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The MultiPlatform Trader is the first attempt to make trading platform-independent. Traders regularly need a Windows machine, as most financial software is only available for Windows. This demo version of TraderMP is based on VMware and ReactOS. It was built using VMware WS-6.0 and contains ReactOS 0.3.9 alpha.

What is Trader MP?

For now it is nothing more than a VMware image of ReactOS that can be run in a window of your native host operating system, which could be, among others, Linux, BSD or Windows.

Download   Trader MP 0.1 - 30.9 MB

Username: user password: user
Administrative password: root

ReactOS is an OS, which aims to be compatible with Windows XP. ReactOS in a VMware image is usable for many things, but especially interesting for Windows users who want to switch to Linux and can't find a replacement for all Windows programs. Simply install the VMware Player and start this image and you have a WinXP clone running in a Linux window, which can execute your Windows programs.

CAUTION - This is only a demo version!

ReactOS 0.3.9 is still alpha and thus unreliable. That means you should only TRY this demo version of TraderMP with your Windows trading software and you should not use it for real work or trading.

BY NO MEANS use it for online trading and software that submits orders to your broker!

For operation of Trader MP you will need the free VMware Player software.

Unzip the downladed Trader MP, install the VMware Player, start it and navigate to the folder of Trader MP. Now you are ready to open the tradermp.vmx file.

Windows trading software

Unfortunately most software for trading and investing is written for Windows. Often there is neither a Mac nor a Linux version. Hopefully Trader MT will grow in the future into a mature base for running all these financial applications.

Some examples from our trading software collection:

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