: Be informed about developments at any time with cryptocurrency ranking

investors Those who want to find out more about the development of cryptocurrencies should take a closer look at the 2019 cryptocurrency ranking. Not just ranked lists are created. Key figures such as market capitalization, trading volume and daily exchange rate reveal a lot about possible future opportunities in the context of the general history. A ranking of cryptocurrencies is always a snapshot in which the market position is particularly emphasized. It is based on the determined market capitalization and trading volume.

More than 5,000 digital cryptocurrencies are listed by some crypto portals. With around 200 countries with their own national currencies worldwide, each country could acquire a large number of alternative currencies. Few of them are of any global importance. Even among the top 100 cryptocurrencies at the moment, there should be some projects that are likely to be discontinued in the near future.

Among the 25 leading cryptocurrencies, there should be suitable coins for pure investment or for everyday payment purposes. With cryptocurrency trading, there is an alternative to the classic buying and selling of Bitcoin & Co., which allows Bitcoin traders to participate in market developments up and down. To start with, it is absolutely advisable to try out crypto CFDs on a demo account. All reputable brokers have this option.

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